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Issue #230: Is This Press Trip Worth Your Time?
November 05, 2018
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Editorial: Our Da Nang Resort Village Life

Sometimes Linda and I just have to put everything aside and take the time to appreciate our sweet life in Da Nang, Vietnam. We’ve got it pretty good here in the An Thuong Tourist District. It’s like living in a sprawling, loosely knit resort village. We’ve got lots of amenities in our neighborhood and life is easy.

Three mornings each week, at 8 a.m., a small tribe of young Vietnamese women takes over our apartment. They clean it, make the beds, and freshen the towels while we head to breakfast. Around 3 pm a basket full of our laundered and folded clothes appears in our apartment. Magical!

We have a choice of several places for breakfast. We might stop at my favorite place, Cohibar. It’s literally across the street - about 20 paces from our front door! If we’re in the mood for a breakfast buffet, we go next door to the EcoGreen Hotel ($4.30), or around the corner to the Avatar Hotel ($6).

There are at least 25 restaurants within a 5-minute walk from our apartment. This formidable choice of restaurants includes Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, Japanese, Hawaiian, burger joints, pizza parlors, pub food (bangers & mash), BBQ restaurants, a German sausage restaurant, and a Taiwanese Taco fusion place that sells the best tacos I’ve ever munched on.

When we’re in the mood for a Seafood blowout, we head to the Pullman Resort for their Sunday evening buffet extravaganza. We won’t starve here in Da Nang!

Coffee shops also abound in our neighborhood. With two or three coffee shops on every street nearby, we have a lot to choose from. Their décor ranges from rustic to upscale/modern, and from airy French colonial rooms with wicker furniture to garden cafes with little plastic seats.

Two or three times each week we go across the Han River to Elite Fitness, a beautiful new fitness center. At mid-morning, we’re usually the only ones there - it’s like having our own private fitness club. The personal trainers fall over each other to help us.

A couple days a week we swim at the sparkling new My An Sports Center pool, four blocks from our apartment. Here, we meet a mix of locals, and expats from Australia, the U.S., England, and other points of the compass.

Two mornings each week we walk to our local market, Cho Bac My An. I love these morning market jaunts because we have a progressive breakfast at the market.

Under a blue tarpaulin on a street corner, we each have a fried egg loaded with veggies and meat (1$), and then I pick up a Banh Mi (warm baguette filled with pate, roast pork, veggies, and gravy for 50 cents). Then, on to the juice lady’s counter where I wash my Banh Mi down with freshly blended carrot and pineapple juice ($1). On our way home, we stop at the upscale and friendly Six-On-Six Coffee Shop for some Java.

For my creature comforts, I walk 3 blocks to the Ocean Spa where Miss Youm gives me a pedicure ($3), a haircut ($3), and a relaxing one-hour foot massage ($8.60!).

In the evenings, we often stroll along the gorgeous My Khe Beach to catch the last rays of the day, watching the locals and tourists splashing in the water, playing in the sand, kicking soccer balls, or having a game of beach volleyball. Many Vietnamese people cover themselves in sand as some sort of health benefit, or they just sit and meditate on the warm sand.

We’ve become friends with many expats and locals here, and get together with them for coffee or dinner at least once each week. Life is good!

If you’re ever in Da Nang, we’ll be happy to meet up with you for coffee or a bite to eat. Be sure to email me in advance. I’m always happy to talk shop (or not) with travel writers and bloggers!

This Week's Featured Post

Is This Press Trip Worth Your Time? How to Make Press Trip Decisions

Whether or not to go on a press trip is and important decision for professional freelance writers who want to earn an income from their writing. It helps to have a policy to decide if it's worth the time away from your desk, before you commit to a press trip.   
 But how do you decide if it’s worth your time to go on a press trip?

I get invited on an average of one or two press trips each week.  I’d love to go on them all, and for a while, I did!  It’s really difficult to turn down an enticing press trip.

But press trips take up your time and energy.  You rarely get work done while you’re away. 

Here are four common scenarios that happen to most travel writers trying to make a living as a freelancer.  Each scenario will give you something to think about and help you decide how to handle it. There isn’t a right or wrong answer - and your decision might be different than mine. 

Consider these four scenarios - how would you handle them? Would you go on the press trip or turn it down?


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