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What’s the #1 stumbling block for all travel writers?

It's finding the right publications where they can pitch their travel stories

Most aspiring travel writers and many veteran writers struggle with tracking down enough magazines where they can send their queries. This immovable hurdle has deterred many promising travel journalists from pursuing a rewarding career in this exciting field.
Struggle no more!
For the next 10 months you will receive a NEW monthly list of 50 magazines. At the end of 10 months you’ll have a grand total of 500 Print Magazines That Want To Publish Your Travel Articles.

Use these NEW listings to sell even one travel article and your purchase has paid for itself!

What you'll get each month . . .

This list of magazines is a monthly compilation that’s highly specialized for travel writers. You’ll get a list of fifty print magazines each month for ten months.

This is a far more relevant travel publications than what you’ll find in Writer’s Market. Writer's Market has a very limited travel magazine list because it's aimed at the general freelance writing market. Our lists are specific to travel writers and much more useful.
It’s taken me seventeen years to compile this list. I've used a wide variety of online sources, field resources, magazine racks, and reference books. This comprehensive list includes a huge array of regional, national, and international publications to help travel writers place their work.
You’ll get new, up-to-date magazine listings each month, for the next ten months. And you'll also get targeted guidance for any magazine genres that need pitching tips.

Each Month the Lists Include . . .

  • Regional Travel and Lifestyle Magazines (15 US publications)
  • General Travel and Lifestyle Magazines (7 worldwide publications)
  • Travel Magazines about Select Countries (7 worldwide publications)
  • Luxury Travel and Lifestyle Magazines (4-6 worldwide publications)
  • Outdoor Magazines (6 worldwide publications)
  • Airline In-Flight Magazines (5 worldwide publications)
  • RV and Motor Coaching Travel Magazines (2 worldwide publications)
  • Yachting, Sailing, Cruising Magazines (2 worldwide publications)
  • Travel Trade Magazines (2 publications)
  • Travel Photography Magazines (1 publication)
  • Food and Travel Magazines (1 worldwide publication)
  • Senior Travel and Lifestyle Magazines (1 publication)
  • Newspaper Travel Sections (1 publication)
  • Motorcycle Travel Magazines (1 publication)
  • Hotel In-Room Magazines (1 publication)

Genre Magazines are also included during the ten months . . .

  • Cruise Line On-Board Magazines (7 total publications)
  • Expat Travel Magazines (4 total worldwide publications)
  • Train Magazines (4 total worldwide publications)
  • Gold Prospecting and Travel (3 total publications)
  • Canals and Waterways Travel (3 total publications)
  • Wedding Destination Magazines (3 total publications)
  • Family Travel Magazines (2 total publications)
  • Inns, B&Bs, Cottages, Log Homes, Victorian Homes (2 total publications)
  • Lighthouses (1 total publication)
  • Religious Travel (1 total publication)

What kind of information is in each of the listings?

Each Magazine Listing Includes:

  • A general description of the publication
  • Article theme and focus preferences
  • Magazine Departments, where applicable
  • Pitching advice, where applicable
  • Pay details, if available
  • Contact details (editor name/title, email address)

Each magazine listing ranges from 100 words to 2 pages! We’ll release the new list each month approximately 30 days apart. This means after you register you'll have immediate access to a list and then every 30 days thereafter until you have 500 print magazines (plus bonuses!)

Use these NEW listings to sell even one travel article and your purchase has paid for itself!

Here's an example magazine listing . . .

JRNY travel magazine is a quality printed coffee-table magazine, featuring travel stories, essays and photography from some of the world’s most talented travel writers and photographers. It is a collaboration between freelancers who will design, write, edit and produce this travel magazine.
Our aim is to ensure every one of these contributors is paid fairly for their time. From stunning photos to captivating stories, journey with us to some of the most amazing places on Earth.

Pitch enquiries: submissions@jrnymag.com


“Writers will be hard-pressed to find a resource as great as Roy Stevenson's "500 Print Magazines that Want to Publish you Travel Stories." This list is packed with insider details and contact information that will help any writer winnow down markets by developing target-specific lists for publishing their articles.”
- Karen Leperi, Award Winning Travel Writer

“I'm working on an article for Destinations magazine in New Zealand about the trip I'm taking to Door County, Wisconsin. Probably never would've sent a query to Destinations if it hadn't been for you and your list. Thanks again so much.”
- Scott Kendall, Travel Writer

“If you are serious about breaking into freelance writing, check out all of Roy's how-to books. He has produced a resource library that every new freelance writer, regardless of niche, would be wise to own. Roy's how to books will put you on the fast track to success. These are the same techniques he used to skyrocket his own career. I own all of them and they have proven to be a wise investment.”
—Martha Veon, Travel Writer

“Thank you for your wonderful ebooks. All extremely helpful and you are very generous to share your incredible knowledge. I’m looking forward to studying them in more detail - some great suggestions of places to pitch to.”
Jocelyn Price, Australian Freelance Writer

“As a freelance journalist who is keen to get into travel writing, I have been reading Roy Stevenson's PitchTravelWrite.com website and the excellent advice it contains very closely. I was therefore delighted when he advertised this book and purchased it immediately. I was not disappointed. Roy is generous sharing his expertise and this book is no exception.”
- A Travel Writer

“After writing for many years, I found myself stuck. I decided to spend time schooling myself and refreshing my writing style and genres. I needed a straight to the point teacher and have been reading everything I can by a wonderful and prolific travel writer, Roy Stevenson. I have been poring over his books and articles ultimately to improve my skills. If you find yourself in my shoes, may I suggest taking a new look at yourself, your goals and perhaps what you REALLY want to write about. I recommend his books and his website.”
- Anne Marlowe, Travel Writer

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