The Complete Marketing Master Class
for Travel Writers

New Orleans, Louisiana

Note: Due to the coronavirus our June, 2020 workshop has been postponed.

Our next Marketing Master Class for Travel Writers workshop in the U.S. is scheduled for June 22-24, 2022. Scroll down this page to get on our interest list.

You can experience the world’s most luxurious destinations - and get paid for it.

The Marketing Master Class for Travel Writers is an exclusive program where we'll explore, in detail, every single step of my travel writing, pitching and selling strategy. 

It's only offered once a year and this is your chance to join us in 2022.

About New Orleans

New Orleans, Louisiana has a reputation as the Festival Capital of the World, the birthplace of Jazz, and cultural diversity you won't find anywhere else in the U.S.

Everyone's familiar with the Mardi Gras festival but there's much more to this town.  Beyond the festivals - like oyster shucking and music festivals - New Orleans has fabulous food, a wide variety of music to enjoy and a jazzed up atmosphere.  In fact, the birthplace of jazz is also full of orchestras, dance companies, museums and art exhibits.

There are parks, cemeteries and history. The French Quarter is one of NOLA’s most historic neighborhoods. Founded in 1718, the French Quarter vibe is romantic, mysterious and jazzy.

You can enjoy Jackson Square history, go on a steam boat cruise, have some fun on Bourbon Street or enjoy a great meal surrounded by old-world architecture. There are ghost tours and voodoo tours.

You’ll hear horse hooves clip-clopping around the Quarter. After sunset the French Quarter comes alive with night life, live music and dancing.

It’s a fun place to explore and dream up travel story ideas that you can sell to editors.

Sorry, registration is closed for the 2023 Marketing Master Class for Travel Writers

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About the Marketing Master Class

Other workshops gloss over the details, but that’s not how we do things around here. You will walk away from this program knowing exactly how to get sensational paid trips around the world and sky-rocket your travel writing success – even if you’re starting at $0.

Each workshop is limited to a small number of participants to guarantee a high quality experience and allow plenty of time for interaction between your instructors and fellow writers.

We believe our Marketing Master Class for Travel Writers is the BEST of its kind, ANYWHERE!  Our “graduates” have an excellent success rate, with most getting their stories into paying print media.

If you want to learn how to become a real travel writer & see your articles & photographs in glossy print magazine and journals, our three-day master class will do the job nicely.

We hope to see you in New Orleans in June for this once-a-year event!

Are you ready to learn what travel writing success feels like?

Picture this:

It’s early evening and you’re luxuriating in a 5-star Balinese lifestyle resort. You’re reclining on a pristine white daybed with your partner, sipping a cocktail beside your private pool in the gorgeous garden. Maybe you spent the day wandering around a market and marvelling at the colors, smells and sounds. Perhaps you were inspired by art galleries, found intriguing historical sites, enjoyed a bird’s eye view from a hot air balloon and took a dip in the crystal clear turquoise ocean.

Soon you’ll be served a private meal with exquisite international cuisine in your opulent jungle surroundings.  Tomorrow you’ll be experiencing a bespoke aromatherapy spa treatment before boarding the hotel’s VIP yacht for an unforgettable snorkelling and diving trip. And the best part?  You’re getting paid to do this.

This isn’t an unachievable dream. I’ve been paid to travel the globe and stay in the most exclusive hotels and resorts for thirteen years. My travel stories have appeared in more than 200 publications and I’ve earned thousands of dollars writing about the world’s most luxurious destinations. Let me tell you, success feels fantastic – and I’m going to show you exactly how to do it.

If you want to make money as a travel writer you need to know precisely what works and what doesn’t.

“Call this what it is – a master-class of sales writing to get into magazines and newspapers.”
-- Chris Backe, Editor & Travel Blogger,

“Roy’s energy and humor, mixed with rigor are an excellent mix.” 

-- Mike McMaster, February 2016 Master Class

What will you learn?

I’m going to share every single step of my writing, pitching and selling strategy.

