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Issue #16 -- How to Earn More & Press Trips for Travel Writers
May 19, 2014
Greetings Writers!

In this Issue:

- Earn More - Sell Your Articles Around the World
- Press Trips for Travel Writers
- The Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop in San Diego

I’m in Belgium on a press trip this week, visiting Bastogne, some military museums and breweries. But before I left, I queued up some interesting articles for this issue.

Last year I wrote a brief article about why you should sell your articles to overseas markets. In this issue I’ve expanded on that article by including details about how to find publications to pitch, answers to common questions, and most importantly - ways to get paid.

If you’re wanting to get the most out of each article you write, selling to overseas markets is a fun way to do it.


The second article is about press trips for travel writers. It’s really a response to a question I get every time I’m talking with beginning writers: “How do you get so many great press trips? And how can I do it?” Read the article for my answers to these questions.


I want to let you know that the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop registration is now open. This year it’s being held in sunny San Diego and I’ll be there as one of the speakers.

This happens to be the same course I took to get started in travel writing in 2007. Back then, I wanted to be a travel writer but didn’t have a clue about how to begin. This workshop taught me everything I needed to know.

What I loved about the workshop was that it was only 3 days long. I didn’t want to waste weeks or months learning how to do this. Learning it all in three days maximized my time. And, I was surrounded by other travel writer wannabes, just like me, so I didn’t feel alone.

Within a few weeks of completing the course, I started trying out what they taught me - and it worked! I had 100 articles published in only seven months after the workshop. Now, eight years later, I’ve been published more than 800 times in 190 different magazines.

I know that I would not have had this level of success if I hadn’t taken this workshop. And when the course was over I had a network of new friends and a roadmap to follow to get started. I figure it shaved about 3-5 years off my learning curve, and it helped me to succeed quickly.

If you are looking for a fast way to launch your travel writing career, where seasoned professionals will walk you through each step to help you understand what to do to become a travel writer, I can highly recommend the Ultimate Travel Writer’s Workshop.

The Ultimate Travel Writer's Workshop is only held once a year, and this year it's in San Diego from September 11-13.

I will be speaking at the workshop about how to market your travel articles to magazines, newspapers, in-flights, on-boards, trade journals, specialty magazines and online travel e-Zines.

I hope to see you there!

May Marketing Tips:

Earn More: Sell Your Articles
Around the World

Freelance writing is a business, so it makes sense to get as much money out of every article you write as you can.

One strategy that experienced writers employ is to only write for the high-paying publications paying at least $1/word, but that’s not where people start out in this game.  Beginning writers often settle for a lot less.

So how can you earn more from your articles if the majority of magazines out there don’t pay much? 

One of my strategies is to get paid several times for an article.  And one of the ways that I do this is by selling my articles around the world.

The way I figure it, money is money.  And, if overseas editors are interested in my story idea, that’s fine with me.  I earn more as a result.  Why feel confined to the home market?  Do you really care if you’re paid in British pounds, Australian or Canadian dollars?

(By the way, overseas publications look really impressive on your list of bylines.  It’s a nice side benefit.)

In this article, I'll address the questions that I hear most often from writers who would like to earn more by selling their articles overseas.

How do I sell my stories overseas?

Prepare your query letter, then, send simultaneous queries out to editors of magazines in other English speaking countries.  The graphic on the right shows the top ten countries where English is spoken.  Think about which country or countries would have an audience interested in your story.

Continue reading article . . .

Press Trips for Travel Writers

Here’s a question I receive frequently from beginning travel writers: 
“How do I get invitations to press trips?  You get a lot of invitations.  How do you do it?”

I often hear this same question from experienced writers when I tell them that I receive several press trip invitations each month and turn most of them down.  

So this article is about how to get great press trips.  I’ve listed out the five things that are key to making that happen:

Five Steps to Getting Press Trips

1.  Establish yourself as a travel writer.

I don’t know any fast track to success in travel writing without doing some writing and selling some articles.  You’re in this game because you love to write, so this is the first thing you need to do. 

Why is this important?

You need to establish your credentials as a writer before the press trip invitations start flowing in, because on a press trip, someone else pays for your trip. The tourist agencies or PR firms that are footing the bill want to know, in advance, that you know how to get an article into print and online magazines.

The only way to show that you know how to get published is to do it.  Showing that you’ve been published, at least a few times, proves to them that you know how to sell an article idea and get it placed into the media.

Establishing yourself as a travel writer can feel daunting to a beginner, but it doesn’t have to be.  Which leads to the next step . . .

Continue reading the article . . .

Please share this e-zine with friends, family or anyone who may be interested in travel writing and can benefit from some free marketing information.

That’s all for now.

Until next time, you keep pitching....


Roy Stevenson
Pitch Travel Write

Please note: Some products mentioned in this e-zine may result in my receiving a small referral fee if you decide to purchase the product. I only recommend products and services that I believe are high quality and can help you be more successful as a freelance writer. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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