Travel Writing Workshops
Dates: May 21-26

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Report from Our 2022 Workshops in Charleston, South Carolina

On June 25, 2022, we wrapped up our 4-day Travel Writing & Photography Retreat and our 3-day Marketing Master Class for Travel Writers hosted at the Fulton Lane Inn in the heart of historic downtown Charleston, SC.

The workshops were a resounding success!

The Writers Came From Nine States 

Eleven excited travel writers & photographers from 9 States attended the workshops. They traveled from Texas, Florida, Washington, Alaska, California, Maine, Illinois, Oregon and Massachusetts.

Many Participants Are Already Accomplished Writers

Janet Rae-Dupree, for example, has been a news reporter, sci/tech correspondent, health/medicine writer, and freelance contributor to dozens of newspapers and magazines over the past four decades.

Sharon McLeod has spent over thirty years delivering manuals for high tech products.

Kate Dreger is a corporate communications director.

Emily Corak has a freshly minted Master of Fine Arts.

Donna Hall worked in public relations and marketing for 20 years. She is the author of a travel website about Homer, Alaska.

Ava Kabouchy is the author of a book on her four years in Saudi Arabia, “Wanderlust, A New Lease on Life in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”.

She also recently published “Where in the World is Grammie Now? The Adventures of a Globetrotting Grandmother”, a book for young readers and their grandmothers. Her superb travel photography can be seen at

Angela Dowdy has a travel website, and writes about people, places, food, and art in the Southeastern United States.

Bonnie McKenna was travel writer for Tribune newspaper for five years and now freelances for Scuba H2O Adventure Magazine, X-Ray Dive ezine and has also been published in TravelWorld International Magazine.

Jill Friedman writes for various online and print magazines including Maritime Executive, Brazos Monthly, Travel Awaits and Sidelights. Jill’s book “Sail Around the World - and Get Paid For It” is soon to be self-published on Amazon.

This powerful and impressive depth in their writing backgrounds, their work experience and their enthusiasm made this class a joy to teach.

Topics We Covered

  • What is Good Travel Writing?
  • How to Develop Travel Story Ideas That Will Sell
  • How to Create a Sense of Place With Photographs
  • How to Craft a Compelling Lede & Summary
  • Sharing Our Ledes
  • The Most Common Travel Writing Mistakes
  • Ten Tips for More Creative Travel Photos
  • Active vs Passive Travel Writing
  • Tips for Writing Active & Engaging Travel Stories
  • How to Research & Write Enticing Travel Articles
  • How to Edit Stories Before Submitting Them to Editors
  • Travel Photography - What Magazine Editors Want
  • How to Turn Creative Sparks Into Compelling Travel Stories

Sharing Charleston Story Ideas

We also took a field trip to Charleston Convention & Visitors Bureau to collect travel story ideas. Everyone returned to class with a list of exciting and unique ideas. They each chose one story idea to research further and write about.

We Were Gifted Complimentary Explore Charleston VIP Passes

Charleston Convention & Visitors Bureau gifted the participants an Explore Charleston VIP Pass that granted them complimentary entry to 22 of the city’s top attractions including the Charleston Museum, Magnolia Plantation & Gardens, Boone Hall Plantation, Old Exchange & Provost Dungeon, Old Slave Mart Museum, Patriot’s Point Naval & Maritime Museum and 5 historic homes. The combined value of these entry fees is in excess of $500!

And, boy, did they make the most of this gift!

Despite the onset of hot, humid summer days the writers buzzed around Charleston and environs like hyperactive bees, hoovering up the tourist attractions. They had a blast!

By the end of the week, everyone had a publishable front-of-book travel piece to pitch to travel magazines.

What They Got


The Art & Craft of Travel Writing (Value $14.95)

Find Your Niche:  Uncover Your Most Meaningful and Valuable Writing Opportunities (Value $12.95) 

The Complete Guide To Query Letters For Travel Writers (Value $19.95)

How to Land Press Trips (Value $49)

The Complete Guide to Marketing & Selling Your Travel Articles (Value $99)

One-on-one Coaching With Roy — All participants receive a post workshop mentoring/consultation with Roy on one story idea. Roy walks the writers through the process of how to get their stories published. (Value: $750)

Our Guest Speaker was Kourtney Jones, Media Director, Charleston Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). Kourtney’s presentation on working with CVBs on travel assignments was a smash hit! Her advice was spot on & she really opened up to us with insider advice & secrets about working with travel writers.

Are Our Travel Writing Workshops The Best In The World?

We think they are!

Don’t miss out on our 2023 travel writing workshops!