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Issue #454: Four Things You Need to Have on Your Writer's Website
February 12, 2024
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers!

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It’s already February - funny how the months fly by so quickly. We’ve fully recovered from our 3-month long-stay in Vietnam and we’re spending most of our time getting our Seattle house ready to sell. Once it sells, we’ll be on the road again. First, by relocating across the country to Ohio (probably Cleveland area) and then in the fall we’ll head to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a place I’ve wanted to visit for a long time.

San Miguel de Allende is an historic colonial city of 174,000. SMA, as it is known to locals, is 162 miles northwest of Mexico City and boasts a sizable expat population. One survey found that people from 63 countries live there! If you happen to be planning a fall trip to SMA, feel free to email me so we can meet for coffee.

Our early 2025 travel calendar includes a 2 or 3-month stay in New Zealand, where I have 2 sisters, a brother, and a tribe of nieces and nephews. Catching up with all of them plus some old running buddies takes a big chunk of time, but we’ll also travel around NZ to some new places, including one or two scenic rail trips in the South Island.

Later in 2025, who knows? My bucket list includes Marakesh, Morocco; Brasov, Bucharest, & Transylvania, Romania; a Danube River Cruise; Sofia, Bulgaria; the Amalfi Coast & Positano, Italy; Zadar, Rovinj & Korcula, Croatia; Slovenia; Vienna, Austria; Santorini & other random Greek islands Cuba; train trips around North America and Europe; and a Mississippi River Cruise. We’ll probably pick off some European countries and head to a warmer climate in the winter.

Travel writing projects that I’m planning include eBooks on Travel Writing for Military & History Magazines; Writing about Destination Museums; Breaking Into the Boating, Yachting, Sailing & Cruising Travel Writing Market; and a follow-up eBook about Query Letters for Travel Writers.

Finally, I'd like to thank you for reading this newsletter, taking my online and in- person classes, buying my eBooks, and following my travels. It's been a pleasure working with many of you and keeping everyone up-to-date on what’s new in travel writing.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!
Roy Stevenson,

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Featured Post

Building a Professional Website:

Four Things Your Writer’s Website Must Have

I’ve met hundreds of travel writers on press trips and at writer’s conferences. I’m always amazed at how few of them have their own writer’s website to tout their writing achievements.

A professional looking website will tip the scales in your favor when a magazine editor is undecided about publishing your article. Today, there is little excuse not to have your own travel writer’s website. Editors expect it. It’s your online writing portfolio and resume, and enhances your credibility.

Here are the four things that your writer’s website must have. Ignore these critical sections at your own risk:


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Inspirational Travel Quote

Pitch Travel Write: Most Requested Links About Improving Your Travel Writing

As travel writers, we put words together to paint pictures of our destinations. Writing about a place we love seems like such an easy thing to do. But, as you know, there’s much more to effective and salable travel writing like . . .
  • How to say the words in just the right way 
  • Sharing valuable information to catch the reader’s attention
  • Knowing how to keep readers engaged
Our Resource Page provides 29 topics that focus on your travel writing craft. How you can improve your writing and increase your productivity – and get those articles out to editors.

Go To Our Travel Writing Craft Resource Page


Featured Book: 125 Website that Want to Publish Your Travel Stories

Our eBook, 125 Websites that Want to Publish Your Travel Stories, is a red-hot list of quality websites that are eager to publish your travel articles. This reference book for travel writers is one of the most valuable resources you can have in your toolbox. You won’t find a list like this anywhere else.

The list of 125 websites - and the advice in this eBook — is your short cut to success. It will accelerate your travel writing career by rapidly enhancing your online presence. 
And, you can make some money while you’re boosting your bylines. Our new book includes more than 50 travel websites that actually PAY their writers!

Four Reasons Why You Need This List

1. Do you need to build your bylines?
 Getting your work published online is a quick and easy way for novice travel writers to establish some bylines and “street credibility.” It provides indisputable proof that you are a published travel journalist.

2. Do you need online bylines that editors can easily access?
 Today, even print magazine editors check your background online and read your website articles before they decide to hire you. Having a solid online presence encourages print magazine editors to take the chance of accepting your story ideas for publication. Now, more than ever, it’s important for every freelance travel writer to have some of their work published online. Using this quality list will save you hundreds of hours researching yourself — and may even earn you some extra cash for your efforts. 

