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Issue #286: What are Your Travel Writing Goals for 2020?
January 06, 2020
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers!

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Editorial: Happy New Year and New Decade!

The New Year always excites me. I know it’s just another week on the calendar, but I like starting each year off with a clean slate, setting new travel writing goals, and creating a plan to accomplish those goals.

I’m sure most of you are having similar thoughts.

We can help you achieve your travel writing goals for 2020. That’s what we do! Here’s what you can do to launch, or relaunch, your travel writing career in 2020 . . . 

Write down your travel writing goals for 2020.
Do you want to get your first article published in paying print media? Or, maybe you want to step it up a notch and start getting published regularly, every month. Whatever your goals – write them down.

Read up on travel writing & freelance writing techniques.
Visit and read any articles that can help you. We suggest two or three articles each day.

Read and study the travel articles in your favorite top shelf glossy travel magazine.

Where do you plan to go this year?
Write down your 2020 travel itinerary.

Once you have your travel itinerary, dream up some travel story ideas to pitch in 2020.

None of these steps take very long. And if you do them, you’ll be way ahead of the game for 2020!

Our 2020 Travel Plans

On our 2020 travel docket we’re taking a two-week trip in January to Myanmar for Roy’s visa run. We’ll visit Mandalay, Bagan and Inle Lake.

In May we’re visiting Sa Pa with one of our Vietnamese friends. It’s a romantic tourist town in North Vietnam, tucked away among mountain ranges, sprinkled with waterfalls, caves, bamboo forests, exotic markets, and cultural villages.

In June we’ll be in New Orleans, Louisiana, hosting our two flagship travel writing workshops (see details below), followed by some travel around the U.S. We’ll be researching several travel writing assignments and visiting Linda’s ancestral home in Ohio.

In October, we’ll take some time to revisit Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s largest city for Linda’s visa run. And we’ll be back in Hoi An, Vietnam for our Travel Writing & Photography Retreat in December.

That’s what we’ve planned so far. Who knows what other travel will materialize as we progress through the year.

Where are you going in 2020? We hope to see you in New Orleans in June or in Vietnam in December.

We had a very successful Travel Writing & Photography Retreat in December.

The participants in our mid-December Travel Writing & Photography Retreat have now returned safely to the U.S. While they were here they each wrote a travel story about Hoi An. Everyone in the group came up with really stellar story ideas. Now they’re preparing to sell the articles they wrote and they each have an excellent chance of selling their stories.

It was a great group and we had good times in class; at our cooking class, touring the World Heritage city of Hoi An, going out on photo shoots and dining out in some of the town’s finest restaurants.

We want to thank everyone who attended the retreat for your active participation in all the activities - even the silly ones. We had a blast!

Coming in 2020

Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, New Orleans, June 7-10, 2020. This year we’re giving you the opportunity to take this exciting, interactive & informative course in the U.S.

This unique destination writer’s retreat includes creative travel writing and photography workshops. You'll learn and practice the skills you need to be a successful travel writer including numerous tips to make quick improvements to your writing.

You'll also learn how to produce quality photographs that editors will love. You’ll practice by making a photo gallery while you’re in New Orleans to help you sell and tell your story.  By the end of the four days you'll have a completed draft story with photos - ready to pitch to an editor!

Our popular Travel Writing and Marketing Master Class will follow after the Retreat on June 12-14, 2020, also in New Orleans. 

In this exclusive program we'll explore, in detail, every single step of my travel writing, pitching and selling strategy.  It's only offered once a year. If you want to learn how to break into travel writing, sell your stories to reputable paying print magazines, and get paid - you NEED to take this course!

If you haven’t taken our workshops, you can take both workshops, back-to-back, in New Orleans. You’ll spend the first 4 days working on your writing craft and then you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to sell your stories in the last 3 days of the week. It’s the complete package!

To ensure a personal, quality experience for everyone, registrations will be limited to the first 10 people to sign up for the Retreat, and the first 25 people to sign up for the Master Class.

New Orleans ranks as the most unique city in the U.S, so it will be an inspirational backdrop and give our participants lots of travel story ideas to work with during the retreat. We’ll spend time writing about New Orleans & learning ways to improve your writing craft.

We’ll offer our international Travel Writing & Photography Retreat in December in Vietnam. There’s nothing like being in the World’s Best City while taking the Retreat and enjoying this UNESCO world heritage site.

We’ll have more details for you in the coming weeks as we finalize hotel details, but here are the tentative dates. Mark your calendar NOW!

- Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, New Orleans, June 7-10, 2020

- Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class, New Orleans, June 12-14, 2020

- Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, Vietnam, December 6-12, 2020

If you want to get on our workshop interest list, you can sign up here. We’ll send you workshops updates when we finalize the details.

Workshops in 2020 - Interest List Signup

Group Coaching

Many of you have also asked when we’re going to offer group coaching. We’re planning to make it affordable, fun, helpful and productive for you. We'll be releasing the final details soon. Stay tuned!

Our BRAND NEW group coaching program will be limited to the first 25 registrants. Only people on the interest list will receive early signup privileges and discounts.

Click here to get on the Group Coaching Interest List

This Week's Featured Post

How To Quickly Launch Your Travel Writing Career

Travel writing courses will accelerate your travel writing career, especially if you don’t have a writing background.  Many people become travel writers after spending years in a different profession.  

Aspiring travel writers often assume you need a degree in journalism or fine arts.  Or, you might think you need coursework in creative writing or English literature. These assumptions are not necessarily correct.  

Although travel writers would certainly benefit from credentials in journalism or creative writing, they’re not necessary. I don’t have any formal academic writing qualifications and yet I've sold more than 1,000 articles to 200+ magazines.

I know other successful travel writers with previous careers in corporate marketing, the military, public relations, nursing, sales, accounting, plant maintenance, and pretty near every other occupation. 

Just because you have no formal education in journalism doesn’t mean you can’t be a successful travel writer. But, you do need to be a capable writer to sell your stories and get paid for your work. 

If you’re looking for good introductory travel writing courses, this post will show you where to find them and what to look for. With the right courses you can become a capable writer and get published.


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Inspirational Travel Quote



If you can’t sell your travel stories, you don’t get to write them.

My guide shows you EVERYTHING you need to know about selling your travel articles.

My manual, The Complete Guide to Marketing and Selling Your Travel Articles tells you how to select saleable story ideas, how to write first class query letters, how to pitch your ideas the right way, how to find magazines that will be interested in buying your story, and how you can start selling your travel articles to magazines immediately and reap the fantastic travel benefits.

Here’s what professional travel writer, Mike Gerrard, said in his review of my marketing manual:

“I bought this book direct from the author's website and even though I'm a full-time travel writer myself, I learned a heck of a lot from it. We all have our weak spots, and mine is definitely pitching and writing query letters. This book pushed me into action, showed me lots of the author's own query letters that worked, and has now given me a 'to do' list for pitches I want to send. Just reading it reminded me of trips I've done in the last year or two that I could sell more pieces from, and also stuff that's on my own doorstep that I could and should be pitching.

Whether you're a professional or a complete beginner, I highly recommend this book.”
-Mike Gerrard

Learn more and buy the book

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