Testimonials for Our Guide Books and Reference Manuals

”If you are serious about breaking into freelance writing, check out all of Roy's how-to books.  He has produced a resource library that every new freelance writer, regardless of niche, would be wise to own. Roy's how to books will put you on the fast track to success. These are the same techniques he used to skyrocket his own career.  I own all of them and they have proven to be a wise investment.”

—Martha Veon, Travel Writer


The Complete Guide To
Query Letters For Travel Writers

”Hi Roy! I wanted to let you know just how great your e-books are.
We've been "wanting to" pitch some of our travel articles in print pubs for awhile, but just haven't had the tools or time to make it happen."

"We purchased The Complete Guide to Query Letters, read it on a plane and when we got back home wrote and emailed the letter. I know it doesn't always happen this way, but we sold 2 articles AND photos for the COVER of the upcoming travel edition to the "Florida's Most Read 50+ Publication"

"So thank you for the great information and the push we needed to get going!”

Lisa Chavis and Cheryl MacDonald, What Boundaries Travel

5.0 out of 5 stars : "An excellent, succinct book"
”As a freelance journalist who is keen to get into travel writing, I have been reading Roy Stevenson's PitchTravelWrite.com website and the excellent advice it contains very closely.  I was therefore delighted when he advertised this book and purchased it immediately.  I was not disappointed."

"Roy is generous sharing his expertise and this book is no exception. I have learned so much about pitching to editors from it. He shows pitches to a wide range of magazines, and for a wide range of travel topics. I have made a list of 'sentence starters' he used as I find they will help me to structure my own pitches.”

By Amazon.com Customer on August 30, 2014

”A winning formula on how to query that actually works!

"This handy book contains some of the best advice these days on how to write query letters. Many books out there are obsolete because the internet is now the favored medium for sending queries and not snail mail. The result is that old rules for the query process are no longer valid. Not only does Roy Stevenson offer up a winning formula on how to pitch with success, he gives example after example of query letters he personally pitched that resulted in assignments. "

"I've probably read most of the books on "How to Query" and this one by far is the most practical with a focus that is results-driven. A winning combination!”

By Karin A Leperi, Travel Writer

5.0 out of 5 stars : "These make great templates that can be modified to fit our specific circumstances ..."

”If you can't get an editor to look at your article idea, getting published becomes very difficult. The key is a well-written query letter. Who would you turn to for help? How about someone who has successfully published over 800 articles in 190 magazines?"

"Roy Stevenson reveals how to write an engaging query letter for the travel writer. Roy not only explains the essential elements, he gives us 20 examples of query letters that led to publication. These make great templates that can be modified to fit our specific circumstances; a wonderful time saver."

"I highly recommend Roy Stevenson's "The Complete Guide to Query Letters for Travel Writers" to any writer wanting to get published.”

By ppuck17, reviewed on amazon.com


”I bought this book direct from the author's website and even though I'm a full-time travel writer myself, I learned a heck of a lot from it. We all have our weak spots, and mine is definitely pitching and writing query letters. "

"This book pushed me into action, showed me lots of the author's own query letters that worked, and has now given me a 'to do' list for pitches I want to send. Just reading it reminded me of trips I've done in the last year or two that I could sell more pieces from, and also stuff that's on my own doorstep that I could and should be pitching."

"Whether you're a professional or a complete beginner, I highly recommend this book.”

- By Mike Gerrard on February 22, 2015

5.0 out of 5 stars
"Well worth reading and studying carefully"

”Pitch letters can sometimes feel like the secret sauce of the blogging world. Many folks have a template or two they use, but few share them as openly as Roy has here. Call this what it is – a master-class of sales writing to get into magazines and newspapers."

"The book itself is clean, complete, yet concise enough to be read in a single sitting. Roy’s real world experience and credentials underscore the opening chapters, which reads like common sense should – if it were still common sense. It’s up-to-date with the way things actually work here in 2015 (not necessarily the way we *want* them to work)."

"A two-page template is the appetizer, with twenty query letters written by him that resulted in an article placement as the main course. You’ll soon notice the patterns used, and feel empowered to try it yourself. Note that some lateral thinking is rewarding – and that tailoring your pitch to ensure that magazine’s angle is taken care of is paramount."

"Highly recommended.”

