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Issue #444: Six Surprising Travel Writing Myths
August 21, 2023
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We’re in the third week of our stay in NE Ohio, at Linda’s ancestral home, catching up with her family and friends. We’ve also been busy on writing assignments in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Two weeks ago we drove to the tiny, picture perfect town of Eagles Mere (pop.151) in NE Pennsylvania to visit a renowned automobile museum. This article was for a classic car magazine. Afterwards, we strolled through the village and toured their aviation museum, motorcycle museum, and historical society museum. Our visit was courtesy of the Endless Mountains Visitors’ Bureau.

In the 1870s, Eagles Mere grew to national notoriety as a resort. Large summer cottages were built, and it became a refuge from the summer heat and disease in large cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore and Harrisburg. 

Much of the early social life took place around the Inns (many had now become hotels), an active theater program, as well as golfing, tennis, hiking, and boating. Women were seen in long dresses carrying parasols and men donned 3-piece suits, dress of another era. In the summer, with the big hotels and rail access, the town population swelled enormously.

Eventually, time and changing vacation patterns in the 1960’s put an end to the large-scale hotels because of the relatively short season. The only original hotel to survive today is the Eagles Mere Inn, built in 1887.

Our stay at the historic Eagles Mere Inn was one of our press trip highlights!

Our room was cozy, designed to mirror the country life that surrounded us. All the Inn’s rooms are historically themed with pictures and artifacts, private bathrooms, and Wifi. This lovely 17-room Inn in the photo below is updated with new beds and luxurious, top of the line linens, pillows and comforters. Very comfortable!

If you’re traveling through PA during the summer months, we can highly recommend staying a night or two at the Inn. (

A few days ago we spent two days in Canton, Ohio, visiting the Canton Classic Car Museum on yet another assignment. This time we were guests of Stark County Convention & Visitors’ Bureau. After touring the automobile museum, we followed the itinerary provided by the CVB and saw some interesting sights.

While Canton may only be a mid-size city (pop. 70,872) it offered some unusual attractions. I’m known for having more than 200 museum stories published in 32 paying print magazines, so I’m always looking for weird and unusual places. And Canton delivered!

Among the high strangeness we experienced were the Troll Hole Museum in Alliance, the Immel Circus Gallery in the Massillon Museum, and we had lunch at Chloe’s Diner surrounded by vintage cars and memorabilia.

Featured Post

Six Surprising Travel Writing Myths

Freelance travel writing harbors its fair share of myths.  Travel itself seems alluring and adventurous. And it conjures up all kinds of romantic (mis)perceptions like sitting in your secluded beach cottage perched on sand dunes, penning the perfect travel article. These faulty perceptions are often fused into a mythical fantasy. 

Take these travel writing myths, for example:


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Pitch Travel Write: Most Requested Links About Your Travel Writing Business

When you decide to become a travel writer, there are certain business basics to consider. There’s a great deal more to the business of travel writing than just "traveling" and "writing".

Some people approach travel writing as a hobby — and that’s fine. But, if you plan to earn income from your travel writing, you need to think of it as a business. And it helps to know a few business basics specific to travel writing.

Our Business Basics Resource Page gives you 21 free, full length articles about travel writing business basics. Yes, we know it’s information overload, so we suggest you tackle one or two of these articles each day.

This advice will help you make smarter decisions, save you a lot of time on the learning curve, and show you how to make more money.

Link to Business Basics Resource Page


Featured Book: How to Land Press Trips and Fam Tours

Who doesn't like press trips to exotic and exciting destinations?

Since starting my freelance travel writing career, I’ve been on more than 200 press trips & fam tours in 25 countries. Places like Belgium, Wales, England, France, Germany, New Zealand, Bali, all over the U.S.A., and many other exotic and exciting destinations.

I tell you this not to show off, but to show you how you can get regular press trip & fam tour invitations.

Books about travel writing might mention that press trips are available to travel writers, but they fall woefully short when it comes to telling writers how to actually get these press trip invitations. Most veteran travel writers keep this information to themselves.

My manual, How to Land Press Trips and Fam Tours, tells you exactly what you need to do to get invitations to press trips and fam tours, and how to organize self-guided press trips.

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Here’s a review of How to Land Press Trips and Fam Tours by travel blogger Chris Backe:

“I was extremely impressed with Roy’s last book, so reviewing another of his books was a no-brainer. In “How to Land Press Trips and Fam Tours” Roy takes a simple, logical approach to getting invited (or getting on the list) by the folks that have the budgets to offer them. Reality checks are aplenty, and he links to several excellent sites or conferences to stay in-the-know. There are also several sample letter templates to borrow from, along with an entire chapter on etiquette (which could easily be titled ‘How to ensure this isn’t your last fam trip ever!’)

At 75 pages long, the only thing it really lacks is fluff. You can breeze through the basics in a single sitting, but actually taking action will be your bigger challenge. The book does everything it can to offer tools and advice, but it’s still up to you to follow it.”


Don't forget: For the month of August save $10 off the regular price of this book if you use discount code: AUTEN

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