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Issue #325: The Best and Worst Things About Being a Travel Writer
October 05, 2020
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Editorial: The Best and Worst Things About Being a Travel Writer

Every vocation has its pros and cons. And this certainly applies to travel writing. I had some fun writing down the shortcomings of travel writing and then balancing it with the benefits.

Here’s my take on the best and the worst things about being a travel writer.

The Worst Things:

  • You must be really good at marketing to continually sell your work. You’ll send out plenty of query letters and will only hear back from a few of the editors.

  • You’re working alone except for press trips and the occasional conference or workshop.

  • Lots of emotional ups and downs! Up when you’ve been published, down when you’re having a drought. Most editors don’t provide feedback on your writing, so it’s hard to know if your travel writing is up to snuff.

  • People don't understand what you do. They’ll think you’re a goof off or some kind of nomadic hippie. One of my friends asked me to coach his daughter’s rowing team because he thought travel writing was like being retired.

  • Forget about financial stability — there are no steady paychecks when getting started. You’ll need time to establish yourself before you see a steady flow of income. Also, no medical benefits, health insurance, 401K, etc.

  • When you’re successful, aspiring travel writers will ask you for free advice — tons of it!

The Best Things:
  • Freedom! No boss! (except yourself.) You control your own work hours. You can work when you want to. You can take vacations when you want to.

  • Location independence: You can work from home or wherever you like. No commute — except on travel assignments!

  • If you’re a creative, you’ll love freelancing. You’re doing something you love, and will be highly motivated. Your work continually challenges and interests you, and you'll have a wide variety of daily work tasks.

  • You’ll always be traveling with a purpose. You’ll discover nooks and crannies that few other travelers ever discover, because you’re sharply attuned to looking for unique things. You know a lot more about your destinations and foreign cultures than most people. And when you have assignments, you’ll experience destinations far & above what you might otherwise be able to afford - for free!

  • Seeing your stories in print & receiving the paychecks is a double reward for each published story.

  • Your job satisfaction rating is super high. What could be better than traveling the world for free (or low cost) and getting paid for it?

What do you think?

Do the advantages of travel writing outweigh the disadvantages? Can you think of additional things in either category?

This Week's Featured Post

The Art of Reselling Your Travel Articles

When my fellow freelance writers hear that I have more than 1,000 published articles to my name their first reaction is disbelief. 

“You can’t have published that many” they say. “We’ve been writing for about the same amount of time and haven’t even written half that number of articles.”

“Ah”, I tell them, “About three hundred of those published articles are reprints”.

Then they give me another incredulous look and say, “How can you sell so many reprints?”

The answer to that question is what this article is all about . . .


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Here’s how Chuck Warren used his knowledge and experience in the boating industry and made it look easy.

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Pitch Travel Write: Most Requested Links about Preselling Your Articles

A classic novice travel writing mistake is to write a story and then try to sell it. This is a backward approach and it’s a waste of your valuable writing time. Inevitably, it ends in disappointment.

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Inspirational Travel Quote



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