Compiled by Roy Stevenson

Have you ever wondered how some travel writers consistently get their stories published in the top shelf travel magazines?

In my new book, Rock Star Travel Writers, you’ll learn the insider tips, tools, tactics and habits that leading travel journalists use to land assignments in the world’s most prized travel glossies.

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What qualifies these journalists to offer expert advice on the art and science of travel writing? 

The proof is in their bylines.

Here’s a partial list of their publications: National Geographic Traveler, AFAR, BBC Travel, Lonely Planet, Condé Nast Traveler, American Express, Robb Report, Saveur, Business Jet Traveler, Forbes Travel Guide, National Geographic Adventure, Australia & New Zealand Magazine, plus in-flights like American Way, Open Skies, Hemispheres, Silkwinds and Delta Sky, and newspapers such as the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Bangkok Post and South China Morning Post — to name just a few.

Most of us enviously thumb through these publications thinking “I’d love to get one of my stories into this magazine.”  These elite travel writers are doing that, repeatedly.  You’ll find their accomplishments motivating and inspirational.

rock star cover for travel writers

In Rock Star Travel Writers, you’ll hear about the nuts-and-bolts of successful travel writing from ten elite journalists.  You’ll read about each writer’s personal journey into the freelancing world.  And they’ll give you their best insights of how they’ve broken into the world’s most treasured travel publications.

No matter where you are on your travel writing journey, or what challenges you face, the advice in these pages will help you.  Each writer has something different to teach you.

Some of the things you'll learn
in Rock Star Travel Writers:


  • The best tips and tactics for getting your stories published in the top shelf glossies
  • How to network with editors to separate yourself from the crowds of wannabees
  • Why face-to-face interaction with editors can help you get published more easily and more often – and the secret to making a connection
  • Inspiration & motivation from writers when your pitch is rejected (yes, even good pitches get rejected)
  • Different approaches to query letters that can lead to success


  • The single most important habit you need to develop to be a successful travel writer
  • Why writing front-of-book services pieces can be good for you & your wallet
  • How keeping a journal while you travel can help you create multiple articles after your trip
  • Why it’s important to follow your passions and develop your own voice
  • The best questions to ask (and answer) when you’re writing a travel story
  • Why you should make sure to publish only high caliber internet posts
  • How the pros approach story angles to create something unique and marketable
  • Why you don’t need a journalism background to become an elite travel writer – and the one important thing you do need


  • Why press trips are good networking opportunities and how to use them to your best advantage
  • How travel writing industry awards can help you
  • The best travel writing conferences to attend
  • The most useful travel writing organizations you should join
  • Why social media is important for travel writers and how to profit from it


  • Why marketing matters (big time!)
  • Why business and branding skills are important to you as a travel writer
  • How a professional writer’s website will help you
  • How the best writers combine their craft with multiple streams of income and ideas for what you might add to your own income streams

I wish I had this information when I started out on my travel writing journey!  This stellar lineup of highly respected travel journalists offers excellent practical advice and encouragement to help you move up the travel writing totem pole.

If you're thinking, “I’m just a beginner. How can I break into the top travel magazines?”   For those of you who are complete novices, I have added a special section of "budding rock stars" relatively new to the business to inspire and motivate you:

  • Hear how they’re starting to consistently accumulate paying print bylines and getting into some impressive publications
  • Learn about the incredible complimentary travel gigs they're landing
  • Read their personal stories and inspirational career arcs. For the novice travel writers reading this, they’re only a few steps ahead of you!

The unique tribe of mentors in Rock Star Travel Writers generously share their journeys and dispense invaluable techniques, insightful habits, and practical advice.

You won’t find this information anywhere else.

Reading the profiles of these ten elite journalists and five budding rock stars will help answer your most challenging questions about travel writing and will give you plenty of ideas on how to achieve extraordinary results and bylines.

You’ll be able to put their advice into practice and transform your travel writing career, starting immediately!

I think you’ll find Rock Star Travel Writers as inspirational and as insightful as I have.

To your travel writing success,
Roy Stevenson

Rock Star Travel Writers eBook cover and pricing



Your discount code can be added on the next screen.