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Issue#99: What's Your Business Policy for Press Trips?
February 01, 2016
Greetings Fellow Travel Writers and Bloggers!

As you get into the travel writing game, you will start receiving invitations for press trips. This is great news and is usually an exciting time for new travel writers.

It can also be confusing and complicated. In just the last 2 weeks I’ve received several questions about press trips and comps. Here are four of them:

1. “I’m going on vacation in a couple weeks and think I might be able to write a story about the place I’m going. Can I ask for comps even if I don’t have an assignment?”

2. “I have an assignment and contacted the CVB. They told me they can only help with some of my costs. I will have to pay for transportation and some meals. What should I do?”

3. “I’ve been invited to a retreat in Costa Rica, but I’m responsible for paying my airfare. I don’t have an assignment. Should I go?”

4. “I’m invited on a week-long cruise - all expenses paid! I don’t have an assignment, but the DMO wants to know which print magazine I’m likely to get an article published in when I get home. Can you help?”

This week’s featured article gives you some food for thought about how to handle these 4 different situations. Read the four scenarios in my post to see my answers to these questions, and decide what you would do in each situation.

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Until next week, you keep pitching.

Roy Stevenson
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