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Issue #64: What's the Best DSLR for Travel Writers?
May 25, 2015
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers!

I’m getting ready to head out on a press trip to Virginia this week. As I pack my bag, I realize my DSLR camera is one of the most important things I’m bringing along on my trip.

Your camera selection has a big impact on your travel writing career. I vividly remember the convergence of events that finally forced me to graduate from my trusty point-and-shoot to a DSLR (digital single lens reflex) camera.

I used my point-and-shoot for a few years, but only about 10% - 20% of my images were publishable—and that was on a good day!

Many photos were blurry, especially if something was moving - like people, wildlife, or vehicles. And, the images were poorly defined and the colors were dark and washed out.

When I used a point-and-shoot, my strategy was simply to take dozens of photos of everything, in the blind hope that a few would be suitable for publication. Usually some came out okay - good enough for magazine editors to use. But winging it like this always concerned me. I worried that one day I would not have any decent images to offer an editor, and I would lose the story.

In the back of my mind, I always had this niggling doubt that my images were not so good. I knew they were definitely not professional quality.

I had my ‘aha’ moment on a press trip in Alaska.

I was on an Alaskan Marine Highway Ferry, and the captain announced that a photogenic island, complete with a lighthouse, was coming up on our starboard side. I—and dozens of other passengers—rushed outside onto the deck, drew our cameras like a bad western movie, and started shooting.

The small lens on my point-and-shoot was not up to the task and I could not bring the lighthouse close up, nor could I get it into proper focus.

But what was infinitely worse was that every one of the dozens of passengers around me—from 12-year-old girls to grandmothers — ALL had DSLR cameras, and were happily clicking away.

I was the only travel writer on the ship, and I had the worst camera! Time to upgrade.

Interestingly, soon after I purchased my DSLR, three magazine editors mentioned the improved quality of my photos. And, I was now able to submit 80% to 90% of my photos because the quality was so much better. Hallelujah.

This week’s article is written by my better half, Linda Popovich, who does most of the photography for my travel stories these days. Her images have been published in at least 58 regional, national, and international magazines and online travel magazines.

If you are wondering about how to choose a DSLR, this week’s featured article will tell you how to select the best DSLR camera to support your travel writing needs.


Featured Article:

The Best DSLR for Travel Writers: A Buying Guide

In every travel writer’s life, there will come a time when your Point-and-Shoot camera won’t meet your needs anymore. When this happens, most travel writers upgrade to a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera.

The main reasons travel writers are forced to make this upgrade are because:
• Your magazine editors are rejecting your photos because of poor image quality
• Your photos and action shots are blurry
• Your JPEG images are dark or grainy and can’t be adjusted
• Your lens is too limiting and you can’t get distance shots

But, now you have to find the DSLR camera that best fits your travel writing needs. And this is the hardest part of upgrading to a DSLR camera—especially if you aren’t a camera expert.

In addition to the bewildering variety of camera brands and camera bodies, there’s also a huge selection of lenses. With so many options available, it’s hard to know which DSLR is best suited to your travel writing needs.

To take the mystery and fear out of buying a DSLR, here are my recommendations:

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