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Issue #446: The Art of Turning Your Destination into a Compelling Read
September 18, 2023
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One week from today we’ll be winging our way to Vietnam. We have some history there. After living for 9 months in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we moved to Danang, Vietnam, in February 2017, We thought we’d spend a few months in Danang and then move on to our long-term goal of living all around SE Asia for 6-12 months in each country. Boy, did that plan get sidetracked! We loved Vietnam so much that we stayed for 4.5 years.

Why, you ask, did we end up putting our roots down in Vietnam?

Well, for a start, life in Vietnam is inexpensive compared with Seattle, Washington, where we live. We could live the champagne high life there on a beer income. That sure helped us stay there longer — our income stretched so much further.

Then there’s the marvelous, low-key social life in Danang. I would often leave our apartment with the full intention of picking up a couple of bottles of water and returning ten minutes later. Two or three hours later I would get home — without the water (duh!) — because I had had such a wonderful time meeting friends as I passed the multitude of coffee shops and restaurants. My friends would wave me in and we would chat for a while, then I would continue on my merry way until I met more friends at another coffee shop 100 meters further up the road. They would wave me in and the whole socialization process would start again as we gossiped and discussed the political problems “back home".

We also loved the food in Danang. That helped us linger longer in Vietnam. In fact, it was our foodie/travel blogger friends Daryl and Mindi Hirsch ( whom we met in Thailand, who suggested we stay in Danang City, rather than face the heat, pollution, and overcrowding of Saigon or Hanoi. They were right!

Danang is a low-key city of 1.1 million souls that serves the rural rice fields and tiny villages of neighboring Quang Nam Province. Its people are very friendly. Which leads me to the main reason why we tarried for such a long time in Danang; the locals are absolute sweethearts. They are friendly, helpful, honest, and respectful. We miss them terribly. So, much of our time will be spent catching up Ms Hanh, Ms Le Dung, Ms TuHien, Ms Tam Thao, Ms Loi Mai, and Eddie and Tommy the coffee guys, and many others.

We’ll take a 7-night luxury cruise up the Mekong River from My Tho, Vietnam, to Siem Reap, Cambodia at the end of October. I’ve always wanted to do a luxury cruise on the Mekong. Its fishing villages, stilt villages, silk weaving villages, bustling floating markets, dazzling green rice fields, and towering white Buddhist temples always give you something to marvel at. In the afternoons — when we can tear ourselves away from the on-board gourmet dining — we’ll be doing excursions to these riverside attractions and meeting the locals.

Stay tuned to our next newsletter for an update once we land in Vietnam.

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How many mind numbing bullet point listicles have you seen recently? “The Top Ten Things To See in Budapest,” “48 Hours In Tokyo” and “Five Things To Do At JFK Airport”. 

These lists are everywhere! And they DON'T make for enjoyable or entertaining reading.

Good travel writers encapsulate the facts in vivid story form. Good travel writing helps us imagine a place and makes us want to go there. That's why they’re called travel "stories". Readers want to be entertained. They expect you to transport them to a destination – and make it an enjoyable ride.

But how do you transform all those facts and figures and lists into readable and interesting travel stories? 

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Repurposing means using an item for a different purpose, without making any alterations.  We're most familiar with using physical things in different ways, such as using an old coffee cup to hold pencils and pens. 

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