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Issue #198: Is Your Query Letter Ready to Submit? Use this Checklist
March 19, 2018
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

Many of you are curious about how Linda & I spend our time in Vietnam, so this post will give you some insight into our daily lives.

Every day we see things in SE Asia that are so different from our comfortable lives in suburban Seattle. Small motorcycles chug along rough roads with impossibly large loads. Women from the countryside labor on construction sites alongside the men, mixing concrete and laying bricks.

We watch incredulously as Banh Bao (steamed pork buns) vendors drive their motorcycles along the side streets—loudspeakers blaring “Banh Bao”. There’s a small open fire in a box on the back of the motorcycle to keep the buns warm and steamy! It seems like a big safety hazard to us, but they keep sputtering along and smiling. With sights like these, we don’t get bored!

We’ve made many friends here in Da Nang, from a diverse set of expats and locals. The owner of our local beauty salon, Miss Youm, has invited us to dine at her house with her family during Vietnam holidays.

Once or twice each week, we stroll the three blocks to her salon for foot or body massages. Each one-hour massage costs us the equivalent of $8.78! Miss Youm does my pedicures and haircuts, and I walk out of her salon looking 20 years younger. Okay, 2 years younger!

Miss Hanh, the feisty concierge at our apartments is the closest we’ve ever come to having a daughter. This 32-year old runs errands and makes phone calls for us. She informs us about local customs, and answers our naïve questions about Vietnamese culture. And she always greets us with a huge beaming white smile. We miss her on Sunday, her only day off.

Our rent is only a fraction of what we would pay for a similar two-bedroom, completely furnished apartment in Seattle. Included in our rent is cleaning, laundry, water and gas (for cooking), and internet.

Three mornings each week, four tiny Vietnamese women come in to clean our apartment, top to bottom, while Linda and I go out to breakfast. And, later that day, our laundry appears miraculously inside our apartment, cleaned, pressed, folded, and smelling like roses. We love it!

After 1 year of shopping at the bustling local market, Cho Bac My An, the fruit & veggie ladies know us. They help us choose the best produce and throw in some extra veggies for being regular customers. They always give us lovely smiles.

Yesterday, Linda bought one kilogram (2.2lbs) of fresh cleaned shrimp for $8.75! We ate them last night in a vegetable stir fry. $7 got us a bunch of bananas, 2 bags of precut mixed veggies, 2 carrots, 2 cucumbers, 1 red bell pepper, 2 mangos, & 10 limes. We used to pay three times more for the same amount of food in a Seattle supermarket.

We live only three blocks from one of the world’s most gorgeous beaches — Da Nang Beach. It’s also known as My Khe Beach, or China Beach, as named by the American and Australian soldiers in the Vietnam War.

Da Nang Beach is a near perfect 6-mile-long crescent of white sand. On our evening walks we see local families wading in the surf after work, Asian tourists (mostly from Korea and Japan taking selfies), and sunburned tourists from western countries. There are luxury resorts stretched out along the beach, tucked behind palm trees.

Vietnam is a haven for foodies! Some of the delicious food we enjoy includes Banh Xeo pancakes (with shrinp and veggies), Mi Quang noodles with pork or chicken, Banh Mi baguettes stuffed with the most divine fillings you can imagine. There’s also Bunh Thit Nuong, a noodle dish with a sweet spicy sauce, meat and vegetables. Fresh vegetables are served with everything. The Vietnamese love their food! Within three blocks’ radius of our apartment we have at least 20 restaurants offering a huge variety of local, Asian and Western food. We’ll eat Korean BBQ one night, and Spanish Tapas the next.

Yesterday morning at the market we ate a fried egg dish with a delicious, slightly sweet sauce, mint leaves, sliced and ground pork, sliced cucumber, sliced tomato, and green veggies for $1 each. We sat on tiny plastic stools under a blue tarpaulin on a busy street corner and enjoyed watching the local ladies who always hang out at the next table.

Life is good. For us, this is as close to the idyllic travel writer’s life that we’ve found. We hope you’re living your idyllic travel writing life, too.

And if you plan to visit Danang, let us know you’re coming – we’d love to meet up with you for coffee or a delicious meal.

This Week's Featured Post

Is Your Query Letter is Ready to Submit?

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Inspirational Travel Quote of the Week

Travel Writing Bonus

For some of the finest travel writing ever, read John Steinbeck’s article about Positano, Italy, written in 1953 in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine.

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Roy Stevenson
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