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September 02, 2013
Greetings Writers!

I hope this finds you healthy, happy and traveling to exciting new places.

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September Marketing Tip:

How to Diversity and Thrive with your Travel Writing

I’ve just got back from Boston, where I was a guest speaker at the Ultimate Travel Writers Workshop, hosted by the American Writers & Artists Inc. Over 100 aspiring travel writers attended this three-day workshop to learn the nuts and bolts of travel writing. My presentation was about “How to Use Niche Markets All Over the World To Sell More and Work Less”.

I told the newbie writers about how to write in multiple genres to sell more articles.

Why do I strongly advocate that travel writers become prolific in so many different areas? Here are 3 big reasons:

1. Editors are more likely to assign topics to a versatile writer.

Editors are impressed with a writer that can produce good copy on a wide variety of topics.

If you look at my writer’s website ( you’ll notice that I list a variety of genres in my portfolio. Besides travel stories, I also write about beer, wine, food, all things military, track and field, classic cars, gold mining history, luxury lodges, fitness & health and much more.

All of these topics are interesting to me. If you made a list of your interests – beyond travel – what would it look like? I’m sure it would be different than mine.

2. Versatile writers get published more frequently in a wider variety of (specialty) magazines and newspapers, and obviously make more money.

If you can write comfortably in multiple genres, your potential for being published increases in tandem with the number of topics you can write about.

My work has been published in more than 180 different magazines, newspapers, in-flights, onboard magazines, and online travel magazines. This sheer variety is a clear indicator that I live by this rule - and it works!

3. Best of all, your chances of getting accepted for Press Trips increase significantly because you write in so many different genres.

Because I regularly contribute to a long list of genres, today I’m in the enviable position of being able to pick and choose my press trips. I can usually find something to write about on any press trip itinerary. And — as you probably know — if you have those all-important assignments, you get the cool press trips.

“One note” travel writers are limited to writing general roundup stories, in magazines that only publish general roundup stories.

"Versatile" travel writers can produce a huge variety of stories and publications, which greatly increases their chances of being accepted for press trips.

If you want to sell more stories, get more press trips, and make more money - your goal is to diversify and be a versatile travel writer.


How can you diversify your travel writing to enhance your bylines and improve your chances of going on press trips?


1. List all of your interests on a piece of paper.
2. For each area of interest, list some topics you’d like to write about in each of them.
3. Then send out your query letters to magazines in those genres. It’s likely that these are the same magazines that you read and subscribe to on a regular basis because these are your areas of interest.

Before you know it you’ll have multiple assignments in a number of genres.

It’s that easy!

Ask Roy

A few weeks ago I added a Contact Form on my website for people to submit their questions. I answer these questions on my “Travel Writing Tips Q&A" page.

If you have a travel writing related question, please use the link above (or on my website) and I'll post an answer within a few days.

Please share this newsletter with friends, family or anyone who may be interested in travel writing and can benefit from some free marketing information.

That’s all for now.

Until next month, you keep pitching....


Roy Stevenson, Pitch Travel Write

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