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Issue #243: Creating a Sense of Place in Your Travel Articles
February 18, 2019
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We’ve just got back from 5 days in the northern part of New Zealand, first staying with my brother John in Whangarei, and then with my niece, Emily, at the renowned surfing beach in Ngunguru.

Ngunguru is one of a series of perfect Kiwi beaches, each separated by a few miles of bush-clad hills and steep winding roads. New Zealanders bring their families here for a week or two during the summer for beach camping, swimming, surfing, picnics and barbecues. My hour-long swim in the warm and wild surf at Woolley’s Bay brought back great memories of my youth in New Zealand. We’re currently at my nephew's lake house on the shores of Lake Rotoehu, one of the Central North Island’s 18 pristine lakes. Adam’s house is tucked away in a small lakeside community surrounded on three sides by towering hills clad in a thick mantle of green native New Zealand flora.

It’s a quiet little hamlet with only a couple of dozen holiday homes, and Linda and I have this place to ourselves for the next few days. Yesterday Adam took us all out for a spin in his boat on Lake Rotoma. We cruised around the coastline of this gorgeous, clear lake, formed millions of years ago by a massive volcanic explosion, much like Oregon’s Crater Lake.

We return to Auckland on Wednesday to stay with my best friend and then my niece before we fly home to Vietnam.

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I hope to see you in Seattle!

Roy Stevenson


“I cannot say enough about how valuable this workshop has been. Roy is a wealth of knowledge and just a joy to work with! I love his enthusiasm, encouragement and passion for helping new travel writers.”
- Pam Baker, Master Class Attendee, April 2018


This Week's Featured Post

Creating a Sense of Place in Your Travel Articles

The essence of good travel writing is to give your readers a sense of place by revealing its ambiance as if they were there, experiencing it.  The trick is to write imaginatively enough to paint pictures with your words.

Most people read travel articles as a form of escapism.  So your words need to be easy to follow and your descriptions succinct.  People don't want to work hard reading your stories.  Your readers want to feel the atmosphere of a place without choking on overused or non-descript words.

There are a few techniques that are particularly effective in helping your reader feel a sense of place, and they all have to do with carefully choosing your words. 

Here are four tips to make your articles more unique and enjoyable for your readers:


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