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Issue #273: When In Doubt About A Magazine – Pitch It!
September 23, 2019
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Editorial: When In Doubt About A Magazine – Pitch It!

I'm standing on the Buddha bridge at BaNa Hills in this photo. BaNa Hills is a popular tourist destination just a short drive outside of Danang.

We didn't visit this place until we had already been here for 2 years because we assumed it was too touristy and we wouldn't like it. We completely ignored the place.

Finally, based on a recommendation from some friends, we decided to visit. Still, we had low expectations and thought enjoying the place was a long shot.

But guess what? We loved it and had a fabulous day out.

Novice writers make a similar error. They overthink the magazines that might be interested in their story. More to the point, they make assumptions about which magazines might not be interested and they leave them off their list. They don't pitch the long shots.

Practically every novice writer does this and even some veteran writers do this, too. And it costs them published articles.

Sometimes I’ve added “long shot” magazines to my pitch list. When I pitched the story idea, I thought the editor wouldn’t go for it. But I fired out the query anyway.

Guess what happened? Several times the editors of those “long shot” magazines replied they would love the story!

The ultimate irony is that some editors I was sure would go for my story idea didn’t. The “sure thing” editors didn’t pan out.

The fact is, you need to pitch every magazine on your list that is aimed at your story idea. You'll never know who is interested in your story. So, please - go ahead and send your query to every magazine on your list, even if you think it only has a remote chance.

Use your common sense, though.

For example, there’s no point pitching a family budget travel story to a luxury travel magazine, or vice versa. And there’s no point pitching a story about an inland destination to ‘Islands’ or ‘Coastal Living’ Magazines. You would target inland regional and state magazines instead. 

But if a magazine is a “maybe” - don’t overthink it. Don't make assumptions. Go ahead and pitch it. It only takes a few minutes of your time. And the results might surprise you!

This Week's Featured Post

Ten Things About Me You Didn’t Know

This post is meant to welcome our many new subscribers, give them a little background about me, and to take a break and publish something less serious. Here are 10 things about me that you probably don’t know.

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- Did you know that I have a real life superpower?

You’ll find the answers to these intriguing questions — and more — in this fascinating post.


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