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Issue #209: What's Consistent About Freelance Travel Writing?
June 11, 2018
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

A mantra you’ll often hear me repeat in my posts and at my Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class is, "The only consistent thing about freelance travel writing is its complete lack of consistency."

There are no gold standards in freelance travel writing.

For example:
• There’s no set pay rate for our articles.
• Some magazines don’t even pay for articles while others pay $1/word.
• There’s no standardization or consensus of how editors assess our queries.
• No two magazine’s writer’s guidelines are the same.
• Some editors prefer articles written in the first person, while other editors will not accept first person stories.
• Some editors prefer to work with a “stable” of established writers, while other editors like to work with beginners.
• Some editors issue contracts to their writers, and many do not.
• Destination Marketing Organizations often require different criteria to qualify writers for complimentary travel assistance.

And these are just a few of travel writing’s wondrous inconsistencies. It’s no wonder novice travel writers are so bewildered about what they “should” be doing! There are no rules!

To add to this confusing milieu, contemporary travel writers are faced with a turbulent ever-changing field, much like rafting on whitewater rapids. We can be floating gently along on calm waters one day, and the next, our regular magazine clients have disappeared in chaos. Editors move on, magazines and publishers fold, and the Internet continues to test print travel magazine publishers.

As advanced sentient beings, we crave stability and consistency. I get this. This is a normal reaction to the rapidly changing world around us.

But, if you enter freelance travel writing expecting it to be neatly and uniformly standardized, you’re setting yourself up for disillusionment.

If you expect it to all go your own way and that you’ll immediately bring in a regular and stable income, you’ll quickly become disheartened. If you’re expecting your queries to be snapped up as soon as you fire them out, you’re in for a shock. Even elite travel writers operate at about a 40% acceptance rate.

If you expect every editor to adhere to the same rules, you’ll soon be frustrated.

So how do you overcome these inherent inconsistencies?

You can be prepared for inconsistency. Understand that you’re on a learning curve that could take you several years to ascend.

Enter the mysterious world of freelance travel writing with your eyes wide open. Deal with the problems rationally and professionally as you encounter them. Expect the unexpected, and you’ll be fine.

If you have the patience to persevere and ride it out with a healthy dose of flexibility and creativity, you’ll find a whole universe of mind-blowing travel opening up to you.

I’ve been on more than 90 press trips and Fam Tours to wonderful destinations in several dozen countries. And I’ve never regretted my decision to become a travel writer!

When standing at an exotic or exciting destination or attending a special festival, I’ve had to pinch myself to believe I’m there. And that I had free entry, personal guided tours or VIP treatment - and I’m getting paid to write about this event!

Getting to this level isn’t easy. But I’m sure glad I stuck with it! I urge you to stick with it too. Don’t be impatient. Give it a chance.

This Week's Featured Post

Why You Need a Travel Writing & Marketing Coach

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Is this the year that you finally start landing paid assignments with print magazines?

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Landing Press Trips and Fam Tours

I field frequent emails from novice and intermediate level freelance travel writers who desperately want to land press trips and Fam Tours. I’m not surprised at these requests because “freebie” travel is the second most important perk of travel writing, after being paid for our work.

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Inspirational Travel Quote of the Week

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Featured Book of the Week

The Art and Craft of Travel Writing

What’s in this 21-chapter, 152-page book?

The Art & Craft of Travel Writing has five sections covering . . .
• The Craft of Travel Writing
• Things That Go Wrong in Travel Writing
• Keys to Success in Travel Writing
• Working Smarter
• Goal Setting for Your Travel Writing

Here are some of the chapters . . .
• Creating a Sense of Place and Ambiance
• Turning Your Destination into a Compelling Read
• How to Write Like a Seasoned Professional
• Five Travel Writing Blunders and How to Avoid Them
• Why Some Travel Writers Have More Success
• How to Plug into the Travel Writing Community
• Seven Ways to Take Control of Your Writing Time
• Set Up Systems to Create More Writing Time

This book will help you hone your travel writing skills and get more stories published. We’ll show you how to allocate your writing time for maximum efficiency, and exactly what you need to do to break into the competitive travel writing market.

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Until next week, just keep pitching!


Roy Stevenson
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