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"Pick My Brain"
One-Hour Consultation with
Roy Stevenson

"Pick My Brain" Consulting Services is a one-hour package customized to meet your specific needs.  It's designed for people with some freelance travel writing experience, looking for expert help on specific topics.

Maybe you're looking for an expert to get some feedback on your story ideas and their viability in the current market, or to get some insight and help with some aspect of your process that isn’t working.  Maybe you need some learning how to request comps or get invited on press trips. 

You can “pick my brain” about any travel writing topics you choose.

You can use this time to . . .

•    Ask me marketing questions, writing technique questions, and general travel writing questions.

•    Ask me about your travel story ideas and get some feedback to strengthen your ideas and make them more marketable.

•    Find out how to leverage your travel assignments for press trips, FAM Tours, and complimentary travel.

•    Have me critique, proofread and give feedback on your article draft so all you need to do is a final polish before you submit it to your editor.

Things you need to know:

- This open-ended consultation can be done by phone, email, or a combination. 

- You can use up all your time in one session, or use the consulting over multiple sessions, until you use up your hour.  (I promise, my "hour" is generous.) 

Purchase “Pick My Brain” One-Hour Consulting: $247

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Testimonials ...

Here's what some of my clients say about my coaching and consulting services:

“After being inspired by Roy Stevenson at a travel writing workshop, I subscribed to his weekly newsletter.  When he offered subscribers different mentoring options, very reasonably priced, I chose all of them because I figured I'd benefit most that way.

In the last 2 weeks I've had 4 article queries accepted by Canoe and Kayak Magazine and Cruise Travel Magazine - that's 4 paid stories for a trip I haven't even taken yet!!!!

I've done all the work, but he's guiding me every step of the way. Making suggestions about how to make my queries stronger, how to build up my distribution list, recommending other paid magazines to pitch, and checking my work.

With Roy's skilled guidance, this does not feel so overwhelming anymore. Highly recommend it!!!”

- Tracey Schultz, Travel Writer

“I had previously sent out my query letter and received no replies.  When I learned about Roy's services I paid for him to help me— and the results were amazing!

Within a few days of Roy tweaking my query letter I had two editors contact me and commission my work.  He not only provided help with the letter but also sent me a list of possible magazines to query.  Both confirmations were from that list.

In addition Roy provided follow up advice when the editors had questions I wasn't sure about.  Without his help, I might have made some beginner mistakes and not get commissioned.
I highly recommend Roy's services to anyone. The cost is low and the results high.

He not only provided me with advice on the query letter but also a list of magazines that would possibly buy my story.  As soon as I sent it out I received confirmations from two editors the same week!

I believe even seasoned travel writers could learn a thing or two from Roy, but for the novice the advice is invaluable.  His fast responses meant I was able to make decisions on what to do immediately, and his continued advice when the editors had questions meant I was able to reply to them with confidence about rights and payment.”

- Tim Campbell, UK Travel Writer

“I've just returned from the Billings, Mt area where I spent 5 days researching 2 articles that I have for NW Travel magazine.  Custer's Battlefield" a 400 word article and "Best of Billings"- a round-up piece 600 words.  Publication will be July and September respectively.

I was the recipient of free tours, lodging and quite a few meals, courtesy of the Montana CVB and others.  I will also be paid for the articles.

I have also secured articles for a trip I'm taking to UK this summer. Renaissance magazine, Discover Britain magazine, Kindred Spirit magazine and online magazine have all commissioned me to write 800-1400 word articles and I'll make about $1000.00 USD for them, besides any travel perks that I am afforded.

I couldn't be happier with the coaching I've received from the prolific magazine article writer Roy Stevenson, who not only is an excellent teacher but also has the tremendous amount of patience required to deal with me when it comes to technical stuff.  (I'm sure many of you who are new to the arena can relate ).

I highly recommend Roy’s services.  Thank you, Roy !!!”

- Jed Vaughn, Travel Writer

Purchase “Pick My Brain” One-Hour Consulting: $247

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