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Issue #151: Four Simultaneous Submissions Strategies - What to do when 2 editors want your story
February 13, 2017
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

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We’re wrapping up our final week in Chiang Mai, Thailand - eating one last time at all our favorite restaurants and saying goodbye to all the good friends we’ve made here. It’s emotionally exhausting but it’s also lots of fun.

Many of our friends are also leading a nomadic life, so along with exchanging contact details, we’re sharing ideas about where to live next and making plans to meet up again in another place.

As we come to the bittersweet end of our stay in Chiang Mai this week we’re reminded that Thailand was just the first stop on our journey. We’ve got many more places to go.

Next stop, Da Nang, Vietnam. We’ll be in touch from there next Monday.

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Answer: Yes, absolutely! This 1-Day class is especially convenient for people who live in the Pacific Northwest and can drive to Seattle for the day, or anyone from the western states who can easily fly in for the day or an overnight trip.

Everyone is welcome, even if you can’t fit in the Master Class while you’re here.

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Inspirational Travel Quote of the Week

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.”

Tim Cahill,
Travel Writer and Founding Editor of Outside Magazine

This Week's Featured Post:

Four Simultaneous Submissions Strategies:

How to Handle Multiple Acceptances

I didn’t rack up 1,000 published articles in 200+ print and online media merely by being a good writer. In fact, there are plenty of far better travel writers out there that make my stories look elementary. Yet I never have any problem finding more work and new articles to write. The real key to any prolific freelance writing career is the ability to sell plenty of stories.

And one of the most important tools in my sales and marketing toolbox that I use to good effect is a technique called “simultaneous submissions”.

I don’t know how any serious freelance writer can make a living in today’s competitive travel writing market without using simultaneous submissions.

But what happens when more than one editor wants to buy your story? How do you make sure you don’t alienate an editor when someone else already bought it?

Here are four strategies that work for those delightful and rare occasions when you strike it rich …

Read the article ...

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That's all for this week.

Until next week, just keep pitching!


Roy Stevenson
Pitch Travel Write

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