Chris Backe, Travel Writer and Digital Nomad, reviewed on amazon.com

5.0 out of 5 stars : "My favorite part of the book are the query letters."

”I had the pleasure of meeting Roy Stevenson at a writers' workshop last year in Boston. Since then, I've been a "groupie" of his, so to speak. The information that he provides on his website, www.pitchtravelwrite.com, has been invaluable to me in launching my freelance travel writing career so when he announced that he had written and published this book - I knew I had to have it."

"Roy Stevenson is one of the most successful freelance travel writers in the industry. You will want to know what he knows and do what he does if being a successful freelance travel writer is your ultimate goal. Roy will tell you that the query letter is your ticket to successfully grabbing your prospective editor's attention and getting your article published. This book is your comprehensive guide to doing just that. It's easy-to-read, focused, and jam-packed with tips from an experienced, seasoned freelance travel writer."

"The 118-page book begins with a short introduction, advice on how to sell your travel stories and the essentials of the query letter. The balance of the pages and majority of the book present actual query letters that Roy has written to editors and resulted in bylines. My favorite part of the book are the query letters. They give me insight into what works and doesn't work when I'm writing my own. The example letters offer a formulaic approach to writing queries to editors of any genre, which takes the guesswork out of an otherwise intimidating process."

"Often the hardest part of marketing your story ideas to editors is knowing where to start. I suggest you start here. At less than $10, you can't afford not to.”

- By Sam Lynn reviewed on amazon.com

”Hi Mr. Stevenson, I have actually already downloaded your book with the letter templates and within three days have had an offer from a fairly big magazine in the UK so a massive thank you! "

"I'm traveling around the new North Coast 500 in the north of Scotland in a camper van in March. I enquired about writing an article about the wild and remote beaches, as there are more than 100. It is for Coast Magazine in the UK. The editor asked if the camper was photogenic and when he saw it he said he would be interested in commissioning a piece and will get back to me this week."

"I can't believe your letter templates worked so well. Can't say thanks enough. Wish you could do a seminar over in the UK!”

- Nikola Holland, Scottish Travel Blogger 1/24/2016

”Hi, Roy. I enjoy your blog and though I've been a journalist for years, I hadn't done much travel writing."

"I bought your book about query letters and fired off my first query to a tourism board a few months ago. I got a weekend's worth of sponsored travel, two solid stories and the confidence to keep pitching."

"I've since been handed two more fam trips, one of which I pitched because I wanted to run a half-marathon in another region. I figured I may as well write about the area to get another clip and have part of my trip sponsored. "

"Cheers for your practical advice.”

- Dawn Picken, reviewed on LinkedIn

”I just purchased your Query Letters book, and it has quickly become my bible for mastering my query letters!”

- Dedra Montoya


50 Websites That Want To
Publish Your Travel Stories

”Roy, I’ve been wanting to thank you.  I've had a piece accepted by one of your suggestions in '50 Websites That Want To Publish Your Stories'.  Stephen Kirchner from Byways is using my story about Highway One through Mendocino County in his 'Great American Highways' issue.  He has been so open and easy to work with."

"Thanks for the tip, I owe you a beer if our paths should cross again.”

- Mary Charlebois, MaryGo

100 Print Magazines That Want To
Publish Your Travel Articles

”Part of a one-two punch from Roy today, the title tells you exactly what to expect"

"Roy introduces the concept of a ‘distribution list’ early on, his approach to simultaneous submissions, along with the need for writers to research and add places of their own to the list. The list itself is well-organized and offers a paragraph or so for every noted magazine (though some descriptions do look copy-and-pasted from a magazine’s own page ). Look for the website, a link to their guidelines, the editor’s name, and an e-mail address – note of course that you’ll want to confirm everything’s still up-to-date before sending off your pitches."

"After a fluff-less 69 pages, you might be left wondering what’s next. You have a list of potential places, but now what? Keep reading for the second part of that one-two punch."


- Chris Backe, Travel Writer and Digital Nomad, Reviewed on oneweirdglobe.com

How To Break Into
The Luxury Travel Writing Market

"How To Break Into The Luxury Travel Writing Market"  is a must for your resource library. This is the secret treasure map every aspiring travel writer has been looking for. It guides you step by step to that elusive gold, your first luxury travel writing assignment, opening the door to a treasure chest of endless opportunity."

