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Issue #88: 16 Places Where Travel Writers Can Get Published
November 16, 2015
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

The cooler weather is keeping us indoors more every day. On the brighter side, it’s a good time to get some articles written and to think about goals for next year.

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A lot of new travel writer’s think that the main place to sell a travel article is to the top shelf glossies, like Islands or Travel & Leisure.

I always encourage travel writers to pitch their story ideas to these magazines, but the competition is fierce! And, you’re not likely to land many assignments if you limit yourself to pure travel magazines like these.

This week’s featured article is all about where travel writers can get published - and 16 places to look for sales leads.

I hope it opens your eyes to the multitude of opportunities out there for pitching your story ideas and expanding your list of outlets.


Featured Article:

Where Travel Writers Can Get Published:

16 Places to Look for Sales Leads

If you look at the most successful travel writers, you’ll see that one major factor behind their success is that their stories are published in many different magazines and a variety of other media.

Travel writers who make the mistake of establishing relationships with only a few “regular” magazines and then cease to look for new markets get into trouble. 

Of course, it’s far easier to sit comfortably on a few of your regular magazines and write for them. You don’t have to go hunting for new outlets or breaking in new editors.

But, what happens when one of your ‘regular’ magazines shuts down? You panic - because a steady source of revenue has suddenly vanished.

Unfortunately, magazines come and magazines go with alarming regularity. Or, your favorite editor leaves and is replaced by someone who insists that you start from scratch. This can leave you high and dry, scrambling for new outlets to replace that income. It’s happened to me a few times.

The only way around this is to continuously expand your writing outlets. Even when you’ve established a steady rapport with several magazines and media, get out there and find more outlets. The more the better!

Entire books are written that list potential markets for your articles. As a travel writer you need to use a variety of books as resources and build your own lists of sales leads, based on the genres and types of articles you write.

And even though some magazines fold each year, there are also many new magazines that come on the market. It’s important to be aware of all the possibilities so you have a variety of outlets to place your articles.

Here are 16 places where you can try and place your work, starting at the top of the pile:

Continue reading the article ...

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