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Issue #282: Instant Success in Travel Writing
November 25, 2019
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Editorial: Instant Success in Travel Writing

One of my favorite quotes from an accomplished travel writer and friend is, “I met with instant travel writing success after six years of constant rejections.”

To the novice travel writers I coach, success never comes as quickly as they hope. But, I have noticed that the writers who stick with it and keep pitching do meet with success. They eventually see their stories published in paying print media, and on reputable travel websites. Many of them score exciting press trips, fam tours, and other cool comps.

Expecting beginners to consistently get their travel stories published after only sending out a handful of queries is unrealistic. Receiving rejection letters is normal - and not just in our first year or two! Even veteran travel writers receive rejections. Fifty to sixty percent of their queries are turned down.

I haven't yet coached a writer who has broken through into freelance writing right from the start. For the first 6-12 months they have sporadic success with hit-or-miss results. It takes time to gain traction. 

What does it take to see your work published?
- excellent story ideas
- well-researched destinations with juicy details
- clearly written query letters - a sizable pitch list
- a continuous flow of pitches - “Just Keep Pitching” is my motto

If you do these things, you’ll eventually start selling your stories and see your work published.

Travel writing is not an easy field to break into, and success has little to do with writing talent. Of course, you must be a good writer but you still have to be able to sell your ideas. In my experience, success has far more to do with persistence and marketing than writing ability. 

It really comes down to continually firing out queries. If you keep sending out queries, some of them will get results. And it will snowball — if you stick with it.

Here’s what’s important:

Learn and understand the whole pitching cycle first. This includes proficiency at researching story ideas, preparing solid query letters, and creating lengthy magazine distribution lists – your sales leads. Your writing will improve as you write more and more articles.

Despite the marketing hype by some people promoting travel workshops, attending a workshop does not result in "instant success". Nor is it easy. You have to be able to do more than “write a postcard”.

The successful writers are the ones that stay the course. That means they learn the writing craft, master the business skills of finding sales leads and pitching story ideas, and do not become despondent when they meet the inevitable rejections. Even six years of them.

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If you're ready to make progress with your travel writing, join me in one of my coaching programs.

Best wishes for your travel writing success, Roy

This Week's Featured Post

How To Write With Authority When You’re Not An Expert

As a freelance travel writer, you have a lot to gain by expanding your writing genres. Limiting yourself to pure travel topics and travel magazines can be a barrier to your success. It’s better to grow and expand into a variety of areas.

Writing about a variety of topics prevents single-topic boredom and stretches your writing skills. It also provides a ‘hedge’ against tough times when your travel articles aren’t selling well.

You might feel uncomfortable about breaking into new writing genres. But, I can assure you that you don’t need extensive knowledge, degrees, or education to write about practically any topic short of all but the most scientific and technical. 

For most of us, writing about plasma fusion rockets and neurosurgery would be a stretch, for example. I’m not suggesting you look for assignments on complex topics that are of no interest to you.

I’m suggesting you go after topics that interest you, and for which you already have some passion, knowledge or experience. You’ll be surprised what you can write about if you know how to go about it. 
 But what if you’re not an expert about certain topics that interest you?

Here are five ways to expand your writing genres and write with confidence and authority, even when you’re not an expert:


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Featured Book of the Month: Rock Star Travel Writers

Have you ever wondered how travel writers manage to get their stories published in the top shelf travel magazines?

Our book, Rock Star Travel Writers, reveals—through a series of in-depth interviews—insider tips, tricks, and secrets that leading travel journalists use to land assignments in the most prominent travel glossies, and be paid well for their efforts.

I wish I had this information when I started out on my travel writing journey! If I’d known, early in my career, what the successful travel writers were doing to get published in top flight magazines, this knowledge would have sped up my entry into this competitive field.

This stellar lineup of highly respected travel journalists offers excellent practical advice and encouragement to help you move up the travel writing food chain.

And, for the novices reading this book, I’ve included a special section about four “Budding Rock Star Travel Writers”. These budding rock stars are starting to consistently accumulate paying print bylines. They’re already picking off some impressive publications. They’re poised to move up into the travel writing big leagues—it’s only a matter of time.

For the novice writers reading this, the budding rock stars are only a few steps ahead of you! It can be done - and you can read all about it in Rock Star Travel Writers.


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Roy Stevenson
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