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Issue #284: What Memorable People Do You Meet on Travel Writing Assignments?
December 09, 2019
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Editorial: Our 2019 Travel Writing & Photography Retreat Has Begun!

Yesterday, five U.S. travel writers & photographers descended on Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage City of Hoi An. These writers are participating in our week-long Travel Writing & Photography Retreat, from December 8-14.

Last night’s meet & greet was good fun, making new friends and reuniting with old ones. Janet De Acevedo Macdonald and her husband, Ian, are here for their second year in Hoi An.

We’ll be working and playing all week. Class time will be five mornings this week from 9 am - Noon. Afternoons and evenings are free to write, relax and explore this historic town. And we'll go out for two photo shoots to collect images for our articles and capture the essence of Hoi An.

Hoi An boasts a finely-honed tourist machine. Plenty to do here, ranging from cycling tours around the countryside to visiting a pottery village. You can row in a basket boat through a nipa palm forest, or take a workshop and learn how to make lanterns or noodles. You can take a sunset boat trip on the Thu Bon River, have foot & body massages, and do some souvenir shopping. And gorgeous little coffee shops and restaurants are everywhere. Mid-week we’ll break from writing for a cooking class. The class includes a boat trip down the Thu Bon River with our chef to the bustling local market, then we’ll learn how to prepare 5 Vietnamese dishes like mango salad with prawns, Banh Xeo (crispy pancakes with pork, prawns & bean sprouts), white rose dumplings, and other local delicacies.

We also have two group dinners. And at the end of the week each of the participants will share their article with the group and show the photos that go with it.

But, it’s not all work. We’ll play, too, and have some fun posing for photos with the group tasked with a “banana shirt” challenge. And we’ve got prizes for these activities.

Our base for the week is the luxurious five-star Hotel Royal Hoi An - can’t wait to enjoy the Royal’s breakfast buffet. It’s one of the best I’ve ever seen.

We’ll post photos with an update in next week’s newsletter.

(Photo: By Deb Sittko)

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This Week's Featured Post

The Memorable People You Meet On Travel Writing Assignments

Let's face it, it's the people you meet on your assignments that make travel writing rewarding. Engaging with new people is one of the best perks. And including people in your story is an important technique to make your article more interesting.

The more articles you write, the more people you’ll get to meet. And I've encountered a wide variety of people, having more than 1,000 published bylines.

Here are a few of the people I’ve met on writing assignments, in no particular order. If you’re just breaking into travel writing, maybe this will inspire you. If you're a veteran - who are the people you've met that are unforgettable?


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Featured Book of the Month: Rock Star Travel Writers

Have you ever wondered how travel writers manage to get their stories published in the top shelf travel magazines?

Our book, Rock Star Travel Writers, reveals—through a series of in-depth interviews—insider tips, tricks, and secrets that leading travel journalists use to land assignments in the most prominent travel glossies, and be paid well for their efforts.

I wish I had this information when I started out on my travel writing journey! If I’d known, early in my career, what the successful travel writers were doing to get published in top flight magazines, this knowledge would have sped up my entry into this competitive field.

This stellar lineup of highly respected travel journalists offers excellent practical advice and encouragement to help you move up the travel writing food chain.

And, for the novices reading this book, I’ve included a special section about four “Budding Rock Star Travel Writers”. These budding rock stars are starting to consistently accumulate paying print bylines. They’re already picking off some impressive publications. They’re poised to move up into the travel writing big leagues—it’s only a matter of time.

For the novice writers reading this, the budding rock stars are only a few steps ahead of you! It can be done - and you can read all about it in Rock Star Travel Writers.


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