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PitchTravelWrite Marketing Tips for Travel Writers, Issue #002 -- How to Sell More Articles
July 05, 2013

I hope this finds you healthy, happy and traveling to exciting new places.

I can’t believe it’s already July. I’m traveling around Europe this month doing my annual European track & field meets, and touring through quite a few new places in Germany, Wales and France. And I’m writing about everything that I’m doing. It’s a great life!

In this newsletter:
- July Marketing Tip: How to Sell More Articles
- Travel Writing Workshop in August
- Make Your Vacation Pay for Itself

July Marketing Tip:

How to Sell More Articles

Many beginning freelance travel writers are under the impression that their success will depend entirely on their writing skills. The reality is that writing well is a relatively minor part of the freelance equation.

It’s all about marketing.

If you can’t sell your articles you won’t make it as a writer—it’s as simple as that. Therefore, much of your time and focus should be dedicated to marketing your articles. I spend about 50% of my time on marketing tasks and when I was just starting out that number was more like 80%.

One of the most important things I’ve learned about selling my stories is to send out queries to multiple magazine editors at the same time. This is known as “simultaneous submissions”.

Traditionally, writers sent out one query to one editor and waited for a reply. If it didn’t sell to the first editor then the writer would try another editor, and so on until the story sold. Maybe this used to work, but it doesn’t work these days. In fact, your writing will die a slow and painful death if you do it this way. It’s soul-destroying for the writer.

It’s far more time efficient to send your query out to all of the editors on your distribution list at the same time.

If you do this you won’t have to undergo the protracted agony of continuously pitching the same query month after month. And once you’ve finished that task you’re free to move on to selling your next story.

I’ve sent out as few as five queries simultaneously to magazines, and as many as fifty. On average, I send out ten to twenty queries at the same time for most stories, just to give you an idea of my process.

Your goal is to sell your article at least once, and preferably multiple times (more about this in the August newsletter) to maximize the time you have put into writing the article.

Do editors mind that you are sending out simultaneous queries? Who knows, but these days they realize that if they want an article they better respond quickly – or their competitor will get it instead.

Always send out simultaneous queries to sell more articles and maximize your time.

Travel Writing Courses

Just a reminder for those of you wanting to launch your travel writing career, the AWAI Ultimate Travel Writing Workshop is coming up August 22-24, 2013, in Boston, Massachusetts. This is the workshop that launched my career in travel writing, so I can highly recommend it.

This year I will be speaking at the workshop and participating in panel discussions with other travel writers. If you’re planning to attend, drop me a note and let me know you’ll be there!

Learn more about the Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop.

Make Your Vacation Pay for Itself

Summer is when everyone travels – and it’s also when you’re likely to pay premium prices no matter where you go.
The life of a travel writer can help defray some or all of the costs of your travel – even when you’re “on vacation”. I wrote a special report that tells you a variety of ways to make your vacation pay for itself.

The “Free and Low Cost Travel” special report will open your eyes to the many possibilities available to help defray the costs of any trip – just by writing about your trip and getting it published in print or online.

If you don’t know how to go about getting paid to travel, the Free and Low Cost Travel Special Report will tell you how. Learn more here ....

Ask a Question - Find an Answer

I’ve posted a Contact Page on my website for people to send in questions. The questions and answers will be posted to an FAQ page.
I’m a big believer in sharing the answers to good questions. If you have a question going through your head, probably someone else has the same question.

Keep checking my website to read new questions and to find the answers to the ones you send in. Your questions will be posted anonymously. I won’t use your name.

Please share this newsletter with friends, family or anyone who may be interested in travel writing and can benefit from some free marketing information.
That’s all for now.

Until next month, you keep pitching....

Roy Stevenson, Pitch Travel Write

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