Diane McLeish:
A Retired School Teacher
Turned Travel Writer

By Diane McLeish

Diane McLeish at rail station

I’m a retired school teacher and although from South Africa, I’ve been living in Kenya for the last 18 years. My husband and I have travelled extensively in sub-Saharan Africa as well as other interesting places around the world including Mongolia and Siberia. We lived for a few years in Chile, so also explored South America quite a bit.

I had never written before 2019, but was asked to do an article on a regenerated forest and it had been a lovely travel destination. This article created so much interest that I began thinking of trying more writing.

In 2020, when we were all in lockdown during Covid, I thought that trying this new hobby would be ideal as circumstances allowed me to have the time for research, which I find so stimulating.

School Teacher Turned Travel Writer

Once lockdown lifted there was still no outside travel, so we explored different places in Kenya. We did a weekend outing, called Battlefields Patrol, to visit some of the Kenyan World War I sites. During that time it was known as British East Africa. This tour opened my eyes to the possibility of moving out of my comfort zone and writing an article on the only museum of its kind in East Africa.

Diane McLeish and husband at train station

I began looking online for writing ideas and came across writer and coach Roy Stevenson! In his newsletter I found his feature article "Writing Museum Stories" and I decided to brave the challenge. This was the start of a lengthy list of writing successes.

I also bought the online list of Roy’s “100 Print Magazines That Want to Publish Your Travel Stories,” as well as reading some of his coaching articles. The articles that really helped me were the letters to editors proposing a story, and publishing/reselling the same story to different magazines. Sometimes my resale articles had the same heading and other times with just a slight change. I also took Roy's advice that writers should be paid, no matter how small an amount, to be recognized for the time and effort spend. I can report that I have indeed received a payment for each published story even if small at times.

My museum article was published in two print magazines (Classical Military Vehicle and Old Africa) as well as two online magazines (Historic UK and Guerrillas of Tsavo)
Here’s the link to the online article:


I have tackled a mixture of topics: history, conservation of forests and national parks, conservation areas during Covid, endangered wildlife species, travel, and safari planning around Africa.

I’m pleased to inform you that every article has been published at least twice, with most published three or four times!

I have not had enough time to settle in to regular writing yet. But the 10 articles I have written to date have been published in 27 various magazines, both in print and digital, thanks to Roy’s online support for new writers. If Kenya wasn't so far away, I would love to attend one of his Live Workshops!

Diane McLeish and husband mountaintop med

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Here's a link to Diane McLeish’s Facebook Page:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/diane.mcleish.33

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