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Issue #63: Four Burning Questions from Travel Writers ... and my Answers
May 18, 2015
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers!

This week the featured article includes four burning questions that I’ve received from writers along with my replies.

Every week I receive questions from travel writers. These are questions I hear frequently, so rather than replying only to the person who asked the question, I like to share my thoughts with subscribers and on PitchTravelWrite.

I think you’ll find something interesting and helpful in the batch.

Also this week we’re featuring Caroline Juler and her travel blog, Carpathian Sheep Walk.


Featured Article:

Four Burning Questions from Travel Writers

Question 1: Requesting Writer’s Guidelines

Hi Roy, I have a question about sending an email regarding writer’s guidelines. When sending an inquiry to an editor for the guidelines, should I write a little about myself? Or should I just request the guidelines with minimal info? I have sent out a few emails to editors requesting their guidelines, but still haven't received any response.

Question 2: Securing a Letter of Assignment

Hi Roy - I’ve been sending query letters and follow up letters, and getting good results. My question is regarding not only “where” but "who" to contact for the letter of assignment?

I will be traveling after the holidays to several locations of South Florida and to some islands, the letter of assignment could certainly help in obtaining comps. Let me know what I might do to get the letter for my travels.

Question 3: Reselling Your Stories

Hi Roy - can a travel writer resell a travel story after it’s been published?

Question 4: Negotiating Pay with Editors

Hi Roy - I’ve heard that freelance writers should negotiate with editors about payment for their articles. Should I do this?

Continue reading article - with my answers ...

Featured Blogger: Caroline Juler

Caroline Juler has been blogging since 2011. It began with a book she was writing about shepherding in Romania and transformed into her blog, Carpathian Sheep Walk.

What’s so special about shepherding in Romania? The shepherds practice something called long-distance transhumance, a kind of semi-nomadic journey that Romanian shepherds do with their livestock between seasonal cycles.

Her blog goes beyond transhumance and also tackles other issues that bother her - such as genetically modified crops, how animals are treated while being transported to slaughterhouses, and the plans for an open pit goldmine at Rosia Montana (one of Romania’s most extraordinary archaeological sites).

Caroline is a writer and an artist. In her profile photo she’s holding a helmet painted by a Ukrainian artist, and used to raise money for soldiers at the front.

Continue reading about Caroline's blog and her advice to bloggers ...

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Until next time, you keep pitching....


Roy Stevenson
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