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Issue #155: Two Obstacles to Success in Travel Writing
May 08, 2017
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As I write this, it’s five am on a Friday morning and the sky outside is a smoky gray color, maritime mist from the South China Sea. From across Tran Phu Street a heavenly chorus floats up to our apartment from the pink Catholic Cathedral. The choir is practicing for its weekend masses.

The highlight of our week in Da Nang, Vietnam, was watching Round #1 of the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition on the banks of the Han River.

This first night—of five nights of intense fireworks displays from around the world—was a smack down between Vietnam and Austria. In my humble opinion, Vietnam won, although Austria’s spirited display was none too shabby.

Each fireworks competition pits the finest pyrotechnic teams from two select countries against each other. The displays last about 20 minutes, and hearing the loud concussive booms and smelling the gunpowder smoke reminded me of a re-enactment of the Battle of Waterloo, in Belgium. These fireworks are like artillery bombardments!

Looking around, as we stand on the wide brick promenade, we see thousands of excited Vietnamese families, teenagers, couples, with a sprinkling of westerners thrown in. We’re reminded of how everyone loves a good firework show.

We’re already looking forward to Switzerland Versus Japan on May 20. Bring it on!

We had a lovely day catching up with Australian travel writer Peter Safe, here in Danang. Peter attended our Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class in Chiang Mai, Thailand, last October, and we quickly became friends with this outgoing Aussie.

Peter spends a lot of time touring Vietnam. Loves the place. He also spent 3 years here from way back in 1965, under entirely different circumstances as a soldier in the Australian Army. He’s on his way back to a small village in South Vietnam where his firebase was located. Peter told us some fascinating stories about his time with the military here, all those years ago.

A few people have asked us what our life’s like in Da Nang. We love this busy, growing city! It’s alive with what seem like millions of revving motorcycles (the Vietnamese equivalent of the SUV), honking taxis, yelling street vendors, and all sorts of interesting (and sometimes, nasty) smells.

We can tell this city’s becoming a booming tourist destination because there are busloads of Chinese tourists everywhere (did you know that 44 million Chinese tourists travel overseas each year?).

The shops are another telltale sign of Da Nang’s growing tourism. We’ll often see a tiny, grimy, hole-in-the-wall Pho restaurant right alongside a brand-new designer handbag shop or clothing store, complete with immaculate white marble floor tiles. The contrast is remarkable, but even the old shops and food carts remind us of the old, authentic Da Nang that will, in a few short years, be lost as the city transforms and gentrifies.

The people here are super friendly. As westerners, we’re still curiosities, and the locals often ask where we’re from. When we tell them we’re from the U.S.A, they always flash a big white smile and say, “America good”, and if they’re old enough, launch into their story of when they were here during The American War, as they call it. Half of them have relatives living in California, San Francisco, or Seattle.

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Inspirational Travel Quote of the Week

“Why do you go away? So that you can come back. So that you can see the place you came from with new eyes and extra colors. And the people there see you differently, too. Coming back to where you started is not the same thing as never leaving.”

- Terry Pratchett, Author

This Week's Featured Post:

Two Major Obstacles to Success in Travel Writing

With a splash of enthusiasm, a hint of determination, and a dash of desire to succeed (critical elements for success in freelance writing!), and some sort of outside assistance, it’s still possible for beginners to see their articles published in this highly competitive arena - and even thrive.

Read this article to find out the two main stumbling blocks to freelance travel writing success, and what you can do about them. You’ll find plenty of actionable information and advice in this piece.

Even the most talented “natural” writers face the same obstacles to getting their travel stories published. Do you know what they are?

Read the article ...

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