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PitchTravelWrite Marketing Tips for Travel Writers, Issue #001 -- Pitch Before You Write
June 18, 2013


I hope this finds you healthy, happy and traveling to exciting new places. As we move into the summer season, travel planning is at the top of my list of things to do, and I hope it’s on your list, too.

In this newsletter I have plenty of new stuff to share:
1. June Marketing Tip: Pitch Before You Write
2. Upcoming Travel Writing Courses
3. A Place for Your Questions (and Answers)
4. A Travel Writing Career

June Marketing Tip:

Pitch Before You Write

One of the most common questions that aspiring writers ask: “Should I write my article first and then send a query to the magazine editors, or should I query my story to the editor first and then write the article?”

The answer: Query first!

Beginners should always query their story idea to an editor before writing their article. In other words, your sales pitch comes first. The reason is simple—what if no one buys the article? If no one buys the article, you’ve spent a day or two writing your story with nothing to show for it. It’s hanging there in article limbo and you’ve just wasted two days of your time - which you can never take back.

As a new writer, it’s more difficult to sell your articles than it is for seasoned writers. The success rate for newbies is going to be lower. So it is very important, if you are a beginning writer, that you write your query letter to magazine editors before writing the article - or you may become very disappointed early in the game.

Is there ever a time when you can write an article with confidence that the editor will accept it for publication?

Yes, once you have developed a sound relationship with an editor by delivering good copy before deadline, and established trust with that editor (this can take a long time - even years), you might be able to write first without querying. But this is exceptional, and editors often leave one job and move on to other magazines, leaving you with a new editor to “break in”. So then you have to start from scratch again with the new editor.

Always query your story first.

You can learn more about creating a good sales pitch and how to successfully sell your freelance travel articles in my digital manual Marketing Your Magazine Articles: Inside Secrets of a Successful Freelance Writer. To learn more click here.

Travel Writing Courses

If you’re looking for a travel writing course to kick start your new career, I can highly recommend the AWAI Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop, coming up in Boston, MA in August. This is that same workshop that I attended in 2007 that got me on a fast track to success.

This year I’ll be one of the speakers at the AWAI workshop in Boston, so you’ll get to meet me in person if you decide to attend. Make sure you introduce yourself to me while you’re there! Learn more about the Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop.

Maybe you're not sure what kind of course is best for you. If you’re trying to figure out whether a live workshop, an online course, or a DIY – work at your own pace - course is best for you, I wrote an article about what to look for in a valuable course. Here's my take on travel writing courses along with some recommendations.

Ask a Question - Find an Answer

I’ve posted a Contact Page on my website for people to send in questions. The questions and answers will be posted to an FAQ page.

I’m a big believer in sharing the answers to good questions. If you have a question going through your head, probably someone else has the same question.

Keep checking my website to read new questions and to find the answers to the ones you send in. Your questions will be posted anonymously. I won’t use your name.

A Travel Writing Career

Everyone is always asking me how I got started in travel writing so I’ve posted a page to reveal my story. If you’re one of those curious people, you can read my story here.
Please feel free to share this newsletter with friends or anyone who may be interested in travel writing.

That’s all for now.

Until next month, you keep pitching....

Roy Stevenson, Pitch Travel Write

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