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Issue #455: Why Regionals are The Best Place to Start Your Travel Writing Career
March 11, 2024
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For years, I’ve been keeping extensive files on all the travel magazines that I discover — not just the ones I’ve written for, but for any magazine out there that publishes travel stories. This was my secret list for many years but now most of these magazines are listed in the 500 Print Magazines That Want To Publish Your Travel Articles list we’re currently publishing.

The subscribers to 500 Print Magazines That Want To Publish Your Travel Articles have been receiving monthly lists of 50+ great print travel publications around the globe where they can pitch their stories. In total they’ll receive 10 issues of 50+ magazines in each list. That's a lot of magazines! It’s taken me well over 1,500 hours to prepare the details for this massive list and it’s been no small undertaking!

I’ve learned a lot from this process. Creating these lists and researching nearly 600 print magazines has proven to be a fascinating and enlightening experience. I’ve learned so much more about print media from this project. My knowledge of the thousands of print magazines floating around out there has expanded tremendously.

Here’s what I’ve learned while preparing this massive magazine list.

Print Media Has Unequivocally Withstood The Test Of Time
Print travel media has come through some tough challenges magnificently. There are still more than 17,000 print publications that solicit articles from freelancers. Yes, you read that right. Seventeen thousand! This total includes 7,000 consumer magazines, many of which publish travel stories. And, I still have several hundred more travel & lifestyle magazines in my “secret” files that I’ll be researching and adding to future lists.

Print Magazines Are Still Thriving
Despite the predictions by travel bloggers that “print is dead,” it’s clear that very few publications (less than 15%) have folded and closed their doors permanently in the past 15 years. Compare this figure with the 70% closure rate of travel blogs & websites in the same time period and you can understand why I maintain that it’s thriving.

A few print magazines have changed their strategy to online only or to digital “flip through” format. However, most of these “flips” were on a natural decline, just hanging on by their fingertips. The deadly duo of the coronavirus pandemic and increasing printing costs forced these small circulation publications to move to publish online only.

Magazine Editors Are Now More Actively Encouraging Freelancers To Submit Story Queries
I also noticed that editors are now actively encouraging — perhaps even desperate — for good quality travel & lifestyle articles. This differs from a few years ago. A decade ago, it seemed like magazine editors felt like they were doing you a favor by publishing your stories. Now, they’re screaming out for good copy.

This demand seems especially prevalent in the US regional magazine market. There are great opportunities here for enterprising freelance writers — especially when you consider that the traditional method for breaking into travel writing is by starting out through the regionals.

This trend can be seen through the current experiences of one of my coaching clients. One year ago she started from scratch and now she’s had well over 40 articles published in 13 different publications. Many of these magazines are regionals. And she continues to break into new print magazines almost weekly.

Most Print Publications Still Pay Better Than Online Only Publications & Websites
There is far more prestige attached to seeing your work published in print media than online. It feels good to see your work in print — and it’s easy to show your family and friends.

It’s also interesting to note that magazines that have dual presence (print and online) pay more for their print stories than their online stories. I’ve encountered many publications that pay for their print stories but do not pay at all for their online articles. Most travel websites still do not pay at all.

A Few US Airline In-Flight Magazines Have Folded
The pandemic had a detrimental effect on in-flight magazines. However, several international airlines have actually starting up new in-flights in the past year. And, I suspect that some of the US in-flights will be resurrected as the airlines’ fortunes pick up and they recover.

Print travel magazines are far more durable than travel websites and blogs. And they pay more. Collectively, print media editors still require tens of thousands of stories each month. And these editors pay freelancers for their work! If you want to earn money from your writing, print is still the best place to be. The Print Media Industry

More Reading About the Power of Print Media
Here’s an article that lays out the print media facts I uncovered, and how the coronavirus pandemic actually caused travel & lifestyle magazine subscriptions to boom. Travel Print Media Is Growing

Here Are The Three Most Important Reasons Why You Should Pitch Your Story Ideas To Print Publications First

Registration Opens in the Fall
If you haven’t yet registered for 500 Print Magazines, we’ll re-open registration in the fall. Keep watching this newsletter for updates.

Other Travel Writing Projects I’m Planning
I have several travel writing eBooks slated for publication in 2024 including:

  • Travel Writing for Military & History Magazines
  • Break Into Travel Writing with Museum Stories
  • Break Into the Boating, Yachting, Sailing & Cruising Travel Writing Market
  • A follow-up eBook about Query Letters for Travel Writers

Next month, I’ll give my take on the perceived AI threat to travel writing. Hint: It’s not nearly as bad as you think!

Finally, I'd like to thank you for reading this newsletter, taking my online and in-person classes, buying my eBooks, and following my travels. It's been a pleasure working with so many of you and keeping you up-to-date on what’s new in travel writing.

Roy Stevenson,

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This article covers the pros and cons of writing for regional magazines, and provides numerous examples of published regional stories. I also point out the perks associated with writing for the regionals, and how to score them.

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Roy Stevenson Listed in 2024 Pitching Guide for magazine editors. Thank you, PR On The Go, for listing me, Roy Stevenson, as one of the six top journalists in your 2024 Pitching Guide.

This listing helps match up travel journalists with magazine editors who are looking for specific stories.

Here’s the link to the download: PRontheGo Pitching Guide, our travel writing website has had a banner year! The accolades just keep pouring in!

Our website was selected for the 2023 Writer’s Digest Magazine’s “101 Best Websites For Writers” in the June issue. We’ve previously been chosen for Writer’s Digest Magazine’s 101 Best Websites For Writers in 2016, 2020, 2021, 2022. WD doesn’t bestow these awards lightly. We’re the only travel writing website on the lists!

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A few months ago, our Online Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class has made’s Best Travel Creative Writing Classes for 2023 list. There are only 21 travel writing courses on this worldwide list!

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