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Issue #181: The People You Meet on Travel Writing Assignments
November 06, 2017
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

This week we’re supposed to be sailing on the MV Sea Gypsy and enjoying a beachfront bungalow at an eco-resort on a small island with a small group of travel writers and photographers. We were going to meet sea gypsies, kayak in deserted coves, and do photo shoots at sunrise and sunset. We were going to snorkel through warm, crystal clear water, and explore the colorful undersea world and its marine life.

Alas, things didn’t turn out that way.

The press trip was cruising the Mergui Archipelago, a group of islands in southern Myanmar in an area virtually isolated from the rest of civilization. Geologically, it offers everything from extensive coral reefs, beautiful beaches, rainforests, and mangrove swamps to a great diversity of animal life in the sea and on the islands.

Photo credit David Van Driessche

Unfortunately, Myanmar is mired in bad press because of the persecution of the Rohingya in the Rakhine province. Since August, thousands of Rohingya have had to flee for their lives across the border into Bangladesh. Tourists shy away from visiting countries where there is potential for violence. Although most of country is safe, travel editors still aren’t buying stories about Myanmar.

So, we cancelled out of what looked like an idyllic press trip. It broke our hearts.

My business policy is that I won’t accept a press trip without at least one assignment. And personally, we don’t feel right about contributing to the economy of a nation where such ugliness is occurring.

Sure, we could have gone on the trip and simply not delivered a story afterwards. But I don’t work that way. My reputation is at stake. I produce stories for every DMO I work with, and if I can’t produce a story I don’t go on the trip.

Now and then travel writers must make hard decisions and this was a particularly tough one. But we both breathed a sigh of relief once we decided. So we know it was the right one.

This week in Da Nang the weather is blustery, rainy and cool – by Vietnamese standards, that is. We’re catching the remnants of a storm that hit farther south and temperatures are in the 70’s to low 80’s (23-28C). It’s positively freezing for our Vietnamese friends but delightful for us.


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Getting expert advice early in your writing career can make a huge difference to how quickly you succeed with your freelance travel writing.  Without a good mentor, beginning travel writers have to figure things out for themselves, through trial and error.  This wastes a tremendous amount of time. 

Some aspiring travel writers get so confused and frustrated they give up after receiving a few rejection letters from editors.

Twice each year I open registration for coaching. As one of the most prolific travel writers in the U.S., I’m inviting you to tap into my wealth of experience to guide you.

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This Week’s Featured Post

The People You Meet on Travel Writing Assignments

It’s not always the destination or the journey that’s memorable. Often, the people you meet make travel writing assignments a most rewarding experience.

I think engaging with new people is one of the best travel writing perks. And including people in your story is an important technique to make your article more interesting.

The more articles you write, the more people you’ll get to meet. You can imagine the wide variety of people I’ve encountered on my assignments, having more than 1,000 published bylines.

Here are a few of the people I’ve met, in no particular order. I hope this will inspire you, especially if you’re just breaking into travel writing.

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Travel Writing Networking Tip of the Week

Are you traveling inside the U.S.A. or Canada and looking for some unique story ideas? Check out Roadside America. You’ll find some offbeat story ideas here, I promise. This is one website that always brings a smile to my face!

Your online guide to offbeat tourism, Roadside America is a caramel-coated, nutbag-full of odd and hilarious travel destinations -- over 10,000 places in the USA and Canada -- ready for exploration.

Road trip know-it-alls Doug Kirby, Ken Smith and Mike Wilkins introduced readers to the world of offbeat tourist attractions with their books, Roadside America, and New Roadside America.

Link to Roadside America website

We’ve Been in the News!

Thought you might be interested in my guest post on Writers Weekly titled The Real Insight Into Travel Writing Perks. I wrote this a few years back, but my advice still holds true.

Link to Writers Weekly article

Inspirational Travel Quote of the Week

Our Featured Book of the Week

How to Break Into the Luxury Travel Writing Market:
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- Would you enjoy eating at some of the finest restaurants in the world—for free?
- Wine tasting at some of the world’s most gorgeous boutique wineries?

This 12-chapter, 130-page manual will walk you, step-by-step, through the luxury travel writing process. You’ll learn how to get luxury travel assignments and leverage them to land luxury travel trips. I’ve used these techniques to land assignments at dozens of the finest luxury resorts and spas in the world.

This manual contains an up-to-date list of 150+ print magazines and travel websites that publish luxury travel articles. It’s the most comprehensive list of luxury magazine outlets you’ll find ANYWHERE. Having immediate access to these lists alone is worth the price of the eBook, saving you hundreds of hours of research.

Learn more about the Luxury Travel Writing handbook

Resources for Travel Writers

Books and Reference Guides:

The Art & Craft of Travel Writing
Beginner's 3-pack Reference Guides
The Complete Guide to Query Letters for Travel Writers
100 Print Magazines that Want to Publish Your Articles
Fifty Websites that Want to Publish Your Travel Stories
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How to Break Into the Luxury Travel Writing Market
The Complete Guide to Marketing and Selling Your Travel Articles
Digital Bookstore - Guides, Manuals and Special Reports

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I've only been writing on a part-time basis, but thanks to Roy I’ve landed several press trips and have nearly 100 published articles. I even launched my own blog, where I was recently discovered by a neighboring city’s CVB and invited to write for them.

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Thank you again!

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That's all for this week.

Until next week, just keep pitching!


Roy Stevenson
Pitch Travel Write

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