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Issue #349: Do You Play The “What If?” Game?
April 06, 2021
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Editorial: Do You Play The “What If?” Game?

If you’re a novice travel writer, it’s typical to worry about many things. After all, you’re entering a new arena and you have far more questions than you have answers. Questions like, “What if my query letter is too long?” or “What if my story isn’t good enough for the editor?” or “What if more than one magazine editor wants the story I just pitched?”

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “What if (something) happens?” you’re not alone.

When I was starting out, I’d often overthink things and worry about what I’d do if they actually happened.

But playing the “what if” game paralyzes you. I know aspiring travel writers who never get any query letters out the door because they’re paralyzed with worry.

The reality is this - most of the things you worry about will never happen.

Worrying about “What ifs?” wastes your time and distracts you from your real job of dreaming up travel story ideas, writing solid query letters, and crafting well-written travel stories.

If you're straying from these travel writing tasks and worrying about things, you're wasting your precious time. Don't obsess over things that are not likely to happen. And, if they do happen, you can use your common sense to devise a solution.

Having a set of business policies helps you strategize your moves when those infrequent “what if” things happen.

If you don’t have rules (or policies) then someone else’s rules will dictate how you do business. It’s better to create your own rules.

You need to have policies about travel, policies about writing, and policies about getting paid. If you don’t have your business policies defined, here are four business policies you need to establish now . . .

This Week's Featured Post

Five Golden Rules For Selling Articles And Getting Travel Perks

In my role as a travel writing coach, I field numerous questions from my writers. And it’s not surprising that I hear the same questions repeatedly. 

The most frequent topic I get questions about is selling articles to print magazines. The second most frequent topic is how to parlay assignments into travel perks.

Here are five golden rules about pitching story ideas to editors and landing those travel perks. I follow these rules with my own travel writing. And, when I share them with my coaching clients they consistently meet with success.


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Rey Waters: With Travel Writing, My Life Cannot Get Any Better

“I enrolled in a travel writer’s course and published my first article in Travel Post Monthly.  

It was not long after, that I discovered Roy Stevenson’s travel writing books. 

His first book that I read was Get Published Now. It had a section that mentioned getting started in your own back yard. At the time we were living in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia. My wife and I walked a two-mile hiking trail around a lake every day for our exercise.  

During these walks we met all types of very interesting people. I pitched a story idea to our local newspaper and I guess you can say the rest is history. 

That’s how it all began. And here’s Rey Waters’ success story about how far he’s taken his work . . .


Pitch Travel Write: Most Requested Links about Productivity & Goals

If you want to sell more travel stories, maximize your time, & wring as much money as possible from your freelance writing, here are three articles packed with advice and ideas to boost your productivity.

Seven Ways to Increase Your Travel Writing Productivity and Take Control of Your Time

Six Ways to Increase Your Travel Writing Productivity and Create More Time

It’s important to sell multiple story angles about a place. Here are four reasons it makes sense to do so.

Inspirational Travel Quote


Featured Bundle: Advanced Travel Writer’s Two-Pack Reference Guides

Take your travel writing career up a few notches with our advanced reference guides.

In How to Land Press Trips and Fam Tours you'll learn about how to use your assignments to request free and low-cost travel.  You'll also get all the resources successful travel writers have at their fingertips to network with the right people and have DMOs clamoring to invite you to visit their region.

If luxury is your preferred style of travel our manual, How to Break into the Luxury Travel Writing Market will help you move quickly into this market. And it gives you a huge ready-made list of magazines and websites interested in publishing luxury articles.

When you purchase both these books together, you automatically save 10% off the price of the individual books. And this month only, if you use Promo Code AP5 you can get an additional $5 off!


Group Coaching Mastermind Community

Our first Group Coaching Mastermind Community kicked off in October, 2020, and we’ve got a global group with members living in Australia, Belgium, Canada, Vietnam and the U.S. We're very excited about this group of writers and our new community! We added new members to our community in early January and they're getting to know the group and participate in writing activities.

If you missed out on the opportunity to join this session, you can get on the waiting list for the next session starting in May . . .

Learn more and get on the waiting list . . .

Live Workshops

People have been asking when our 2022 workshops in New Orleans, Louisiana are scheduled.

Here are the 2022 dates:
June 17-20, 2022, Travel Writing & Photography Retreat
June 22-24, 2022, Marketing Master Class for Travel Writers

We've had lots of interest already. You can sign up for our no-obligation interest list for these workshops and receive our substantial early bird discounts when we open registration:


Did You Know . . .

Our Complete Marketing Master Class for Travel Writers is ranked #1 on’s Top Ten Travel Writing Workshops.

You can access the list of the top ten travel writing workshops at the link below . . .

Travel Writers Exchange workshop list: #1 Marketing Master Class

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