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March 03, 2014
Greetings Writers!

In this Issue:

- Improve Your Writing: Six Ways to Get Useful Feedback
- Query Letter Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Spring is just around the corner and that means dusting off your travel bag and heading out to enjoy some new place or adventure - without ice cold temperatures and snow, unless that happens to be your thing. (It's not mine.)

This issue includes two articles:

The first article has six useful - and free - ways to get good feedback to improve your writing.

Creatives all have the same dilemma - most of the feedback they receive is lame. "Great article, dude!" doesn't tell you a thing, and it doesn't help you to improve your writing.

If you are in a quandary about how to get good feedback so you can improve your writing, or if your writers group simply isn't giving you what you need, try the six techniques in this article.

The second article is about mistakes most beginning writers make when writing query letters. If you are a beginning writer, or you're not getting a good response from editors, this list of twelve things not to do in a query letter is worth a read.


March Marketing Tip:

Improve Your Writing:
Six Ways to Get Useful Feedback
(without taking a class or joining a writer's group)

Freelance writing can be such a solitary occupation. Like many of the creative arts, one of the biggest challenges you face is getting useful feedback to improve your writing.

Unless you are in a writer’s group that meets regularly to critique each other’s work, you simply type and pray. When editors buy your work that’s one positive sign that your words are up to snuff.

But can you ever be satisfied with the status quo? Do you sometimes wonder how you can make your writing better?

No one starts out with fine prose. When I look back at articles from my first couple of years, I cringe at the clumsiness of some of my writing. But we all have to start somewhere, and we don’t start at the finish line.

So how can you improve your writing?

Here are six techniques that I’ve used to improve my stories. I think you’ll find these techniques easy to implement and very useful for improving your writing over time. Continue reading article ...

Twelve Query Letter Mistakes - and How to Fix Them

A query letter showcases your very best side to an editor.

A successful query letter takes your compelling story idea, your solid writing background, and persuasive prose and convinces the editor that you have what it takes to provide an exciting and interesting story for the readers.

Being a few inches off the mark with your query letter is as bad as missing the target completely. This is unfortunate, but it’s the way it is.

The editor is either going to like your query enough to run with it, or dismiss it on the spot. There’s no middle ground or consolation prize.

We’ve all read books about what to put in query letters. I have eighteen books on my freelance writer’s bookshelf about the art and science of getting published, and every one of them has a chapter about putting together a query letter. Three of these books are entirely dedicated to writing query letters.

The books tell you what you should be doing to craft a killer query. But none of the books tell you what should not be included. So I’ve put together this checklist.

If you’re a beginning freelance writer, this checklist will help ensure you won’t develop bad habits and make common beginner mistakes.

If you’re an experienced freelance writer, a quick review will help to ensure nothing bad has crept into your style.

Doing any of the things on this list will guarantee that the editor will hit the “delete” key.

So before you send out a query to an editor – check that these twelve things are not included: Continue reading ...

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Until next time, you keep pitching....


Roy Stevenson
Pitch Travel Write

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