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Issue #275: Experiment With & Create Your Own Sales System
October 07, 2019
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Editorial: Experiment With & Create Your Own Sales System

For my first couple of years in travel writing I was pitching and writing several articles each week for print magazines. I was not yet mixing in travel writing circles at conferences and press trips, so I had no basis of comparison to know whether I was being successful or not.

During my third year of freelancing, I attended a travel writing conference in the Pacific Northwest. At the conference a veteran travel writer on a panel was boasting, very proudly, that she had been published in 100 magazines, over her 20 year writing career.

“What’s the big deal about that? It only took me 25 months to get published in 100 magazines,” I thought to myself.

When I shared this thought with the 5 people at my table, one of the guys said, “Bull—t”. The rest of them stared at me like I was from Mars.

So, I showed them my long list of published articles and bylines on my computer. Up until then, I had thought that everyone was selling one, two, three, or even four articles every week like me.

Then everyone at my table started asking me how I had managed to get published so much. And it occurred to me for the first time that what I was doing was quite noteworthy.

The second “aha” moment was when I purchased a book on breaking into travel writing. The author, a successful travel writer, had been writing for one year longer than me and had 78 magazine bylines to her name.

I’d been writing for one year less than her and had 650 bylines to my name.

A quick calculation told me she only had 8% of the number of published articles that I had, yet she was still considered successful.

Again, that tipped me off that I was doing something right.

I realized I had evolved a sales & marketing system that worked better than either of these two writers. I’d taken a bunch of sales techniques and reworked them into a logical sequence that made sense to me and reaped great rewards.

That’s what I write about on It’s a place where you can find lots of free content and learn my process about how to get published more prolifically.

But here’s the moral of the story:

Never be afraid to experiment with your own sales ideas. Don’t believe that there’s only one way to succeed. While you’re learning, copy what other successful freelance writers are doing until you come up with your own system.

Tweak traditional sales techniques and other people’s systems. Evolve a system of your own that works consistently for you.

This Week's Featured Post

Travel Writing Tips: Working with Editors Successfully

This post addresses eight questions writers have asked about working with editors. Here are a few:

- How long should I wait to hear back from an editor?
- Who do I contact for letters of assignment?
- Should I negotiate pay with magazine editors?
- What if my bylines are nothing to brag about?

Here are my answers to these questions to help you work more successfully with editors.

Read the article for all eight questions and my answers …


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Featured Books of the Month: The Beginner's 3-Pack for Travel Writers

If you're just getting started in travel writing, try our Beginner's 3-Pack — the perfect way to kick-off your travel writing career. 

Buying the bundle gives you a discount off individual book prices and includes:

The Complete Guide to Query Letters 
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50 Websites That Want to Publish Your Travel Stories 
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