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Issue #31: Can Social Media Help You Get Published?
October 06, 2014
Greetings Writers!

As you know, I attend quite a few writers’ conferences each year. The impact of social media on travel writing is one of the topics achieving greater focus in the past couple of years.

Some experts tout social media as the greatest thing since sliced bread. They claim social media can make you famous overnight. Excited magazine editors will feel compelled to call you and offer you assignments.

Wondering if this is true, I tested out this theory. So, the article this week is my take on social media. Will it generate travel-writing assignments for you? You’ll be surprised at what my experience and research reveal about this 500-pound gorilla.

Be sure to read the article through to the end. It will enlighten you, entertain you and answer the most important question: can it help you get assignments?

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Enjoy the article!

Travel Writing Tips: Can Social Media Help You Get Published?

Once, on a press trip with other travel writers in Washington State, I asked a twenty-something woman whether she thought social media could bring me more assignments from magazine editors.  Being responsible for social media for her region’s tourist department, her reply was: “Sure.  Everyone uses it, you should too”.

However, when pressed for proof that social media would bring me more work, she didn’t have anything to offer.

Since I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to peddle my stories, I decided to pursue this further and find out if social media could help travel writers get published.

I already had a LinkedIn and a Facebook account, so these are the ones I pursued first.  I started posting regularly on Facebook, and beefed up my LinkedIn account with details about my writing career.

Then, I sat back and waited for the assignments to roll in like a tsunami.  Instead, the results were more like a ripple in a tiny pond.

I thought maybe I did it all wrong, so I decided to take it a step further and do a little research.

I wondered, "Do Editors Use Social Media to Find Travel Writers?”

I asked several magazine and online e-zine editors if they have ever tracked down freelancers through social media to give them assignments.

The results were a mixed bag. Here's what they said:

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Roy Stevenson
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