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Issue #236: Twelve Query Letter Mistakes & How to Fix Them
December 17, 2018
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

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It’s been a fun year as Linda and I continue with our long-stay travel through S.E. Asia. Here's our 2018 recap:

We've been at at our home base in Da Nang, Vietnam for two years! Our community in the An Thuong tourist district is like a village and we socialize every day with our local & expat friends.

Our apartment is only three blocks from the famous 6-mile long My Khe Beach (aka China Beach), frequented by locals and tourists alike. Linda makes the most of beach walks several days a week, and sometimes I join her – especially if there’s the promise of a meal at one of the beachside resorts along the way.

In late January we traveled to Bali, Indonesia, on assignment for some luxury travel websites and magazines. Our mission: stay at ten high end luxury resorts and villas then report back on our experiences. For one opulent month we lived like rock stars!

April brought us back to Seattle. Here, we hosted our third annual Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class. I love teaching the enthusiastic attendees everything I know about marketing and selling freelance travel stories. And it was fun catching up with my friends in Seattle.

From Seattle, we popped over to Ohio to stay with Linda’s sister at their ancestral home. We squeezed in a road trip to Auburn, Indiana, to tour the renowned Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum, on assignment for a classic car magazine. A couple of days later I flew east to Boston to tour the Larz Anderson Automobile Museum on another classic car assignment.

We visited the ancient World Heritage town of Hoi An in June and September. Even though it’s only a half-hour drive from Danang, it’s very different. This is where we decided to host our Travel Writing & Photography Retreat. We booked meeting rooms, planned our group dinners, and organized various tours around town.

In late September we flew to Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia for a visa run. We also assessed its’ potential for a future long stay. Well settled by expats, Georgetown is very much on the digital nomad map.

We love Georgetown because of its unique Nyonya cuisine. Known in Penang as Jawi Peranakan, it’s a delicious blend of Chinese, Malay, Indian and Thai flavors. (Peranakans are the Straights Chinese who settled in Malaysia, Singapore and a few other places in SE Asia.)

Last week we ended the year with a bang at our Travel Writing and Photography Retreat in Hoi An, Vietnam, with nine aspiring and published writers. Our goal was to help our travel writers bring life to their stories and bring their stories to life.

Every morning we held class sessions on travel writing and travel photography. In the afternoons and evenings we explored this fascinating ancient city and enjoyed the ambiance of this magical place.

Our Retreat writers learned the trade secrets for writing a good travel story. A few of the topics we covered included how to develop their story angles to make them marketable, how to craft compelling ledes, how to write active stories, and how to make their travel writing more descriptive.

Travel photography was another highlight of the retreat, with tips on how to create a sense of place through images, and techniques on how to improve their photos so editors will love them. Our morning and evening photo shoots helped everyone practice these techniques while basking in Hoi An's vibrance.

But it wasn’t all work and no play! Mid-week we had a private cooking class with Miss Lulu at Vy's Market & Cooking School. We learned to prepare five different Vietnamese dishes, most of them Hoi An specialties. Eating the food we prepared was a big hit - it tasted delicious! We ended our cooking lesson by preparing a bananas flambé dessert with coconut milk and rum. Yum! (Image of Miss Lulu photo credit: Deb Sittko)

It rained most of the week at our Travel Writing and Photography Retreat, but our intrepid travel writers were up to the challenge. They simply donned some fashionable rain gear and ventured out into the puddles with a positive attitude. Everyone had a fantastic time.

There’s never a dull moment as a travel writer!

What travel do you have planned for 2019?

What travel stories are you going to pitch in 2019?

This is our last ezine for 2018. We’ll be back on January 7th, 2019.

Enjoy the holiday season and Happy New Year!

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This Week's Featured Post

Twelve Query Letter Mistakes & How to Fix Them

A successful query takes your compelling story idea, your solid writing background, and persuasive prose and convinces the editor that you have what it takes to provide an exciting and interesting story for the readers. 

A query letter can showcase your very best side to an editor. But if you make query letter mistakes it shows your worst side instead. Being a few inches off the mark with your query is as bad as missing the target completely. 

If you’re a beginning freelance writer, this list of query letter mistakes will help ensure you won’t develop bad habits and make common beginner errors.

READ THE ARTICLE: Twelve Query Letter Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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