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Issue #69: Turns Your Worries into Wins
June 29, 2015
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

I’ve just returned from another four days in Eugene watching the USATF Champs. Yes, I'm a track fan. This was just on the heels of a trip to Reno.

The weather was sweltering hot in both places, so I’m looking forward to my upcoming press trip in Anchorage, Alaska. Some cool air will be nice change.

Speaking of Reno …

Announcement from the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, Reno, Nevada

Fancy a stay at the gorgeous Atlantis Casino Resort Spa in Reno?

Do you want to be pampered to the point of senselessness and experience some marvelous fine dining?

If you have a Letter of Assignment with a reputable print outlet or an assignment with a travel website that has solid statistics, the Atlantis Casino Resort would love to host you for a visit.

I just stayed there while on a Reno Fam tour—and I can tell you that this resort takes GOOD care of its travel writers. These guys get it. From the valet parking to the fruit basket in my room and luxury suites, this resort rocks!

The Atlantis has eight fine dining restaurants that serve superb cuisine. And the casino’s mind-blowing Atlantis Spa is ranked in the top ten in the world.

This resort is slick, and I don’t mean in a plastic or sleazy way. Their staff are friendly, their smiles genuine, and they really work hard at pleasing their guests.

If you have a respectable assignment, please feel free to contact the casino’s publicist, Tracie Barnhouse, at for further information.

We're taking a vacation!

The July 4th holiday is next weekend and we decided to take a week off from publishing this newsletter.
The next e-zine you’ll receive will be on July 13th.

I hope all our U.S. readers enjoy the holiday - be safe if you play with fireworks.
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The featured article this week is about the most common fears and worries that I hear from travel writers.

Read it to find out if you're struggling with the same worries and fears and more importantly, how to move past them and get your work done.


Featured Article:

How to Turn Your Worries into Wins

Freelance travel writing is not for the timid or the indecisive.

I started coaching travel writers in February 2015, and now maintain a stable of about twenty coaching clients. During this short period of time, I noticed some interesting and similar recurring habits among the new writers.

Almost without exception, they have a tendency to worry about things that are highly unlikely to happen. Their emails to me are crammed with, “What if…?” questions.

Helping them is why they hired me in the first place, so the questions are welcome. The point is, it made me realize their concerns are universal.

I hear the same questions and concerns when I’m at conferences, in workshops, and even on press trips.

I’m sure it’s human nature to hesitate when learning something new, and new writers are no exception. And, what I’ve noticed is new travel writers second-guess themselves about things that will probably never happen, or things that are easily remedied.

Instead of sending out queries to magazines, the writers tie themselves up in knots and let these imaginary problems stop them.

Constantly asking “What if…?” may cost a travel writer many magazine assignments. It makes them reluctant to take action. Instead of functioning effectively, they get hung up on the “What ifs…?” and come to a halt.

So I decided it was time to write an article about it. In this post I’ve listed the worries, fears and concerns that I hear most often.

Read them and see if any of these things slow you down - or stop you - and then see what you can do about it to get yourself moving again.

Continue reading the article ...

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Until next time, you keep pitching....


Roy Stevenson
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