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By Roy Stevenson

Here are links to several freelance writing articles that have been published around the world and online since starting my writing career.

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Starting Out in Freelance Writing

freelance writing articles

Prolific from the Start is about how I managed to get 101 articles published in my first seven months of writing.

It includes ten specific things that I attribute to my success. (The Writer magazine, May, 2009)

Targeting Specialty Magazine Niches

specialty magazines article

How to Target Small Specialty Magazines:

In this article I share my ideas about coming up with unique stories and targeting the specialty magazine market. (The Writer Magazine, May, 2010.)

Freelance Writing Anywhere in the World

Organize a Writing Holiday:

Novelists dream of spending a year in Paris and finally writing that novel. Although Paris is beautiful, travel writers don't need to limit themselves to one city for inspiration.

Roy working in another country on holiday

You can take your work with you anywhere in the world, and get paid as you go.

Here's my experience with a trip to Ecuador, and how I brought my work (and my wife) with me -- and still had plenty of time to see this beautiful country. (Published online at

Why Novelists Should Write for Magazines

why novelists should write for magazines

7 Reasons Aspiring Novelists and Authors Should Start by Writing for Magazines:

Even if your dream is to write a novel, freelance writing for magazines can be a real boost to your craft, your confidence, and your reputation.

This article lists seven solid ways that freelance writing for magazines can help aspiring novelists. (The New Writer magazine, May/June, 2010)

An Untapped Market: Military Magazines

an untapped market for freelance writers: military magazines

Writing for Military Magazines - An Untapped Market:

One of my passions is all things military and several of my early articles were published in military magazines.

There's been a resurgence of interest in military stories and this articles gives some advice about breaking into this market. (Published in The Writer magazine, June, 2010.)

Is Fitness & Health Your Passion?

writing for fitness and health magazines

Step It Up to Write for Fitness Markets:

Americans have a fascination with health and fitness and the vast array of magazines in this genre support this obsession.

If fitness is your passion, this article gives advice on how to come up with story ideas and break into the fitness market. (The Writer magazine, October, 2010)

Build Your Bylines in Regional Magazines

writing for regional magazines

Travel Writers Head for Regionals:

If you're just starting out in freelance writing, marketing to regional and lifestyle magazines is a good way to get started building your bylines.

Here's some advice about writing for regional magazines, what you can expect as a paycheck and a sampling of some regional magazines. (The Writer magazine, February, 2011)

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