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Issue #199: Is Your Travel Article Ready to Submit?
March 26, 2018
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

Editorial: Being Flexible

Travel writing requires a willingness to be flexible in terms of writing styles, topics, and sales & marketing techniques. Flexibility is essential if you want to see your work published in print and to be paid for it.

Travel writing is not for people who expect the freelance world to conform to them.

As freelance writers, we must adapt to the writing environment, rather than the other way around. Writers that refuse to adjust their ways reduce their chances of being published - unless they drastically change their approach.

Here are some real-life examples I’ve encountered of obstinate habits and beliefs that will hinder your chances of success:

• Insisting on writing your articles before pitching them.

• Refusing to change your writing style to fit the tone of the magazine.

• Believing it will be easy to find a few print magazines to write for regularly, without constantly chasing new work.

• Refusing to create magazine distribution lists to pitch your story ideas.

• Getting into pet projects and creating stories that you hope will sell. Except they don’t.

• Believing you’re a failure at pitching stories.

• Worrying about becoming a slave to marketing your story ideas.

• Expecting to step straight into high-end magazines rather than working your way up by starting with more modest magazines.

All the problems listed above can be remedied with some flexible thinking and adjusted habits. These rigid beliefs will hold you back.

But if you can identify the problems preventing you from progressing along your travel writing journey, it’s much easier to learn, adapt, and change.

That’s what I’m all about when I coach clients. I point out where writers are making mistakes, and then provide solutions to help them improve and sell their articles.

One couple that I coach accepts every piece of advice I give them, and then make the changes. And it’s not surprising their stories start selling like hotcakes!

If you’re flexible in all these areas (and a few more) you won’t have any trouble selling your stories. How flexible are you? Are any of the items on this list holding you back?

This Week's Featured Post

Is Your Travel Article Ready to Submit?

This Checklist Will Help You Decide

Novice writers and veteran journalists alike have experienced “the moment” - that brief flash of doubt. You’re about hit “send” to submit your travel article. But is your story ready?

You don’t want to embarrass yourself by submitting sub-standard stories the editor will reject. And you don’t want editors to think you’re such a poor writer they'll never work with you again. In fact, you’re aiming for quite the opposite. You want editors to think your stories sparkle enough for them to commission more work from you.

How do you know when your travel article is ready to submit to a magazine editor?

How can you be sure you’ve covered everything that should be in the article?

This handy checklist will tell you whether you’ve missed any of the fundamental items necessary for turning in a nicely finished piece.


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We've Been In The News

Read travel writer Martin Laight’s Facebook comments about my article A Letter to Myself, Back in Time. It has his comments and a link to the article itself, explaining what I would have done earlier in my travel writing career if I knew then what I know now.


Selling & Reselling Your Articles

Here are links to four articles about how to resell, repurpose, & repackage your travel articles. It’s how I stretch my articles into multiple publications by reselling them. I’ve made good money and greatly expanded my bylines doing this. Try it!

5 Ways to Sell Your Articles
Earn More - Sell Your Articles Around the World
Reselling Your Articles (The Art of Reprints & Rewrites)
Reselling Your Articles - 3 Tricky Situations

Inspirational Travel Quote of the Week

Travel Writing Bonus

For some of the finest travel writing ever, read John Steinbeck’s article about Positano, Italy, written in 1953 in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

Download the free PDF:

Link to Download Steinbeck PDF

Featured Book of the Week

The Art and Craft of Travel Writing

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• The Craft of Travel Writing
• Things That Go Wrong in Travel Writing
• Keys to Success in Travel Writing
• Working Smarter
• Goal Setting for Your Travel Writing

This book will help you hone your travel writing skills and get more stories published. We’ll show you how to allocate your writing time for maximum efficiency, and exactly what you need to do to break into the competitive travel writing market.

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Until next week, just keep pitching!


Roy Stevenson
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