When you use my strategy, you will dramatically improve your sales and speed up your learning curve.

  • The tried-and-tested way to dream up captivating travel story ideas and assess their marketability.
  • Where to find hundreds of publications that want to buy your travel stories.
  • Why you should always query your story idea before writing it.
  • How to craft irresistible query emails that will sell your stories.
  • The exact query email formatting and structure used by elite travel writers.
  • How to avoid making amateur mistakes that damage your relationships with editors.
  • How to pitch several story ideas to sky-rocket your acceptance rate.
  • How to handle the flood of acceptance emails you’ll get.
  • How to resell your articles multiple times around the world to maximise your profit.
  • How to network like a pro and market yourself effectively within the travel writing industry.
  • How to build an online platform so editors can find you and read your clips.
  • The secrets behind using your assignments to request complimentary travel perks. Hello, first class luxury!

Ultimately, you’ll learn exactly how I sell my travel stories 90% of the time and how you can improve your success rate when you use my proven strategies from start to finish.

“Roy really knows how the game is played and it makes all the difference. I’ve learned how to properly prepare query letters and distribution lists, how to deal with editors, and how to work with the tourism, convention and visitors bureaus. Avoiding little mistakes and responding to editors and others properly can be critical so having the luxury of a prolific industry expert like Roy to answer the numerous questions that come up has been invaluable for me.

The results of Roy's coaching have been amazing!! I’ve managed to secure assignments with 6 magazines including Discover Britain, Renaissance, NW Travel, Kindred Spirit, and several online
publications. Not only are most of these paid gigs, I have already parlayed them into free accommodations, free meals, and free tours & attractions, just as advertised. It's real and it's awesome!!

I would highly recommend Roy's services to anyone looking for a fast track to breaking into writing magazine articles.”

-- Jed Vaughn, 2016 Travel Writer’s Workshop Attendee

“Thank you, Roy, for all your help, education and support. Your writer’s Master Class has been extremely helpful and I so enjoyed it. You’ve given me the confidence that I need to go forward in my new career as a freelance travel writer, photographer, and destination video producer-artist.”

-- Shelley Pittman, Freelance Writer & Photographer
Alumni, 2016 Chiang Mai Master Class

Who's Roy?


I’m your host and your marketing instructor during the Master Class. 

I'm also a professional freelance travel writer and photographer based in Seattle, Washington and currently living in the vibrant beach town of Da Nang, Vietnam.

I’ve cracked the travel writing code and had more than 1000 articles published in over 200 regional, national, and international magazines, specialty magazines, newspapers, trade journals, in-flights, on-boards, and online travel magazines and blogs.

I’ve been described as one of the most prolific travel writers in North America, and I attribute all my success to the strategies I’m going to share with you during my Marketing Master Class.

Yep, I really am giving away all my secrets and strategies.

My work has appeared in the USA, Canada, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. I’ve written about travel, culture, history, food, wine, beer, hotels, spas, military history, military vehicles, writing, art, communications, health, fitness, running, triathlons, sports and film festivals.

Publications I’ve contributed to include Britain Magazine, Scotland Magazine, International Living, American Cowboy, Smithsonian Air & Space, Spirit of Ireland, Renaissance, This England, Australia & New Zealand, Emirates Open Skies In-flight, Beers-of-the-World, Beer Connoisseur, Beer Magazine, Beer & Brewery, Cheese Connoisseur, Collectible Automobile, Blue Water Sailing, Canadian Yachting West, Classic Boat, Coast Food & Arts, Sculpture, Lost Treasure, Northwest Meetings & Events, National Communications, Northwest Travel & Life, South Sound, Gorge Guide, Off-Road Adventures, Jeep Action, Oregon Coast, Sunday Oregonian, New Zealand Sunday News, South China Morning Post,,,,,,,,,,,, and many other magazines.

I include this info to show you, without shadow of a doubt, that my strategy works.

