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Issue #17 -- The Art of Reselling Your Travel Stories
June 09, 2014
Greetings Writers!

It’s almost summer and that always puts me in a great mood.

Just returned from a press trip in Belgium a couple weeks ago, and caught up on movies on the long trip home. Watched “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” - really enjoyed it! Ben Stiller did a great job as Walter Mitty, and it’s a good tale for travel journalists. If you haven’t seen it, it’s worth a trip to the movies.

First up in this issue is an article about how to earn more money for every story you write - by reselling your work. People get a little nervous about this, but as long as you haven’t signed away your rights to do this, it’s a great way to bring in some extra income, almost effortlessly. Read the article for my advice on how to go about doing it.

I mentioned in an earlier article how much I dislike creating magazine distribution lists. But you need these lists in order to have sales leads for your articles. So the second article is about how to go about (or, how I go about) creating distribution lists.

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June Marketing Tips:

The Art of Reselling Your Travel Articles

When my fellow freelance writers hear that I have more than 800 published articles to my name their first reaction is disbelief.  

“You can’t have published that many” they say, “we’ve been writing for about the same amount of time and haven’t even written half that number of articles”. 

“Ah”, I say, “About three hundred of those published articles are reprints”. 

Then they give me another incredulous look and say, “How can you sell so many reprints?”

The answer to that question is what this article is all about. 

I figured out early in my writing career that the lifeblood of the freelance writer’s income is recycling their articles.  Reselling articles is a savvy approach for the freelance writer’s continued survival and success.  

It saves you time and increases your income. 

One of the biggest mistakes many writers make is thinking they have to keep writing brand new articles.  This is an appalling waste of time because they’re only getting paid for their efforts once.  

It’s like being on a writer’s treadmill to hell—you work hard, but get nowhere. 

Starting a new article from scratch is time consuming by the time you’ve done the research, composed the query letter and written the piece.  If it’s a travel article, your research takes up your time and comes with the cost of travel – and then you still need to spend additional time writing the article when you get home.

So what are the possibilities to making writing a more profitable endeavor?  How can you do it?

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How to Build Distribution Lists
to Sell More Travel Stories

As you know, your query letter is a very important element of your marketing process.  But, the best query letter in the world won’t help you without a list of magazines to pitch your stories to.   Distribution lists let you unlock the sales potential of your query letter and sell more stories.  

Every serious writer needs distribution lists.  These are your potential buyers.  The more potential buyers on your list, the better.

I won’t try to sugar-coat it, but compiling your magazine distribution lists is a time-consuming process.  Some of your longer lists will take days, even weeks to compile.

But once you’ve created your lists, you’ve got them forever.  All you need to do is update them occasionally when an editor changes, or when you hear about new magazines to add to your lists. 

You might notice that I keep mentioning “lists” in the plural.  

That’s because I recommend that you compile several distribution lists:  one for each writing genre.  

I have lists about travel, running, fitness and exercise, beer & wine, military, and so on.  Included on these lists are magazines, newspapers, and websites in that genre.  And all of them are separate lists.

The idea behind a distribution list is to assemble a group of similar magazines that will be good targets for your proposed articles in a particular genre.  You create a list once, then use it again and again each time you have a story idea for that genre.

Although distribution lists are time-consuming to create, it’s not a difficult process.  

Here are the steps to creating your own magazine lists:

Continue reading the article . . .

Please share this e-zine with friends, family or anyone who may be interested in travel writing and can benefit from some free marketing information.

That’s all for now.

Until next time, you keep pitching....


Roy Stevenson
Pitch Travel Write

Please note: Some products mentioned in this e-zine may result in my receiving a small referral fee if you decide to purchase the product. I only recommend products and services that I believe are high quality and can help you be more successful as a freelance writer. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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