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Issue #389: Three Ways to Find Unique Story Angles
March 07, 2022
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We’re in our 6th week in Porto, Portugal, now and are absolutely loving this colorful city of 232,000 that sits astride the Douro River.

We’ve glimpsed run-down Bohemian sections of this humble city but they only add charm to this compact town. Porto doesn’t even try to compete with the capital city, Lisbon, further south.

We’ve been fascinated by Porto’s dense concentration of monuments, churches and museums contained within its historic district. With cobble stone streets, tiled façade buildings, tall bell towers, and a curious mix of old and new architecture, Porto is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most astonishing cityscapes. It’s no wonder it was voted the Best European Destination of 2017!

Measuring perhaps 3 square miles, the old quarter just waits for us to walk its winding streets and steep hills. Every time we turn a corner we see something unexpected that brings us to a dead stop and invites exploration.

Our sightseeing has taken in most of the town’s favorite attractions including the famous Majestic Café, surely the most beautiful café in the world. A brash statement, I know. But how could any other cafe, anywhere, impress more than this sumptuous Art Nouveau cafe on Porto's famous Rua da Santa Catarina?

We popped into the Majestic for dessert, coffee and afternoon tea, and this tribute to Art Nouveau beauty and tradition knocked our socks off!

The moment you walk through the marble facade, it's like entering a time tunnel. As you slowly take in the decoratively carved leather chairs, the ornate varnished woodwork, the over-sized mirrors and crystal chandeliers, the carved sculptures, and the decorated ceilings, you feel the cafe's distinctive & elegant atmosphere and don't want to be anywhere else.

Likewise, when we first entered the beautiful Livraria Lello bookstore the first thing we appreciated was its art nouveau interior and striking, elaborately carved wooden staircase.

The opulent red staircase weaves its way up past carved wooden posts - even the undersides of the stairs are intricately carved! The stained glass ceiling helps light this narrow, otherwise dark interior.

Books for sale here are mostly classics in glittering covers for tourist souvenirs and keepsakes. People visit to see the building itself, and it's no surprise that Livraria Lello is widely considered the world's most beautiful bookstore.

People visit Porto's Estacio de Sao Bento railway terminal to catch trains, but far more tourists visit the station to see the sweeping ceramic tile scenes that panel the main hall.

Opened in 1916, the Sao Bento's 20,000 blue and white tiles depict Portuguese scenes of ethnography, and history. The colored frieze tiles around the top show the history of transport.

The Ponte D. Luis I is Porto's best-known & most photographed bridges & is one of the city's most famous tourist attractions. Designed by Belgian engineer Theophile Seyrig - a follower of Gustave Eiffel - the 3,000-ton iron bridge was opened in 1886.

You can easily see Eiffel's influence in its elegant criss-crossing girders. The bridge once held the title of the world's largest wrought iron arch. Today it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site.

These are just a few of the dozens of sights we’ve seen here. On Thursday we fly to Croatia for a 3-month long stay. Stay tuned.


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Editorial: Patience Will Get You Everywhere In Travel Writing

“I want to be a travel writer and do what you are doing."

"How can I get my stories published in high paying travel magazines and land those travel perks? What do I need to do?” 

These are questions I frequently receive in emails, but they can’t be answered in just two or three paragraphs. 

There’s a sizable list of skills and abilities that successful freelance travel writers possess: sound writing skills, a high level of literacy, a fertile imagination for dreaming up salable travel stories and a whole bunch of other talents. 

But beyond these skills, there’s one overarching attitude required for travel writing success: patience.

Recently one of my friends, an accomplished freelance writer, told me it took him 6 years to break into the field. He was working a full-time job, and pitching away in his evenings and weekends. Six years is a considerable chunk of time to hammer away - with minimal results - without being discouraged! He was patient. Today, he’s a very successful full-time freelance writer, and loving it. 

Lured by slick sales hype, many aspiring travel writers believe it’s possible to quickly break through into glossy, high paying, travel magazines. When they don’t achieve immediate success, they get impatient and drop out of the game before they give it a chance or before they pay their dues. I know others who are stuck in the rut of writing free content for other people’s travel websites – ultimately a dead end.

It takes patience to break into the travel writing stratosphere. But, if you persist, you can reap the benefits like free travel, luxury accommodations, gourmet meals, VIP treatment, personal guided tours, and those other cool perks that beginning travel writers dream about. However, this doesn’t happen quickly. It takes time, hard work, and patience - just like any other new job. 

Successful travel writers have other characteristics in common. What are they? Check out these 12 vital traits of successful travel writers and see how you measure up

This Week's Featured Post

3 Ways to Find Unique Angles for Your Travel Stories

In order to sell travel stories, it’s important to find a unique angle about each place you visit.  Editors are only interested in pitches that highlight something different and exciting for their readers. 

One of the ways to keep an edge on your stories, and keep things exciting, is to attempt new experiences everywhere you travel. It’s up to you as a travel writer to learn what’s unique about a place or a culture so you can help your readers gain a deeper understanding and learn something new.

Here are a few ways travel writers can find experiences and stories that people love to read, and sell travel stories that interest magazine editors.


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Pam and Gary Baker’s Remarkable Travel Writing Journey

We’ve got two overachieving travel writers in Pam & Gary Baker!

In their four years as travel writers, Pam and Gary Baker have become an inspiring testament to how hard work can lead to spectacular success in our highly competitive field. I worked with Pam & Gary as their coach & mentor after they took our 2017 Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class. They’ve gone from strength to strength and demonstrated that it's possible for beginners to move into the top shelf travel glossies if you stick with it and follow the system.

Here’s this overachieving couple’s story, in their own words.

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Pitch Travel Write: Most Requested Links About Earning More Money

How do you make more money for every word you write?

Here's what I do: I resell, repurpose, and repackage many of my travel articles. I get a bigger bang for every story I write by reselling my work in the U.S.A. & around the world.

I do this all the time -- and these posts tell you all about it.

Five Ways to Sell Your Articles More Successfully

Earn More by Selling Your Articles Around the World

The Art of Reselling Your Articles

Repurposing Your Articles

Inspirational Travel Quote


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