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March 17, 2014
Greetings Writers!

In this Issue:

- How to Pre-sell Your Travel Stories
- Marketing Yourself On the Road

Happy St. Patrick's Day! One of my favorite days because of my fascination with green beer. Okay, maybe I'm remembering my youth. These days, I'd prefer a well-crafted microbrew.

But March is my favorite month because Spring begins - and the travel season gets underway.

If you have plans to travel this year, it's time to start pre-selling your travel stories before you leave home. The first article is about doing this. It explains why pre-selling is important - and how it brings multiple benefits to you, the travel writer.

And since you'll be out on the road, the next article is about marketing yourself while you're out and around on your travel adventures.

Usually we think of marketing our stories to editors and websites, but we don't always give as much thought to how we present ourselves when we're visiting new places on our own or on press trips. This article gives you five easy tips for making sure you're leaving a good impression.


March Marketing Tip:

How to Presell Your Travel Stories
Before You Leave Home

I know of many travel writers that go on a trip without an assignment, and then are faced with trying to sell their story ideas after they return. 

I’m always surprised at this.  It’s reactive and it’s not good business.  And it’s hard! 

My mantra is “pitch before you travel”.   Presell your travel stories before you take the trip.  This approach is proactive and it has many benefits for you as a writer.

Here’s why: 

1. It’s easier on your conscience to sell in advance. 

If you travel without an assignment, and then you ask for comps while you’re there, you are now committed to selling something after the fact.  That’s hard!  What if you can’t find a buyer?

Several times a year, I receive panicked emails from writers who were on a comped trip without an assignment.  They made some kind of promise to their hosts about getting an article published. 

Now that they’re home, they’re not having any luck selling an article and they go into a panic because they can’t find an outlet to publish their article. 

This isn’t much fun for the writer.  Pre-selling your travel stories eliminates this risk. Continue reading article ...

Marketing Yourself On the Road

Most aspiring travel writers believe that being a good writer is what will determine their ultimate success in this game.  It’s true that you need to be a good writer to be successful.  But writing talent alone won’t make you a success.

Successful freelance writers who manage to make a living in this business all have one thing in common:  they’re good at marketing.

The first thing that might come to mind is that you need to be good at selling (marketing) your story idea to whoever might be interested in buying it.  That’s true, and it’s the most common way you need to market yourself.  But it’s not the whole story.

Successful freelance writers also are good at keeping their name out there in front of the media, the public and even their peers.  They are constantly reminding people about what they have to offer.  

As a freelancer, you are marketing yourself wherever you are, all the time.  Even if you’re doing it poorly, you’re giving someone an impression about you.  It would be better to give a good impression, of course, and that’s what this article is about.

Marketing is not something you switch on and off.   It’s an integral part of your job and you use it when you’re on the phone, writing emails, sending out query letters, or in the field.  

If the word “marketing” makes you cringe, think of it as your professional branding.  Everything you do leaves an impression.  

Does the thought of marketing yourself scare you?  If it does, read on.  There are some specific things you can do in preparation and they’re easy. 

Here are five tips about marketing yourself while you are out in public, on the road, on a press trip or wherever you happen to find yourself outside of your office. Continue reading ...

Please share this e-zine with friends, family or anyone who may be interested in travel writing and can benefit from some free marketing information.

That’s all for now.

Until next time, you keep pitching....


Roy Stevenson
Pitch Travel Write

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