3. Do you want to save time and energy?
 You won’t have to waste your time sorting out the good travel websites from the bad ones. I have personally vetted each of these websites (as of October, 2021). The websites on this list were chosen to provide you with a broad selection of travel genres so you can choose the best fit for your story ideas.

This wide variety of travel website genres includes adventure travel, women’s travel, men’s travel, family travel, budget travel, luxury travel, international travel, historical travel, literary travel, and regional travel devoted to Europe, Asia, or Central America.  You’ll find all these genres and many more.

You’ll be proud to be published on any of these sites. And this list will be your valuable resource over and over again.

4. Are you hoping to join other travel writers on those coveted press trips?
 Many tourism and destination marketing agencies look favorably at online travel assignments when they’re considering who to invite on press trips. Writing for quality travel websites can be your ticket to qualify for these prestigious press trips and familiarization tours. 

I frequently use online assignments to boost my applications for press trips. Online assignments have helped me qualify for press trips to Bali, England, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Scotland, Singapore, and Wales. Travel website assignments have also help land me U.S. press trips in Alaska, Arizona, California, Oregon, and Virginia and Washington. 

Landing press trips is an added financial benefit when you write for quality travel websites. You may or may not get paid for your words. but travel “comps” can save you thousands of dollars in travel costs!

What You Get in this eBook:

  • Downloadable pdf file
  • Comprehensive list of 125+ quality travel websites including information about the website, the writer’s guidelines and my own personal comments about the website owners I’ve worked with.
  • 16-pages of advice including the ins and outs of getting published online, the four reasons why it’s important for travel writers to have an online presence, and other advice aimed at writing for travel websites.

Save $5 off the regular price of the eBook for the month of February when you use Promo code 125web at checkout.



“Hi Mr. Stevenson, Thank you so much for your resource, 125 Websites that Want to Publish Your Travel Stories. It has been very helpful. I have been able to get articles posted online including,, and I am working on one for Go World Travel.”

- Joseph Ciccanti

“Roy Stevenson delivers again with his ebook, "125 Websites that Want to Publish your Travel Stories." Based on his years of professional experience and results-driven approach to freelancing, Stevenson has invested untold hours of research in generating his list of websites. This is an invaluable resource for not only new writers, but even for those who are established writers looking to expand their outlets.”
- Karin Leperi, Award Winning Travel Writer/Photographer (USA)

Don't forget to save $5 off the regular price of the eBook for the month of February when you use Promo code 125web at checkout.


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Our aim is to provide you with practical, nitty gritty information to help you gain entry into the travel writing realm and all the enjoyment that comes with it. 

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Awards and Accolades

Roy Stevenson Listed in 2024 Pitching Guide for magazine editors. Thank you, PR On The Go, for listing me, Roy Stevenson, as one of the six top journalists in your 2024 Pitching Guide.

This listing helps match up travel journalists with magazine editors who are looking for specific stories.

Here’s the link to the download: PRontheGo Pitching Guide, our travel writing website has had a banner year! The accolades just keep pouring in!

Our website was selected for the 2023 Writer’s Digest Magazine’s “101 Best Websites For Writers” in the June issue. We’ve previously been chosen for Writer’s Digest Magazine’s 101 Best Websites For Writers in 2016, 2020, 2021, 2022. WD doesn’t bestow these awards lightly. We’re the only travel writing website on the lists!

And Writer’s Digest Magazine also chose our website for their “Best Genre/Niche Websites for 2023.” We’ve previously been listed in Writer’s Digest Magazine’s “Best Genre/Niche Websites for 2020, 2021, 2022, & 2023.”

A few months ago, our Online Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class has made’s Best Travel Creative Writing Classes for 2023 list. There are only 21 travel writing courses on this worldwide list!

And, in December 2023 we were awarded the honor of being listed in the Writer’s Digest Magazine’s 101 Best Websites for Writers in their 2024 Annual Yearbook.

We at are proud to announce that our website made’s 100 BEST WEBSITES FOR WRITERS 2020 & 2021! thewritelife Best Websites 2021

Our Complete Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class is ranked #1 on’s Top Ten Travel Writing Workshops.

Travel Writers Exchange Top 10 Workshops

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Roy Stevenson
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