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Issue #81: My 5-Step Pitching Process from Start to Finish
September 28, 2015
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

I’d like to welcome the dozens of new travel writers and bloggers who have signed up for this weekly e-Zine over the past few weeks. I was lucky enough to meet some of you in person at Travel Massive in Seattle, and many more at the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop in Denver.

Welcome aboard, y’all!

I think you’ll find this newsletter and my website,, valuable resources for your travel writing and blogging.

For those of you who persevere with this rewarding occupation, you will be thrilled to see your bylines in cool magazines, travel websites and blogs. Good luck!

Here’s an invitation to those of you with travel websites or blogs:

Drop an email to us at this link with the subject line “Travel Blogger”. We’ll send you a survey and profile you in a future issue of this ezine and on our website on the “Travel Bloggers” page. This gives you a chance to introduce your blog to our readers, and for our readers to follow the links back to your site.

Last Tuesday, I flew out to Virginia City, Nevada, on a three-day magazine assignment to visit some gold mining and tourist sights in this cool town.

I did the Historic Virginia City Walking Tour, took the Chollar and Ponderosa Mine Tours, and visited the Silver Terrace Cemetery, and the Marshall Mint Museum. I also visited the Comstock Gold Mill & History Center, The Way It Was Museum, and saw the Outlaws Wild West Comedy Show, and took the Virginia City Trolley Tour.

I even squeezed in some gold panning but sadly, did not strike it rich.

My thanks to Ronele Dotson of RAD Strategies PR, and Katie Demuth of Virginia City Tourism, for hosting me on this memorable press trip.

We had some email glitches in the past couple weeks. Our apologies to everyone who had trouble contacting me. And to those of you who let us know about the problem - thanks so much. Things should be working again.

This week’s e-Zine article is all about the pitching process. In fact, it’s my five-step pitching process - the one I’ve used to get so many articles published (just topped 1000 recently).

This article is for all new travel writers. And even if you’re primarily a blogger, if you’ve ever considered selling your travel stories to print magazines, this article will help you.

It guides you through the pitching process step-by-step and clarifies the different parts of this often-bungled process. I’ve included several links to related articles on related topics to provide additional help.


Featured Article:

My 5-Step Pitching Process from Start to Finish

When I first started travel writing, I had no idea about how to start pitching my stories to magazine editors. Completely lacking experience, I felt totally lost trying to figure out how to sell my stories.

If you’re a new travel writer, you’re probably in the same boat. So, for you novice travel writers out there, here is my five-step process for pitching travel story ideas to print magazines:

Continue reading the article ...

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That’s all for now.

Until next time, you keep pitching....


Roy Stevenson
Pitch Travel Write

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