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Here are all the details . . .

Roy Stevenson is your writing & marketing coach . . .

Roy is a professional travel writer and the author of our popular travel writer's website,  Over the past thirteen years, he’s had more than 1000 articles published in 200 magazines, trade and specialty journals, in-flights, on-boards, blogs and websites and has traveled on assignment around the U.S. and to twenty-five different countries.

Linda Popovich is your travel photography coach . . .

Linda is a professional travel photographer and is also the editor and publisher of

Her photographs have been published in a wide variety of regional, national and international magazines, and online. 

Roy and Linda have been working and traveling together for more than thirteen years as a travel writer & photographer team and they’re excited to bring you this new, year-long Group Coaching Program and Mastermind Community. 

Here’s What You’ll Get:

1. Pre-recorded group coaching sessions

Twice a month you’ll get pre-recorded coaching sessions (video or audio) about some aspect of travel writing:

  • Ways to improve your travel writing and make it sparkle
  • How to sell your travel stories
  • How to work with editors and CVBs
  • Travel photography tips & techniques
  • You'll get feedback on your questions about course material
  • Each pre-recorded video session will be approximately 15 minutes long. We’ll break each session into bite-sized pieces so the videos are easy to listen to.
  • Audio / Q&A sessions will be 30 minutes long, usually based on questions and answers or topics too lengthy for a Facebook group post.  
  • You’ll also have access to written documents, notes and references for all pre-recorded sessions.

2. Four times during the year you’ll be invited to participate in small group, live sessions (6-10 people).

These sessions are meant to address more specific questions about the topic(s) we’re covering during that month. For example, if the coaching topic of the month is story ideas, you might want specific feedback on some story ideas, or some advice about why a story idea you pitched wasn’t picked up by an editor.

The sessions will be video or audio-only (Zoom or Skype). We’ll keep the groups small enough so they’re not overwhelming. Sessions will be recorded so if you’re not able to attend you can listen to them later.

3. You’ll have an opportunity to get published in our own exclusive quarterly travel writing magazine.

You’ll get to dream up story ideas from trips you’ve taken, practice your pitching techniques, and if your story idea is accepted for publication, you’ll get to write an article — and you’ll get a byline!

This magazine is exclusively for the Group Coaching Mastermind Community. Only writers in this Mastermind group will be eligible to participate by writing articles and submitting photo essays.

However, we'll eventually make it available for the public to read and enjoy. But contributors will always be exclusively from the Group Coaching Mastermind Community.

4. You’ll have a like-minded community of writers for support, encouragement and accountability.

Our private Facebook group will also be a safe space to share your questions, concerns, experiences and successes. As a member, we encourage you to help each other with questions, answers, advice, support and new information from the industry.

The unique thing about our private Facebook group is that Roy and Linda regularly contribute to the discussions. We won’t leave you on your own like so many other FB groups do - we’ll be participating and making sure it’s a safe and friendly environment for everyone.

And though we’ll participate, we promise not to dominate. A Mastermind Community depends on everyone’s participation to excel so we’ll be depending on every member to share their ideas and experiences.

5. A copy of the expanded and newly revised, 2020 version of Marketing & Selling Your Travel Stories (value $249).

You’ll receive this important reference guide, chapter by chapter, as I coach you through the entire sales and marketing process. Chapters will include review notes, exercises, Q&As, fill-in-the-blanks and other reference material. By the end of the 12-month program, as we cover each topic,  you’ll have access to the entire book.

6. A complimentary copy of The Art & Craft of Travel Writing (value $14.95).

This 150-page eBook will help you develop your craft, hone your skills and work smarter. This supplemental guide will give you more detailed support in the travel writing video series.

7. Exercises, activities and challenges

We'll facilitate exercises, activities and challenges each month related to the coaching topics. These challenges and activities will give you practice and help you develop your skills. And it will give you something to share, discuss and enjoy in the Mastermind Community.

8. Access to coaching and training materials and the private Facebook group

As long as you’re an active, paid member of the Mastermind Community, you’ll have access to all the coaching and training sessions and materials. You can access the materials at any time, and repeat any session if desired. The group coaching program is a full year, 12 month program.

Registration for our Group Coaching Mastermind Community is closed. To get on the waiting list for the next session, please leave your name and email below:

Group Coaching Interest List

Please note that all fields followed by an asterisk must be filled in.

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How do you know if this coaching program is for you?

Our 12-month Group Coaching program has 2 Major Goals:

1. To provide group coaching that is affordable and fun.

2. To create a Mastermind Community of Writers who can help each other with problems, offer solutions, and provide each other with encouragement and support.

Especially during this time when most of us are not traveling, it’s important to have a social community for like-minded writers to give you inspiration, motivation and a place to share ideas. We want to provide that community.

With these goals in mind, the Group Coaching Mastermind Community is for you if . . .

  • You want to launch your travel writing career
  • You want to earn money for your travel stories
  • You want to improve your writing and marketing skills using proven methods and techniques
  • You want to learn sales & marketing techniques that get results
  • You want to learn photo tips and learn the best way to submit photo galleries to editors
  • You want to build your freelance writing business successfully
  • You like learning in a low-pressure and supportive environment
  • You like the idea of thoroughly absorbing the information over a period of time, in this case - 12 months
  • You enjoy learning online, on your own and with a group
  • You want to join in discussions with a supportive community of like-minded writers where you can share your goals, frustrations, questions, solutions and successes

This program NOT for you if . . .

  • You require lots of individual attention (please consider our one-on-one coaching instead)
  • You are a very private person and don’t like sharing your ideas with other people (please consider our one-on-one coaching instead)
  • You're in a hurry and want instant success
  • You find it difficult to support and encourage other people
  • You’re a true individualist and like to forge your own path (Go for it!)