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Issue #193: 2018 Ultimate List of Travel Writing and Blogging Workshops
February 12, 2018
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

We arrived in Bali on January 27, with the mission of staying at, and writing about, eleven high end luxury resorts & villas. I write this from a gorgeous traditional Balinese villa in our seventh resort, the Bagus Jati health & wellbeing retreat, 20K north of the hip town of Ubud.

Since last week’s newsletter, we’ve stayed at The Samata Villas in Bali’s upscale Sanur district, the very private Planta Villa in Canggu (pronounced “changoo”), and here at the Bagus Jati.

In the past 48 hours at Bagus Jati, our treatments have included a Balinese relaxing massage “with exotic warming oils” in the spa. Then, my body was liberally anointed with a tasty ground mixture of ginger and cloves, wrapped in banana leaves, and I was left to marinate for a half hour. It made me feel all warm & tingly!

This morning I twisted like a pretzel through a 1 hour yoga session with 7 women - all of whom were far more lithe (and younger) than me. And, no, I didn’t wear yoga tights!

We’ve had lots of green-ish health drinks with ingredients like cucumber, spinach, kale, mint. The food in the resort’s Surya Restaurant is divine, and you can choose from a lengthy menu of healthy dishes, Indonesian selections and basic dishes like bacon & eggs.

Bagus Jati also treated us to a fun cooking lesson, where we picked various herbs & vegetables from their organic garden and then cooked up a Balinese Lawar Pakis (Fern Tip Salad in garlic Dressing), a Vegetable & Tofu Curry, and Dadar Gulung (Balinese crepes with Palm Sugar).

If you’d like to check out our sweet gig as luxury travel writers here in Bali, please drop by my Facebook page for my daily Luxury Resort post. I’ll show you our resorts and villas, and the gourmet food we’re enjoying. You’ll find my Facebook URL towards the end of this newsletter.

This Week’s Featured Post

2018 Ultimate List of Travel Writing & Blogging Workshops

If there’s a travel writing workshop worth attending, we’ve got it on our list. All others are pretenders. There’s a solid variety of workshops here that cater for all levels, from novice travel writers up to veteran travel writers at the top of the pyramid.

These eleven workshops will be held around the world, from London to New York, and from Vietnam and Italy to Australia.


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The Best Travel Writing & Marketing Workshop Anywhere!

Join travel writers from the U.S., Canada, Grenada, Australia, & Belgium in our Seattle Travel Writing & Marketing Master Class.

Our U.S. attendees are from all over the states: Utah, Washington State, Louisiana, Arizona, California, Ohio, New York, & Colorado. 

Why are aspiring travel writers traveling from all over the world for the Master Class? 
Because it's the BEST travel writing class, ANYWHERE. Seriously!

We only have a handful of seats left - snag one of them today!


Testimonials from previous workshop attendees:

“We attended Roy’s Master Class in Seattle. We had just flown in from Europe the night before and I worried I would be too jet lagged to stay awake during the workshop. But the excitement of the class and the tremendous information kept me awake all day long!

You will learn things in the class that you won’t get from books. And you'll make friends, too, that have the same goals. You'll continue to stay in touch and encourage each other and cheer your successes. A network is important! If you haven't signed up for Roy's class this April, you need to do it now before it’s sold out!”

Pam & Gary Baker, Master Class Attendees, April 2017

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Inspirational Travel Quote of the Week

Our Featured Book of the Week


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Would you enjoy personalized tours with your own guide and driver? Does being pampered with lavish treatments in some of the world’s most beautiful spas sound good to you?

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My 12-chapter, 130-page manual will walk you, step-by-step, through the luxury travel writing process. You’ll learn how to get luxury travel assignments and leverage them to land luxury travel trips. I’ve used these techniques to land assignments at dozens of the finest luxury resorts and spas in the world.

This manual contains an up-to-date list of 150+ print magazines and travel websites that publish luxury travel articles. It’s the most comprehensive list of luxury magazine outlets you’ll find ANYWHERE. Having immediate access to these lists alone is worth the price of the eBook, saving you hundreds of hours of research.


Resources for Travel Writers

Books and Reference Guides:

The Art & Craft of Travel Writing
Beginner's 3-pack Reference Guides
The Complete Guide to Query Letters for Travel Writers
100 Print Magazines that Want to Publish Your Articles
Fifty Websites that Want to Publish Your Travel Stories
Advanced Travel Writing 2-Pack Reference Guides
How to Land Press Trips and FAM Tours
How to Break Into the Luxury Travel Writing Market
The Complete Guide to Marketing and Selling Your Travel Articles
Digital Bookstore - Guides, Manuals and Special Reports

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Roy has championed my stories and my queries, when I myself had doubts. I am over the moon with the results and feel prepared for my future as a writer on any subject I may choose.

He also helped me write my About page which I believe is the most influential piece when editors consider my stories.”

Jennifer Trandell,Freelance Writer & Photographer

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That's all for this week.

Until next week, just keep pitching!


Roy Stevenson
Pitch Travel Write

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