"As an added bonus, Roy has compiled a valuable list of luxury travel publications that can leap frog you to the head of the line so you can start pitching your luxury travel story ideas right away. This reference list is a good foundation to continue building on as you move forward."

"Thank you, Roy! "

-Martha Veon, Travel Writer

How to Land Press Trips and Fam Tours

"I was extremely impressed with Roy’s last book, reviewed in April, so reviewing another of his books was a no-brainer.  Roy takes a simple, logical approach to getting invited (or getting on the list) by the folks that have the budgets to offer them.  Reality checks are aplenty, and he links to several excellent sites or conferences to stay in-the-know.  There are also several sample letter templates to borrow from, along with an entire chapter on etiquette (which could easily be titled ‘How to ensure this isn’t your last fam trip ever!’)"

"At 75 pages long, the only thing it really lacks is fluff. You can breeze through the basics in a single sitting, but actually taking action will be your bigger challenge. The book does everything it can to offer tools and advice, but it’s still up to you to follow it."

"Highly recommended."

- Chris Backe, Travel Writer and Digital Nomad, Reviewed on oneweirdglobe.com

The Complete Guide To
Marketing and Selling Your Travel Articles

“Sometimes you just need a kick on the butt. Roy's book will do just that, in motivating you towards sending in your travel pieces and - hopefully - getting them published. I'm a well-published travel writer myself so I know the real thing when I see it. This isn't one of those 'write a best-selling novel' books, written by someone who hasn't written a best-selling novel. Roy walks the walk as well as talking the talk. With one thousand published pieces to his name, in more magazines than I even knew existed, Roy knows his business.

Not everyone is prepared to share their secrets in the generous way that Roy does. I for one am grateful that he does, as even though this is a book largely aimed at beginners, I picked up a few tips from it, and possible leads. It triggered off several ideas for pieces of my own, and where to send them.

There are sensible suggestions like 'start local', and maybe even write a few pieces for free, not only to get yourself some bylines but also to get you used to meeting a brief, and a deadline, and making yourself a better writer.

I used to teach travel writing courses myself, and would often begin by saying that I bet every student in the room could write well enough to get a travel article published. You don't have to be a brilliant writer. You have to be competent, and most people are. But you do need to apply yourself, to come up with original ideas, and especially study the markets for your work. Roy repeats some advice I used to give - don't just write a piece and then try to think of somewhere to send it. Find your target market first, and tailor a piece - or a pitch - specifically for that market.

I recommend this book to anyone interested in travel writing. It will repay the purchase price many times over, if you follow the advice in it. It'll be the best kick up the butt you ever had.”

-Mike Gerrard, Travel Writer

”Roy is a machine – at least, that’s the only conclusion I have come up with. Having written for over 190 magazines (and reaching the 100 mark in 25 months), you would expect him to have a well-oiled machine and strong sense of process to keep things running. And you’d be right – his six-step ‘chain-link’ process is made out to be intentionally simple and easy to follow. That said, pitching, researching, and collecting good information still requires a fair bit of hard work, and the book offers no shortcuts. The specifics focus around coming up with good ideas, the correct questions to ask, finding the right publications for your ideas."

"Creating distribution lists (one for each genre) makes pitching easier, while he encourages no fewer than 17 “essential elements” of a good query letter. Parts of these will sound old-fashioned to the younger set, (“no pictographs of inkwells, suitcases… smileys, [or] pink fonts…”), but will distinguish you as a professional. Chapter eight gets into some of the terminology used as rights go, along with the delightful problem of how to handle multiple acceptances."

"My biggest critique is that the notion of going to a large bookstore and perusing print magazines or requesting ‘comp’ paper magazines (or worse, carrying a two-inch thick ‘Writer’s Market’ around the world!) is difficult for most digital nomads. He helpfully offers up the many websites offering solid resources, along with a treasure trove of ideas I hadn’t thought of. Traveling does give you more opportunities to spot worthy magazines, of course."

"At $99 it’s far from the cheapest set of information out there – but getting your first night in, say, a four-star hotel room in Europe means the book has already paid for itself."

"Highly recommended.”

Chris Backe, Travel Writer and Digital Nomad, Reviewed on oneweirdglobe.com