The Art & Craft
of Travel Writing

Develop Your Craft, Hone Your Skills,
Avoid Mistakes, Work Smarter
and Be More Successful

By Roy Stevenson

Most novices struggle to craft an engaging story, and wonder how to get past this barrier. 

The good news is there are many tools and techniques you can learn.  And they're not difficult!

If you’re prepared to work on your writing style and make improvements, you’ll get your stories published in highly respectable, paying publications.

Our new book, The Art and Craft of Travel Writing is a handy reference with tips and techniques to help you . . .

  • Transport your readers to a place and make it an enjoyable ride
  • Help you paint a creative picture of the destination
  • Entertain your readers so they want to finish the story
  • Make your travel writing flow and easier to read
  • Craft a compelling story from beginning to end
  • Write like a seasoned professional (even when you’re not)

This 170-page book contains the most popular articles I’ve written on the art and craft of travel writing.  Packed with actionable information, it includes:

  • Eight chapters with tips and techniques to develop your craft and hone your skills.
  • Four chapters on things that can (and do) go wrong – and how to make sure they don’t happen to you.
  • Five chapters about actions you can take to be a more successful travel writer.
  • One chapter on setting your personal travel writing goals, and
  • Three chapters on how to work smarter and make better use of your time.

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The advice in this book is for print media travel writers and those who want to write more engaging blogs and travel posts for websites.

The Art and Craft of Travel Writing is a handy reference to have at your fingertips when you're looking for that "spark" to make your travel story better.  This book will help you develop your craft, hone your skills, avoid mistakes, work smarter and be more successful!

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Best wishes for your travel writing success!

Roy Stevenson

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