Travel Writing Facebook Sites

By Roy Stevenson

Here’s my current list of travel writing Facebook sites (in alphabetical order).

Facebook is replete with tens of thousands of groups that support a huge variety of interests.  Travel writing is one of them but they're not all active or helpful.

If you're on Facebook and you want to tap into a variety of resources aimed at travel writing, join a few groups. It's easy and as you evolve you can swap out the ones that don't work for you and add others to your list.

You’ll find all sorts of interesting posts on the sites list here, and you’ll see who the power players are in our industry:

these are my recommended facebook travel writing sites

Association of Travel Writers
Facebook site

This site is for travel writers, journalists, bloggers, and photography professionals. You'll find links to travel articles.

I Love Travel Writing Facebook site

This one is for all of those who love to travel and love writing about travel. It includes aspiring travel writers, and has links to travel articles.

Pitch Travel Write

Pitch Travel Write is all about getting your travel articles published in print media and online. Aspiring travel writers can get tips and actionable advice here on how to get their travel articles into print and online media. It's and educational site that features travel writing resource books, upcoming workshops & retreats, informative articles, links to other travel writing websites, and travel writer’s biographies.

The Travel Writer’s Trips, Tips, and Pics

"Tell us your story or tips, or just read those from others. Inspire or be inspired. 
We especially encourage the posting of photos, with a short sentence of where they were taken. We are photojournalists and multimedia storytellers."

This Facebook site is curated by my friend, Penny, an ardent Aussie travel photographer & blogger.

Travel Media Professionals

This site is for travel journalists and public relations professionals representing travel destinations.

Travel Writers Community

This site is for travel writers to share content about trips and travel-related information for any place in the world.

Travel Memoir Writers

There are lots of people who want to write travel memoirs and this travel writing Facebook site is specifically for travel memoir writers to discuss ideas and learn from one another.

Travel Blog Sharing Groups:

International Association of Professional Online Travel Journalists

According to their site: "We are an international association of professional online travel writers, filmmakers, photographers, writers, bloggers, social media travelers, and mixed media artists. We are dedicated to continually elevating the status of our profession while holding ourselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct. We are united in our desire to share travel through online media. We are redefining what it means to write about, shoot film, take photos, or explore travel in the online environment. We are engaged in creating an association without borders of professional online travel journalists."

You can read more at this link:

Travel Bloggers – Post Share Community

If you're looking for a blog sharing group - here are the instructions on their site: "it's pretty simple, if you see something that would be of interest to your readers, please click share. Happy blogging."

Travel Bloggers United

And here's another place to promote and share blogs.

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