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Issue #237: Why Write for Free?
January 07, 2019
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

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Happy 2019!

We brought in the new year in Danang, Vietnam. The Vietnamese celebrated the New Year with fireworks and many took New Year’s Day off. Then, life goes on apace. The streets buzz with motorcycles and motor scooters as the locals ride to work wearing winter jackets over their hotel or spa uniforms. We often see mom, dad, and two kids on one motorcycle. Low budget SUVs!

The “sunglass ladies” never take a day off. They’re always walking up and down the streets, bearing large pieces of plywood (about 3 feet by 2 feet), hanging from a strap over their shoulder, offering dozens of pairs of sunglasses, neatly arranged in plastic-wrap.

The “fruit ladies” also zip up and down our streets on motorcycles. Their wide baskets have assorted mangos, pineapples, durian, pomelos, and other exotic fruits we don’t recognize.

The new year always excites me! I know it’s just another week on the calendar, but I like starting each year off with a clean slate, some new travel writing goals, and a plan to accomplish those goals.

I’m sure most of you are having similar thoughts.

More than half of our newsletter readers are unpublished travel writing novices. You want to take those first steps and get your first bylines to gain bylines, credibility, and confidence.

Another 25% of our subscribers have accumulated a modest list of bylines, mainly online. With most stories unpaid, or only a modest payout, you’re anxious to expand your publications, break into print media and get paid for your work. And you want to learn how to get some complimentary travel from your writing assignments.

The remaining 25% of our followers have been published online and in print media, and been paid for some of your work. You want to get your travel stories more consistently into paying print media and work the complimentary travel angle more for press trips and free travel.

We can help you achieve your travel writing goals for 2019. That’s what we do!

Registration opens this week for our 2019 Travel Writing and Marketing Master Class.

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This Week's Featured Post

Why Write for Free? Here's my take on this controversial issue

Should you write for free?  All travel writers, at some time during their writing career, struggle with the contentious issue of whether they should write articles for free.   We’ve all received emails back from editors along these lines, “We love your proposed article idea, but want you to know up front that we do not pay for contributions to our magazine. If you are still interested in submitting your story, we’ll be happy to look at it.”

What?  Do you mean that some magazines don’t pay their writers for their work?  

Sadly, this practice is far more widespread than you can imagine. In my experience over a number of years, I have received some benefits from writing articles for free.  Some of these benefits are direct, others indirect. 

To help you decide on your own policy, here’s my take on when you might want to consider writing for free.


Freelancers Can Learn A Lot From Each Other

I’m plugged into the freelance writing field and am always interested in who’s emerging from the churning talent pool.

One impressive freelancer I’ve been noticing lately is Lindy Alexander, from Australia. To say she’s broken into this challenging arena is like Sir Edmund Hilary, the first man to climb Mount Everest, saying it was just a small hill.

Lindy has, almost from the start, met with remarkable success. She’s racking up notable bylines—and just as importantly—a significant income. Read on to see how much—it’ll blow you away!

Lindy and I have a few things in common. Within one week of taking a course on feature writing for magazines and newspapers, she had an article commissioned. Since then she says, “I haven’t looked back”. This recalls my first week of freelancing, back in August 2007, when two paying magazines commissioned my stories.

Lindy’s bylines include Sunday Life, The Guardian, Good Food, The Sydney Morning Herald, Modern Farmer, and Jetstar magazine, to name but a few.

Lindy also believes in writing, as I do, in diverse genres and writing fields. She does a lot of copywriting for various associations and corporations. And with her travel writing, Lindy’s scoring glamorous press trips to places like Northern Queensland, Vietnam, Thailand, and Fiji.

While Lindy’s rapid emergence is impressive, her most spectacular achievement is her six-figure income. In the 2018 calendar year, Lindy earned $120K of commissioned work. Not too shabby for a writer who has only been in the game for six years and who works part time!

Lindy produces a well-written free weekly blog, The Freelancer’s Year, about what she’s earning and how she’s doing it, sparing no gory details. And like me, Lindy coaches other writers.

I follow Lindy’s blog diligently, and am always picking up take-home messages, large and small, that will help me on my freelance writing journey. I strongly recommend you subscribe to her weekly blog too. You can subscribe here: Link to The Freelancers Year

While you’re there, read some of Lindy’s posts. They’re timely, interesting and always have good solid practical information and writing tips and strategies, including mistakes she’s made along the way.

Recently when I contacted Lindy, I was tickled pink to learn she’s been following my weekly PitchTravelWrite newsletters for a few years. She reads them faithfully and I’m honored by this.

Lindy Alexander gets it. She’s always thinking, learning, reading, writing, pitching, press tripping, and moving steadily up the freelance writing totem pole. You can learn more about Lindy’s inspiring achievements at her website

There’s always something new to learn in freelance writing. In fact, the day we think we know it all is the day our freelance writing career starts declining.

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Inspirational Travel Quote of the Week

Featured Book of the Month: The Beginner's Bundle

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100 Print Magazines That Want To Publish Your Travel Articles - 
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This book is also packed with expert advice to help you use the magazine listings to your best advantage, to save you time, and get published more often.

50 Websites That Want To Publish Your Travel Stories - 
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Buy the Beginner's Pack bundle and save 10% off the individual prices of the books!


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