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Issue #309: Pitching Travel Stories To Non-Travel Magazines
June 15, 2020
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Editorial: Pitching Travel Stories To Non-Travel Magazines

Many novice travel writers believe the only type of publications that will publish their stories are travel magazines. This misconception is costing them assignments and money.

There’s a good lesson that travel writers can learn from this.

A few years ago, I decided to find out exactly where my travel articles have been published. I went through my publication list and counted 22 travel & lifestyle magazines and 31 travel websites, giving me a total of 53 travel publications.

However, what I didn’t expect was to see was that my travel stories have also been published in a whopping 53 non-travel magazines. These included specialty publications like American Cowboy, Armchair General, Aviation History, Beer Connoisseur, Blue Water Sailing, Coast & Kayak, Lost Treasure, Pacific Horticulture, Popular Communications, Renaissance, Spaceflight, Walking New Zealand, and World War II, to name a few.

I was truly amazed to see that I’ve managed to place my travel articles in more than four dozen non-travel hobby magazines, specialty magazines, custom publications and even trade journals.

Why am I telling you this?

Because, I wouldn't be nearly as successful if I had solely pitched to travel magazines. In fact, I'm renowned for finding non-travel magazines that will run my travel pieces.

You should continue pitching your travel stories to travel periodicals, but also pitch your travel stories to non-travel magazines when they're a good fit.

There’s a whole universe of non-travel magazines out there waiting to snap up your travel articles.

Read this week's Featured Post (below) to learn how to do it . . .

This Week's Featured Post

Your Best Travel Stories Focus on Your Interests & Passions

Novice travel writers usually think they should only pitch travel magazines. It’s one of the major reasons why they have such difficulty breaking into travel writing.

Here’s the problem: veteran travel writers with dozens of bylines pitch the top-shelf travel magazines and shut out the novices. The seasoned travel journalists have the glossies buttoned up.

A smart and fast way to build your bylines is by writing travel stories for non-travel magazines.

How do you do this? You combine travel writing with your interests and passions.

Writing for genre magazines that you’re personally interested in, and passionate about, is a lot of fun. Much of my best travel writing has emerged from writing about my personal interests.

Here’s how to combine travel writing with your interests and hobbies . . .



Are you tired of talking, thinking, and dreaming of breaking into travel writing?

Are you ready to start writing?

Many of you have asked when we’re going to offer group coaching. So, we're working on it. We’re planning to make it affordable, fun, and helpful and productive for you.

Everything will be done online with video training, a community of like-minded writers helping each other, a robust focus on the craft of writing and the art of selling, and lots of other resources at your fingertips.

Here are a few of the things we’ll be offering through our Group Coaching Mastermind program:

A group coaching place where . . .

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- you’ll have an opportunity to showcase your articles & photos

A safe and helpful community where . . .

- you can ask questions and get the answers you need
- you can gain the confidence to leap over roadblocks
- you can gain insight, encouragement, and support
- you can tap into for help when you’re stuck with your writing
- you can give and receive solid advice about problems
- you can celebrate your writing successes
- you can ask for help with magazine leads to pitch your story ideas
- other members can help with“in-the-trenches” perspectives
- everyone exchanges thoughts on story ideas and what works

A mentoring and resource place where . . .

- you'll receive marketing tips about selling your travel stories
- you’ll find new resources to boost your freelance travel writing knowledge
- you’ll get advice on the craft of travel writing
- you’ll have opportunities to fine-tune your photography skills
- you’ll get a chance to share your articles & best shots

You’ll get a writing community, group coaching and resources and content so you can succeed in travel writing - and have fun with other travel writers while you’re doing it.

Registration will open in August. Get your name on the interest and you’ll be the first to hear when it opens. This Group coaching program will be limited to the first 35 registrants.

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Jessica Pickett

Jessica Pickett’s travel writing journey will surely inspire you to try your hand at freelance travel writing. I’m particularly impressed with her story. 

I first met Jessica at a travel writing conference in 2014. Since then, she’s made a steady ascent through the freelance writing ranks. Hers is a great example of how a novice travel writer can break into this competitive arena. 

Jessica’s trajectory is enviable, and it shows how much is achievable even for complete beginners.  

There were five particular things she did well to succeed in travel writing, right from the start. 

If you’re a novice writer, you can do these things, too. Read this post to learn from Jessica as she tells how she launched her freelance writing career . . .


Pitch Travel Write: Most Requested Links about Getting Published

Here's practically everything we’ve ever published about getting your travel stories published!

Getting your work published is the main objective of freelance travel writers. Every article you write needs to be published somewhere, so you need a solid system in place to do it quickly, efficiently, and successfully.

After all, if you can't sell your article, you don't get to write it!

Here’s the link to our entire suite of 30 articles on getting your stories published.

It’s a gold mine of information!

Here’s the link to our entire suite of 30 articles on getting your stories published. It’s a gold mine of information!

Inspirational Travel Quote


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