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Issue #296: Will Social Media Help You Get Published?
March 16, 2020
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Editorial: The Fascinating People You Meet As A Travel Writer

You’re likely not doing any non-essential travel because of the coronavirus pandemic. But while you’re staying home, it’s a good time to reflect on one of the major reasons we travel: to meet interesting people all over the globe and connect with them.

Here are some that I’ve met while on assignment:

When I toured the famous Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland I was given a personal tour by the chapel curator. Our tour took in the main stone carvings in the Chapel and the atmospheric basement, made famous in Dan Brown’s book, The DaVinci Code.

Exchanging cultural views and friendship, I’ve met with Buddhist monks everywhere I go in SE Asia. Recently I met with the Head Abbot of Sitagu, an international Buddhist academy in Myanmar. Our tour guide, Myat, arranged a private meeting with the Abbot. He answered my random questions and helped me understand their way of life at the academy.

I’ve also met with the head Abbot at Wat Phra Singh (photo above), Chiang Mai’s (Thailand) most historic Buddhist temple. An hour later, I watched the Abbot leading the prayers and chanting while the monks sat down to lunch.

In the U.S., sculptor Al Farrow, in Marin County, San Francisco, invited me into his home and studio for a day.

Al makes large and potent recreations of cathedrals, synagogues, and mosques from dissembled and stripped down guns, bullets, artillery shells, hand grenades, small arms, and other military equipment. Inside each, he places small altars containing human finger bones. Powerful messages here!

Al's large studio is a fascinating cross between an arms and munitions depot and a mausoleum. One of Al Farrow’s enormous, 1.5 ton, cathedrals is on display in the San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts.

Martin Gobsch is one of the few remaining professional marionette puppet makers in the world. I talked puppetry with him in his Erfurt studio in Germany.

Martin’s handcrafted marionettes are fully articulated, and represent goblins, fairies, elves, and other characters from renowned German fairy tales. Most of them “perform” in his Puppet Theater.

Closer to home, I’ve toured around Port Orchard’s famous Elandan Gardens Bonsai Tree Park, with tree sculptor Daniel Robinson in Washington State.

Dan’s exquisite work with his bonsai trees remains relatively unknown outside the region. But it's one of Washington State’s finest tourist attractions.

One of the best “people perks” is hanging with other travel writers on press trips, at conferences, in workshops and writing groups. We’re all kindred spirits. Sharing a common love of travel and writing, we have some tall tales to tell each other. Photo below: Chiang Mai writer's group.

Meeting extraordinary, talented people like these is always a great thrill and one of the reasons I’ve stayed in the game since 2007. You can experience these perks too, if you stay with the game, and land those assignments.

Who are the memorable people you’ve met on your travel assignments?


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This Week's Featured Post

Will Social Media Help You Get Published?

I attend several writers’ conferences each year and always hear some interesting topics. One area that receives much attention is the impact of social media on travel writing. Some experts are touting social media as the greatest thing since sliced bread and that it can make you famous overnight.

I’ve heard claims that your social media will compel excited magazine editors to call you and offer you assignments. For a couple of years I wondered if this was true, so I tested this theory by asking several magazine editors if they offer work to writers via social media. This article is my take based on their answers.

Does social media help you get you more assignments with editors? You’ll be surprised at what my personal experiences and research have revealed.

Be sure to read my article through to the end. It will enlighten you, entertain you and answer that most important question: can it help you get assignments?



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Upcoming Posts

March 23: Where to Find Magazine Leads: The Top Six Print References On the Market Today
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Candi Licence tells the exciting story of her travel writing journey. She says, “I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere with my travel writing. I was frustrated!

I thought I could be a writer but didn’t know how to break into the field. That’s when I saw Roy Stevenson’s Travel Writing and Marketing Master Class. I signed up and it changed everything for me.”

Candi's work has been published in Transitions Abroad, Zing Caribbean in-flight, International Living, Spicemas Carnival Souvenir magazine,,,,, and other magazines.

Read about Candi’s travel writing journey here . . .

Travel Writing Success Story: Candi Licence

Pitch Travel Write: Most Requested Links about Researching Your Destinations

I think most travel story ideas are worthy of publication somewhere. If you spend some quality time researching your destination, you can usually find a marketable story idea or two. 

Sometimes you’ll have to abandon a travel story idea. If it doesn’t have enough “jam” to hook an editor, you won’t be able to sell it.

But it’s more likely that you just need to do a little work to discover what’s so interesting about a place and to clarify your unique story angle. "Why Can't I Sell My Articles?" is a trouble shooting guide to help with this issue.

What does it take to sell your travel articles? 

In simplest terms, my sales process starts with pitching a story idea. Here's my sales process in a little more detail. This process had worked for me over and over again. My Sales Process

It takes some experience to know what constitutes a viable travel story.  And deciding whether a story idea is a dog or a shooting star is an important first step in the pitching process.

So where, and how, do travel writers start their quest for a salable story?  Here are 6 tips to help you. 6 Tips for Dreaming Up Better Story Ideas that Sell

Inspirational Travel Quote



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