I’m not the world’s best writer, but I have figured out how to sell my stories 90% of the time.  I started completely from scratch. I didn’t study writing at university, and I’ve never studied business or marketing.

If I can get paid to travel the world using my strategies, believe me, you can too.

Here's What the Past
 Marketing Master Class Participants
Say About the Class

“This weekend was one for the books! It was an incredible honor to be a part of Roy’s world-class Marketing Master Class and I’m eager to see how my fellow classmates and I crush it!”
Jessica Pickett

“Home and ready to go to Barnes & Noble this morning. Thanks so much to Roy & Linda for this amazing weekend and thanks to all the participants for your support and generosity with advice. Looking forward to your success stories!”
Mary Lou Osmond

“What a great learning weekend! Great workshop...hope to see everyone again next year. I loved the small intimacy of the size of the group. Really felt like there was good camaraderie & enough attention from the presenters as well. I’m looking forward to what happens in the future with the knowledge I’ve picked up.”
Becky Breshears

“Just wanted to say I arrived home finally to Ohio. Roy and Linda, thanks for such a great conference and thanks to everyone that I met this weekend. What an amazing bunch of people and diverse.”
Dave Hamill

“Learning and getting inspired! Wohoo!”
Kari Dahlstrom

“Great class, already working on first pitch at the airport.”
Charlene Scott

“Fabulous class, fabulous people. I'm inspired!”
Candi Licence

“I appreciate Roy’s philosophy as a rebel. He has a formula that works and that is proven. With due diligence and hard work, I can be successful.”
Dave Hamill

“I got some really good story ideas from Roy. Liked the reinforcement of Roy’s marketing approach."
Pam Baker

“I found the research activity valuable because I learned how to research and evaluate places and go and get story ideas in advance, to gain assignments.”
Candi Licence

“I found the marketing strategies presentation extremely valuable because it gave me an understanding on Fam and comp trips and how to request them. I also learned how to manage multiple acceptances and selling the same, or similar, articles multiple times.”
Candi Licence

“It was great to really hear Roy drive home how to be professional & to have integrity in your travel writing career.”
Kim Kortum

“It was great to hear how there are so many magazine opportunities outside the travel magazine section as within.”
Annette De Smedt

“Great nuts and bolts information!”

“I enjoyed Roy’s field trip to the Barnes & Noble bookstore because I could see his approach in action and how he directs others with their search through the magazine racks. This gave me ideas I never would have thought of.”
Jessica Pickett

“The field trip to Barnes & Noble was extremely valuable because we saw Roy’s voracious approach to discovering opportunities through magazine research.”
Pam Baker

“Building your magazine database is a daunting task, so seeing the magazine rack through Roy’s eyes I now know exactly what to do when I return home.”
Kim Kortum

“I’ll never look at Barnes & Noble in the same way!”

“I’ll never look at a magazine rack the same again!”

“I cannot say enough about how valuable this workshop has been. Roy is a wealth of knowledge and just a joy to work with! I love his enthusiasm, encouragement and passion for helping new travel writers.”

-- Pam Baker, April 2017 Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class Attendee 

“No one teaches about marketing and selling like Roy Stevenson.”

-- Claudia Looi, 2016 Complete Travel Writer’s Workshop Attendee

How Many People Will Be At The Marketing Master Class?

My number-one priority is that every single Workshop attendee walks away full of knowledge and knows exactly how to sell their travel stories.

I get real deep; answering questions, giving personalized advice, tailoring activities and doing whatever it takes to ensure the highest quality experience for everyone involved. Seeing my students achieve their writing goals is why I do what I do – it’s my passion.  I want you to succeed.

With this in mind, the Workshop is only available to a limited number of people.  For my Marketing Master Class, that's twenty-five (25) people. 

Throughout the year I receive a great deal of interest from people all over the English-speaking world and we expect the Master Class to fill up fast and early.  I don’t want you to miss out.

“Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend in a great city!  I enjoyed learning how to market my travel writing. The entire weekend was very inspirational. I look forward to taking the tools from my toolbox & getting started right away. It was nice to meet so many like-minded writers in all phases of their journey. Until our paths cross again. Warm Regards,"

-- Barbara Wertz
April 2017  Master Class Attendee

Is The Marketing Master Class right for you?

Ever since I started running this Master Class, I’ve been inundated with emails that sound like this:

“Roy, I'm considering joining your Master Class. It sounds great! it right for me and my situation?"

Let’s go over some of the most popular queries I get in my inbox:

“I’m not a published travel writer – I’m starting at the beginning.”

I get it. Thirteen years ago, that's where I was. I felt completely clueless.

I had no idea how to think up good travel stories, or how to pitch to editors. Getting paid to travel the world seemed like an impossible dream – but I wanted it so badly. I scoured the internet for any information that could help me succeed.

Every piece of “expert” advice I soon discovered came from someone who hadn’t walked the talk – it was downright frustrating, and I wasn’t getting anywhere.

I promised myself that when I achieved real success, I’d create a program to teach other travel writers exactly how to get paid to write travel stories, even for those starting at the beginning.  The Marketing Master Class for Travel Writers is that program.

Rest assured, even if you're a complete beginner, this class is for you.

“I’m a published writer and photographer, but I don’t have much experience travel writing.”

I show writers and photographers exactly how to capitalize on their existing skills and break into the travel writing field. You’ll drastically increase your learning curve and get excellent paid travel story assignments, faster. I can’t wait to see your reaction after I show you what your schedule could look like when you follow my travel writing strategy.

“Roy’s candor and sense of humor fueled the weekend. Roy doesn’t sugar coat anything.”

Attendee, February 2016 Master Class

"Roy talks the talk and walks the walk. He has such a keen interest in the story and an ability to share. I revere this approachable, friendly, gracious and talented and well-published writer.”

-- Lisa Richardson, Travel Writer, Los Angeles, CA

“I’m already a published travel writer. What will I learn that I don’t know already?”

I’ve yet to meet a published travel writer who didn’t benefit from learning the exact details of my proven strategy. I show published writers how to take it to the next level and skyrocket their travel writing income by sharing every detail of my proven strategy.

Registration Details

Sorry, registration is closed for the 2023 Marketing Master Class for Travel Writers

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The Master Class includes:

  • In-depth instruction about how I sell my travel stories 90% of the time - so you can sell more stories, too.
  • In-depth training about how to use your assignments to land press trips and free tours.
  • Detailed guidance on how to write enticing query letters.
  • How to write captivating travel stories that editors will love.
  • Advice on how to work successfully with editors.
  • Digital resources including The Complete Guide to Marketing and Selling Your Travel Articles and The Complete Guide to Query Letters.
  • Post-workshop, one-on-one coaching with Roy using one of your story ideas and working through the process, start to finish, worth over $750.
  • Special reduced rate at our Host hotel, The Higgins in the Arts & Warehouse district. (Full details available when you register.)
  • Amazing opportunity to socialize with fellow travel writers.

What's not included:

  • Airfare
  • Ground transportation
  • Hotel costs
  • Meals
  • Other incidental travel expenses such as laundry, tips, travel insurance, and other miscellaneous costs.

So, are you ready to learn what travel writing success feels like?

Your stay in that luxury villa is much closer than you think.  Follow my strategies and advice, and you will succeed as a travel writer.

“If anyone is better at what Roy does, I've never met that person. No one, repeat no one, is better at travel writing than Roy.”

-- John Mooshie, Travel and Golf Journalist, 2017 Master Class Attendee

“Roy is right to the point. He gives precise and tangible information and professional writing advice. He gave precise information on how to obtain complimentary travel press trips—the most comprehensive information I have ever heard. I would recommend this program to travel writers, whether a novice writer or someone like me looking to “kick it up a notch”. This course is outstanding.”

-- Noreen Kompanik, 2016 Seattle Travel Writer’s Workshop Attendee

Sorry, registration is closed for the 2023 Marketing Master Class for Travel Writers

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